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Chapter 744 - 745 - Why Ning Zheyan likes Wei Yuanwei

Anyway, she would do as she saw fit!

"I really don't understand why Young Master Ning wants all of you to use your veils to cover your face. It's such a pity that your face isn't exposed!" Mu Zhi looked at Wei Yuanwei's side profile, and said sincerely.

"We are beautiful, but we are also not as beautiful as the Young Master Ning. In Yan Yu Manor, as long as the Young Master Ning is here, we are just a foil!" What she said was the truth.

Mu Zhi looked at Wei Yuanwei's face, which was not at all devastatingly beautiful, but instead had an extremely alluring look.

The deeper the search in their eyes, the more profound the search.

Some of the women looked breathtaking at first glance, but the more they looked at it, the less of an awe-inspiring feeling they had, and instead, a somewhat ordinary feeling.

However, while some women may not look stunning at first glance, it was enough for one to remember her appearance. Every time one looked at her, there would be a different feeling. It was as if she had a face that could change a hundred times.

And Ning Zi was clearly of the second kind.

Every time he saw her, she would give him a different feeling, one that was even more breathtaking and beautiful.

Perhaps it was because she was wearing different clothes every time he saw her?

"Young Master Ning seems to have a good relationship with illegitimate daughter Wei Yuanwei, the former Eastern Chu State?" Mu Zhi asked casually.

She hadn't heard the name Wei Yuanwei in almost five years. This time, when she heard her name from Mu Zhi's mouth, she actually felt that it was a little strange.

"We, your servants, have never cared about matters regarding the master!"

"I heard that when Wei Yuanwei escaped from Evil King's side, she was helped by Young Master Ning?" Regarding Wei Yuanwei's reply, Mu Zhi did not feel that it was strange at all.

His voice was still cold and aloof.

Originally, he could have used a chatting tone, but Mu Zhi wanted to use a commanding tone.

Wei Yuanwei quietly covered up the emotions in her eyes, and then said extremely calmly: "What master wants to do, is not something that a servant can ask, or even interfere with!"

Mu Zhi had actually investigated her situation thoroughly.

Weren't the rankings issued previously, saying that if they were to capture her, they would be executed immediately?

But from the looks of it, Su Lei had probably been caught for a while, and had even specially changed into the clothes that she usually wore.

What exactly did Mu Zhi want to do?

In regards to Wei Yuanwei's two similar replies, Mu Zhi did not reveal any hint of anger. Instead, she became more and more curious about Ning Zheyan's matter.

"We remember that the Young Master Ning had once hosted a Magpie Bridge in Qing City, and Wei Yuanwei was the one that the Young Master Ning chose as his lover!"

Wei Yuanwei continued to look at Mu Zhi from the side, lifted her cold gaze, and glanced at Mu Zhi. "I wonder what Your Majesty is trying to say?"

"I am only curious about what kind of woman Wei Yuanwei is, to be able to make both Mu Jin and Young Master Ning like her at the same time, and to even treat her like death till death!" Mu Zhi was truly curious.

From the moment he knew that Mu Jin was willing to give up his career as an Overlord for Wei Yuanwei, he had especially wanted to know what kind of woman Wei Yuanwei was.

How could he, a cousin who was not even close to a woman, be so nostalgic? To the point of even giving up everything for this Wei Yuanwei,

Yet in the end, he discovered that before Wei Yuanwei met him, Wei Yuanwei was almost like a speck of dust.

In his history, he realized that Wei Yuanwei and him were shockingly similar.

But Wei Yuanwei was even more miserable than him. Even though he was born a palace maid, Wei Yuanwei was a b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

One could imagine what kind of life she was leading in the Prime Minister's Mansion.

But after Wei Yuanwei married Mu Jin, everything changed drastically, as if she was a completely different person.

Not only was it highly favored by Mu Jin, it was also suddenly in possession of a technique that was hard to come by!

He believed that Wei Yuanwei did not obtain all of this overnight. Rather, she had always been like him, patiently enduring for more than ten years, playing the fool in front of others, before exploding one day.

Perhaps it was because he felt that there was an astonishing similarity between Wei Yuanwei and herself in the divine world, which was why he was so curious about Wei Yuanwei.

"If Wei Yuanwei is ugly, how can she be liked by others?" The reason why Mu Jin had the idea for her was because her eyes were very similar to Ju'er's.

The reason why Ning Zheyan had chosen her as her lover at the Magpie Bridge was because she felt that her blood ties were similar to his.

Everything had its causes and effects. If she was ugly and didn't have Ju'er's eyes, how could Mu Jin think of touching her? After getting along with her for a few days, he would finally unearth what was in her heart.

As for Ning Zheyan, who only looks at your face, there's no need to talk about that. Without a pretty face, Ning Zheyan wouldn't even bother to raise her eyes to glance at you.

When Mu Zhi heard this, he found it funny. "There are many more people than Wei Yuanwei in this world, so why do Mu Jin and Ning Zheyan have to fall for someone with a lowly background, who everyone calls a b.a.s.t.a.r.d?"

"How should I know? I am not Mu Jin or Young Master Ning! " Wei Yuanwei glanced at Mu Zhi.

Why do you always mention Mu Jin and Ning Zheyan!

Even though Wei Yuanwei had a calm expression, the hands on her knees were slowly curling together.

In the end, what did he want to capture Su Lei for? Impersonate her? Or was it because she was purely curious about and treated him as her?

Or perhaps, did he, Mu Zhi, really think that Su Lei was her?

"If only we knew Wei Yuanwei earlier, maybe we would know why Mu Jin and Young Master Ning liked her!" Mu Zhi seemed to be very interested today and was very willing to chat with Wei Yuanwei.

Wei Yuanwei silently cursed in his heart. So what if they had known each other for a long time, wasn't she still the same trash as Zhong Lixian? Living in such an oppressive and humiliating environment for a long time, his heart had long ago become unhealthy.

The moon was cold like water, and a plain carriage slowly stopped in front of the Jiangnan Courtyard.

Wei Yuanwei walked down from the carriage, but saw that there were only two red lanterns hung at the entrance of the Jiangnan Courtyard, there were no guards at all.

The door that was supposed to be closed was left ajar. Looking inside, it seemed to be a never-ending netherworld. It was as if it was connected to h.e.l.l, and it was filled with a strange atmosphere.

Just what was going on with this clear water pavilion? When she had come here, she had felt that it was very strange, as if there was no one living inside. Could it be that it was hidden in the shadows?

Wei Yuanwei couldn't help but to look around at the Jiangnan Courtyard. Then, everything around him was covered in darkness, and she couldn't see anything.

Mu Zhi looked at Wei Yuanwei's back, and couldn't help but curl the corner of her lips.

Night pushed open the door to the room. There was no one there besides the street lights.

"Your majesty, is there anyone inside?" Ye Wen asked with some doubt.

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