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Chapter 81 - 81 - Where did you get the spices?

After Madam Liu finished killing the chickens, she ran over to the fields and called for Zhang Da who was digging the sweet potatoes.

"What is it?" Zhang Da put down his hoe and walked over.

"What should we do? "That man is actually that girl's husband. If he marries our son, he would be a second-hand person. If he marries our son, he would be considered a second-hand person. What if that girl carries that man's child?" Madam Liu said carefully.

They could also accept that girl's marriage, but they definitely could not accept that Wei Yuanwei Du Zhong was pregnant with another man's child. Wouldn't they have to support him if she was born?

"Why don't we just forget about it?" After thinking for a while, he said.

Madam Liu opened her eyes wide when she heard that, "What forget about it? I just killed a hen at home and gave it to her man! "

"What?" You killed a hen? I'm still waiting to eat the eggs laid by the hens! " Zhang Da listened with an expression of heartache.

"Although that girl gave us money, if her man dies and my son marries her, wouldn't she be the wife of our Old Zhang Family?" Didn't she have to give me all her silver sooner or later? " The more Madam Liu thought about it, the more she felt like she had to suffer a loss no matter what.

As if Wei Yuanwei had already married her son, she became Wei Yuanwei's wife.

"No, I'll go back and ask around and see how long that girl has been married. No matter if she's pregnant or not, I'm determined to get this daughter-in-law. I'm not willing to kill that chicken for my son to eat!" Madam Liu stomped his feet.

Returning home, after seeing the item that Wei Yuanwei had rejected, her face was filled with pain. "Aiya, why don't you want this chicken b.u.t.t of yours, Miss? Why did you also send this chicken oil? This is a treasure, it's very nutritious! "

Madam Liu suddenly thought of something and immediately went to look at the oil pot at home. She angrily thought, this girl from a large family is too extravagant, they really don't know how to live.

Such a good thing was actually thrown away. Was he not afraid of the divine punishment?

Madam Liu opened the oil pot and took a deep breath.

Wei Yuanwei could also see that the Madam Liu was pained, but seeing how reluctant Madam Liu was to part with her, Wei Yuanwei came up with a plan.

He had originally wanted to wait until Xuan Li found them before leaving, but seeing this, he thought that they should have left as soon as possible.

Wei Yuanwei did not say anything else. Madam Liu on the other hand, curled her lips and washed the things that Wei Yuanwei had removed from her mouth and placed them on a plate, preparing to cook another dish.

The chicken soup was specifically made from the original juice, so Wei Yuanwei did not put oil in it, instead, he added a very small amount of salt, and then put some ginger to remove the fishy smell, and boiled it in a clay pot for a few hours.

During this period, Wei Yuanwei had never entered his room, and the room did not emit any sounds from Yun Xie.

Until Wei Yuanwei stewed the chicken soup and carried it over, Yun Xie had already slept on the bed with his eyes closed, maintaining the same posture as when she first left, not even changing a single hair on his head.

Wei Yuanwei was puzzled, how did Yun Xie do it, to be able to keep doing the same thing?

"Prince, the chicken soup is ready. Get up and drink it?" Wei Yuanwei placed the chicken soup on the table beside him. When Wei Yuanwei saw the medlar, she added it and placed it on the table to boil.

She even took a sip. It tasted delicious, and she boiled all of the essence of the chicken soup.

Yun Xie opened his eyes and looked at Wei Yuanwei, then looked at the chicken soup in Wei Yuanwei's hands, "Feed me!"

However, Yun Xie only looked at Wei Yuanwei with wide eyes, with no intention of getting up.

Seeing Yun Xie like this, Wei Yuanwei made it clear that if you don't feed me, I will not eat.

"Then if I feed you, could Your Highness not hold me accountable for calling you brother?" Wei Yuanwei began to negotiate with Yun Xie.

Yun Xie blinked his eyes lightly. "This king has been telling you since the first day of marriage that you shouldn't negotiate with this duke, because you don't have the qualifications to do so …"

Hearing that, an unknown fire rose in Wei Yuanwei's heart. If she had known earlier, she would not have made the chicken soup for him to drink.

He shouldn't even have saved her.

Wei Yuanwei was just about to take the chicken soup away.

But Yun Xie immediately followed up, "But this king's mood is good today. If you were to feed this king, this king might not mind it!"

When Yun Xie said this, he was already standing. Wei Yuanwei hesitated for a moment, but she still sat down.

He scooped up a spoonful of chicken soup and blew it, and then brought it to Yun Xie's mouth.

Yun Xie opened his mouth to sip, carefully tasting the wine, but did not expect the taste to be not only good, but also something he had never tasted before.

Seeing that Yun Xie did not say anything, Wei Yuanwei knew that she was satisfied.

"This King wants to eat meat!" Yun Xie saw that Wei Yuanwei kept giving him the soup so he directly said it out loud.

The moment those words left his mouth, Wei Yuanwei's face immediately turned red.

Previously, Yun Xie would always whisper these words into her ear whenever he asked her for it.

Now that Yun Xie wanted to truly eat meat, she thought about it.

Wei Yuanwei coughed lightly, concealing her embarra.s.sment. She picked up a piece of soft meat with her chopsticks and placed it in Yun Xie's mouth.

Yun Xie looked at Wei Yuanwei with her clear eyes in that instant, chewing on the fresh chicken in her mouth and whispering, "Come over here, this king has something to say to you!"

Wei Yuanwei looked at her surroundings with unwillingness: "There's no one here, just say it!"

"Alright, are you sure you want This King to say it out loud?" Yun Xie's cool voice was as pleasant to hear as jade dropping to the ground. There was a faint threatening tone to his words.

Wei Yuanwei was afraid that Yun Xie would say something, so she immediately moved her ear close to Yun Xie's mouth, but Yun Xie did not say anything.

Wei Yuanwei unhappily glanced at Yun Xie, and Yun Xie gestured for him to come closer.

Wei Yuanwei rolled her eyes in her heart, and went a little closer, following that, she placed her hands on Wei Yuanwei's waist. A dubious, low, yet male-specific voice came from Yun Xie's ears: "It's been a long time since this duke has eaten your meat!"

With a "shua" sound, Wei Yuanwei's face quickly flushed all the way down to her neck. At this moment, she was still thinking about such a thing!

However, strictly speaking, they had been together for a month. If it was any other young couple, they would have probably gotten together overnight, but because of her, Yun Xie had bitterly waited for a long time, and finally got together with great difficulty. On the other hand, Yun Xie had gotten busy, returning very late every night.

Speaking of this matter, Wei Yuanwei was actually very clear that in her modern life, she basically did not sleep until after 11. However, in this ancient era, there were no entertainment activities at all.

And this time, it was only around six or seven. Every time this happened, Yin Sheng would take out the red girl for her to sit on.

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