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Chapter 779 - 780

"An a.s.sa.s.sin suddenly appeared and wanted to kill us. This makes us suspicious!" Mu Zhi said straightforwardly: "After all, we are poisoned, so we cannot use inner force. If this a.s.sa.s.sin were to stab us again, I'm afraid we would not even have the ability to protect ourselves, so if you want us to believe you, young master, you should at least remove the poison from our body first?"

They went back to Wei Yuanwei from the topic of a.s.sa.s.sins.

"The poison wasn't administered to her by this young master, she's Yan Yu Manor's woman, and as for whether it was ordered by Villa Master Yan Yu Manor or herself, this young master has to be clear. If this is a mission given to Ning Zi by Villa Master Yan Yu Manor, then as the Young Master, wouldn't it mean that I, as the Villa Master of the other villages, am telling the other Villa Masters that they have objections towards Yan Yu Manor, if not, why would I interfere in other people's mission without reason? This young master is a very trustworthy businessman, I don't want to ruin my own reputation! "

"Has the Young Lord still not found out?" Mu Zhi secretly clenched his teeth.

The more Mu Jin spoke, the more Mu Zhi suspected that Wei Yuanwei and Wei Yuanwei had already recognized each other! Once they recognized each other, it would be very disadvantageous for him and that person.

"This matter has always been entrusted to Han Yue. Currently, Han Yue has not reported it to this young master. Mu Jin said charmingly, as he held the teacup beside his once again.

Mu Zhi pulled at Mu Jin's hand. "Since we are hosting a banquet for the young master, how can he only drink tea? "Come, I toast the young master!"

After saying that, Mu Zhi took the jade pot and poured Mu Jin a cup. The fragrant aroma of the wine a.s.saulted his nostrils and light red liquid, like blood, slowly poured into the white jade cup.

"This is a wine made from grapes. It is sweet and smooth in the mouth, and there seems to be traces of wine fragrance lingering between the teeth, causing one to have an endless aftertaste!" This wine will not get drunk! " Mu Zhi smiled.

Wei Yuanwei had brewed this wine in an underworld clan before, and the mysterious person had told him that this wine would definitely have some effect in the future.

Mu Jin looked at the light red, somewhat transparent liquid, and his eyes were filled with confusion.

He only knew that boiling water with plum would turn red, but using grapes to brew wine would also turn red.

However, the color of the water was even more exquisite than the water that Yang Mei had boiled. There was not a single impurity in the water at all.

Thousandleaf also became curious, but Mu Zhi smiled and poured him a cup as well.

Thousandleaf first sniffed it, then licked the rim of his gla.s.s a few times. After feeling that it was nice to drink, he drank all of the wine in his cup in one go, then nodded at Mu Jin with a smile. "Young Master, this wine is so sweet, so delicious!"

Mu Jin retracted his gaze and was about to say that he wasn't drinking.

Mu Zhi then said: "This wine is pa.s.sed down from an underworld clan, I heard that it was created by a woman, the materials are very simple, the process is not complicated, it is just grapes and sugar, specially given to those who do not know how to drink, I heard that drinking too much will benefit the body! This wine has just been brewed. Young master, you must have a good taste! "

After Mu Zhi finished speaking, he raised his wine cup and waited for Mu Jin to pick up the cup.

What he was saying was already extremely obvious. He was telling Mu Jin that he understood more about the underworld clans than he had imagined, and of course, the price was that Mu Jin would definitely suspect that there was someone from the underworld clans helping him.

would find out about this sooner or later anyways, so what if he knew earlier?

Mu Jin looked at the white cup that was filled with the wine red liquid, which was extremely alluring under the light.

Other than Wei Yuanwei, the woman that Mu Zhi was talking about, there was no one else that he could think of!

In the end, who sold out Wei Yuanwei? Wei Yuanwei was such a cautious person, she would not easily believe in a single person. Therefore, it would not be an easy feat for him to obtain Wei Yuanwei's trust.

But with the things that happened right now in front of him, other than that Cang Chu, Mu Jin couldn't think of anyone else.

"It seems like the relationship between the Emperor and the people from the hidden families is very good!" Mu Jin slowly raised his wine cup, and gently knocked against Mu Zhi's wine cup, producing a clear and pleasant sound.

"I just met someone from an underworld clan. Just like the Young Lord, we're all making a deal!" After Mu Zhi finished his words, he finished the wine in his cup in one gulp.

Mu Jin slowly swallowed the wine down until he saw Mu Zhi drink all the way to his stomach.

That kind of taste was something Mu Jin had never felt before. It was sweet and refreshing, like juice, and although there was a little taste of wine, it did not taste like alcohol at all.

"Want a drink?" Mu Zhi looked at the longing in Qian Ye's eyes, and poured another cup for Qian Ye.

After that, he poured another cup for Mu Jin, "So, Young Master, as long as you agree to our request, we will definitely be able to satisfy whatever you want to know!"

"This young master thinks that if the emperor wants to know the ident.i.ties of those a.s.sa.s.sins, he should ask the person from the underworld clan that the emperor knows!" Mu Jin was even more straightforward: "He definitely knows the ident.i.ty of this batch of a.s.sa.s.sins, and will prove that this batch of a.s.sa.s.sins was not sent by this young master!"

Mu Zhi pursed his lips into a smile, looked at Mu Jin's bright red lips, and said slowly: "Young Master, aren't you afraid that we will poison the wine?"

When Thousandleaf heard this, he immediately wanted to spit out the wine he had drank, then looked at Mu Jin with a face full of worry. "Young Master?"

However, Mu Jin was still calmly sitting in his chair, the color in his eyes slightly fluctuated: "This young master wants to find the location of the Twelve Zodiac Spiritual Beads!"

Poison? Mu Zhi wouldn't do that, because Mu Zhi already knew what he wanted to know!

"Of course, that's for sure, but..." Mu Zhi still wanted to say something.

The color of Mu Jin's eyes suddenly changed, and a ball of flames suddenly burned within Mu Jin's eye sockets, as though there was an imposing manner that was burning even brighter.

"You drugged the wine?" Mu Jin's low voice revealed a hidden anger. This feeling of having his entire body ignited caused Mu Jin to feel extremely disgusted, and he immediately used his internal energy to suppress the dry fire in his body.

Mu Zhi's devilish eyes moved as he looked at Mu Jin, whose entire body was emitting a cold aura. "Even if I gave you medicine, I still wouldn't give you such a despicable poison!"

Qian Ye did not know what kind of medicine this was, but when she saw Mu Jin's tensed up body, she immediately stood up from the chair and attempted to get closer to Mu Jin.

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