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Chapter 942 - Chapter 943 - Opening the Forbidden Whirlpool

"How? Twelve Zodiac Spiritual Beads? " The light in Fu Chen's eyes flickered slightly.

"Yes, Twelve Zodiac Spiritual Beads are used to open the closed Whirlpool Gate. Once it is opened, all you need to do is to offer sacrifices to dispel the curse on our bodies!" Yao Yao looked somewhat urgently at Fu Chen.

Hearing that, Fu Chen's brows twitched, his heart suddenly shrank, his expression becoming gloomy: "It's already been fifty years, and you all still want to open the Whirlpool Gate, do you know how much more terrifying of a thing has happened?"

Although he had not been born fifty years ago, no one in this part of history was unaware of him.

It was a taboo to enter that whirlpool. Everyone's expression changed.

"We have to open the vortex gate in 50 years. From the day our fathers escaped from the underworld clans, they have been searching for a way to get in touch with the curse. In order to dispel this curse, our clansmen have meticulously prepared for more than 20 years …" From the beginning, Mu Jin and Feng Yin had made this plan.

It was done by their parents until they grew up.

After Fu Chen heard this, he immediately understood. "So, the reason why you approached me from the beginning was with a motive!"

He had thought that he and Yao Yao had fallen in love at first sight and that they were mutual lovers, but who would have known that all of this was merely the deliberate approach of the Yao Yao.

Yao Yao didn't speak anymore, but the gaze she gave Fu Chen was especially sincere, "Fu Chen, but my feelings for you are real. Otherwise, I wouldn't have given birth to this child for you!"

"Where's the child?" Fu Chen looked at Yao Yao. His feelings towards her were also real, but seeing her again was something that made him both agitated and in pain.

Yao Yao once again lowered her eyes and cried: "Why would I raise my child here? If you want to see him, I'll take you to see him tomorrow! "

Her adam's apple moved up and down her throat, and her snake-like eyes looked at Yao Yao with a bit of pain: "You want to use this child to threaten me and bring you back to the underworld clan, and then open that vortex door, right?"

"Fu Chen, that's our child. It's true that I started to get close to you, but back then when I left, it was also because I was pregnant with this child, because I didn't want you to make a choice between me, my child and your family when my ident.i.ty was discovered. I didn't want you to suffer, and even more so, I don't want to ruin your great future. Yao Yao's voice was filled with tears. Her beautiful and charming face was filled with sparkling and translucent tears.

Fu Chen did his best to restrain the emotions in his eyes, his thin lips tightly pursed, and under the orange candlelight, his piercing gaze contained slight moisture.

The two hands hanging at the sides of his body were tightly clenched.

"What are you going to do next?" After the temperature of the room plummeted by more than ten degrees, Sir Fu Chen finally opened his mouth to speak.

There are still two months until we have to open the whirlpool door for a whole fifty years. As long as we reopen the whirlpool door and offer sacrifices at that time, all the curses on our bodies will be dispelled. We can also live like normal people, and maybe even open the gate that connects us to another s.p.a.ce! Yao Yao's teary eyes slightly lifted as her slender jade hands gently held onto Fu Chen's tightly clenched hands, and softly spoke.

Fu Chen's gaze that was as bright as the stars fell onto the hand Yao Yao had grabbed himself. Her warm palm covered his slightly icy cold hand, and this made Fu Chen think of the feeling of holding onto Yao Yao's hand for the first time.

It was so wonderful that it made his heart surge. He wanted to hold on to it for the rest of his life without letting go, but in the end, he did.

"Opening that vortex door again is very dangerous. Are you sure that as long as you offer your offerings, nothing will happen to you fifty years ago?" Yao Yao was his beloved woman. From the day she left, he had never had a single day where he didn't think about her.

He also wanted Yao Yao to return to their normal lives, but it was a very serious and dangerous matter for the whirlpool that had been sealed for fifty years to open once again.

Yao Yao immediately nodded her head, "Fu Chen, believe me, fifty years ago, that kind of thing happened because the way our fathers and juniors opened the door wasn't right. This time, we won't be wrong.

Furthermore, it would not have happened fifty years ago! Many years ago, that door was opened by someone. It was recorded in the records of the Long bloodline! "

The Yao Yao said somewhat urgently. The eyes she used to look at Fu Chen were like hooks that directly hooked onto Fu Chen's heart.

Fu Chen looked at Yao Yao's eyes that were filled with antic.i.p.ation, and tightly clenched her fists. The last bit of rationality left in him told him not to be rash.

Then, Fu Chen pushed Yao Yao away and quickly left the room.

Opening that forbidden vortex door again was no small matter. It concerned the fate of the entire underworld clan.

The last time he had opened the vortex gate, it had nearly caused the destruction of the underworld clans. It had also caused some strange symbols to appear on the bodies of some innocent people, causing them to suffer from some sort of curse.

In the end, they were all killed by the Patriarch's orders!

If such a thing happened a second time, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Although Yao Yao still revealed the arrogance of his ident.i.ty when she saw Fu Chen walk out of the room, she could still see the calmness and patience that Fu Chen had.

Fu Chen, you will definitely come back. You can't just watch your beloved woman and child die.

Yao Yao's eyes that were filled with tears slowly revealed a hint of a smile.

"Mother, this Su'er wants a small reprieve!" On the carriage heading to Northern Desert State, Su'er rubbed her sleepy eyes and said to Wei Yuanwei.

Wei Yuanwei then pulled up the carriage's curtain to allow Mu Jin to stop.

"Mother, you don't have to follow Su'er, she will be back soon!" With that, Su'er slipped into the bushes, just as dawn arrived.

The morning glow slowly dyed the horizon. Not long after, when the sun completely rose, the bright red morning glow dyed the entire sky red like rouge.

Su'er was wrapped in her clothes. When she entered the depths of the forest to make sure that Wei Yuanwei wasn't following them, she took out a pigeon and used a small rope to tie the pigeon's feet up. Then, she used a rock to press the rope down.

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