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Chapter 870 - 871 - Why are you capturing Wei Yuanwei?

At the pier of the purple gold lake, the wind lamp hung from a bamboo pole was swaying in the dark night.

"You really came at the right time. If I was a bit later, I'm afraid I wouldn't even be able to find the corpse!" When the ball of fire on top of the purple gold lake completely disappeared from the lake, Mu Zhi turned around leisurely.

"Wouldn't it make the Emperor suspicious if he came to save the Emperor from the very beginning?" Cang Chu stood behind Mu Zhi, and looked at Mu Zhi who was standing in front of him: "Besides, let the other party first ignite their hope, and then when they are at their most excited, give them a heavy blow;

Mu Zhi laughed coldly, "Heh, very good. With our understanding of the Prince An, I'm afraid that he has already sent troops to destroy the old nest of the Glow Pavilion. Don't expect that when the time comes, you won't even be able to clean your own b.u.t.t!"

Beneath the mask, Cang Chu pursed his lips into a cold smile, "No matter how many troops he sends, I will make sure they will never return!"

Then, Cang Chu continued, "It would be best for him to send out all of the troops under his command.

Mu Zhi walked in front of Cang Chu and gently patted Cang Chu's shoulder. Then, he suddenly turned and looked at Cang Chu: "Why are you so short?"

Cang Chu also turned his head to look at Mu Zhi, it was as though time had stopped at this moment, Mu Zhi placed his hand on Cang Chu's shoulder and slowly clenched it.

Cang Chu chuckled twice, raised his foot, and stood on the rock beneath Mu Zhi's feet. In an instant, Cang Chu's height was equal to Mu Zhi's, "Should I say that Your Majesty's heart is as meticulous as dust, or that Your Majesty has thoroughly investigated me? You even noticed such a small detail. "

Mu Zhi looked at the ground beneath his feet. The place Cang Chu stood was a little shorter than him, which gave him the illusion that Cang Chu was a little shorter than him, and made Mu Zhi withdraw his hand: "It's not that easy to find Young Master's ident.i.ty. It's just because Young Master's height is around the same as our dead cousin!"

Under the mask, Cang Chu's pitch black eyes quietly looked at Mu Zhi, and then raised his lips: "The people of Southern Mountain State are generally taller than the other few citizens!"

"Oh, so you're saying, the Young Master is someone from the Southern Mountain State?" Was he planning to admit that he was Mu Jin?

Cang Chu raised his eyebrows, "And the men of the Clear Water Pavilion are generally taller than the people of the Southern Mountain State, I am just as tall as Mu Jin, what's there to be surprised about, among the a.s.sa.s.sins I brought, there are people who are as tall as the emperor, and there are more than one of them!"

Mu Zhi did not speak further, he sat on the palanquin and disappeared from the pier.

Cang Chu lowered his head to look at his feet, and let out a long sigh of relief. Fortunately, the sky was very dark, and the robe he was wearing was very long.

and Mu Zhi were both cousins, even though they were blood related, but Mu Zhi's eyes were not as sharp as Mu Jin's.

Mu Zhi, who had safely returned to the palace, discovered that person had come again.

After the door was closed, that person's silhouette was reflected on the white wall by the moonlight.

Mu Zhi's tone carried some anger, "What's going on right now? I heard that Wei Yuanwei has disappeared? Did you send someone to make it? You want to use Wei Yuanwei to threaten Mu Jin? This is different from our original plan! "

"The plan before was a situation where Wei Yuanwei and Mu Jin did not recognize each other, but now that they have acknowledged each other, we can only change the plan!" A familiar voice came from behind the curtain, low and without emotion.

Hearing this, Mu Zhi became even angrier: "We are cooperating, we are not your p.a.w.ns, if you want to abandon us, you can do so. If you change your plans, you should tell me!"

"Aren't you still cooperating with me and reaching an agreement with Mu Jin at the same time?" The person in the curtain said these words very calmly, as if he had already seen through everything.

When Mu Jin heard these words, a hint of guilt flashed across his eyes, but it was quickly replaced by endless darkness. "Did we just use him to help us get rid of Prince An and Duke Lu? Asking him to help us unify the three Kingdoms is equivalent to giving the throne to him! "

"Only Mu Jin uses you, you don't need to use Mu Zhi!" That person said ruthlessly: "Once Mu Jin holds the military power, you will not be far from death!"

"How could I hand over the military power to him!"

"If I don't give it to him, how will he help you fight? Now that the Northern Desert State has erupted into internal strife, when both of them are heavily injured, it will be the best time for all of you to take advantage of the situation and enter. Do you want to personally lead the troops, or do you want the Prince An and the Lord of the Law to send troops over? No matter which decision you make, your throne will not be preserved, and the only way is for Mu Jin to lead the troops there. Otherwise, the hot potato Northern Desert State will very likely be taken by the Western Ling State! " That person opened his lips and continued speaking ruthlessly.

"You're the emperor. You know military strategy and matters of the imperial government better than I do. You don't need me to continue a.n.a.lyzing your matters, do you?"

Mu Zhi's eyes moved, "We have already planned this long ago, how could we let Mu Jin return alive!"

"Tactics and strategy, Mu Jin is better than you, no matter how you calculate, you can't win against him. Don't use that little kid of yours to deal with Mu Jin, the one who dies will be you!" The man shook his head, as if he felt that Mu Zhi's words were ridiculous.

Although he was furious, but after thinking about it carefully, what the other party said was not without reason, he had never brought anyone to war, and his methods could be said to be extravagant, but if they truly started fighting, it might not be feasible.

"Isn't there still you? If you capture Wei Yuanwei, you can use Wei Yuanwei to threaten him entirely! " Mu Zhi suddenly laughed, "After all, we are in a cooperative relationship.

The white wall displayed the figure of the person as well as that sneer on the corner of his mouth. His slender hand moved the long hair that was hanging at his ear until it fell behind his ear, "Using Wei Yuanwei to threaten Mu Jin is the stupidest method, because there is a Pearl of Life on Mu Jin's body that is currently trying to control him. If we infuriate him once, he might completely lose his humanity and kill anyone else, not to mention Wei Yuanwei, he wouldn't even kill ten Wei Yuanwei at the same time, because he would kill all of them at the same time!"

Mu Zhi thought about how he also had a Life Xiao Spirit Bead in his body, and panic flashed across his eyes, "Then, how will we become like Mu Jin in the future? No, I have to take out the Spiritual Beads on me! "

"You? Forget it, you will never become the second Mu Jin, because you are not strong enough, the Life Xiao Spiritual Bead not only has intelligence and wildness, the stronger it is, the more it wants to conquer, do you understand? Because Mu Jin is strong enough, the Pearl of Life in his body started to become restless! "

This was the second time in a day that Mu Jin had been hit by someone's attack in a row. "Then how do you plan to deal with Mu Jin, and why do you want to capture him?"

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