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Chapter 741 - 742 - A Flower

However, Su'er still could not resist her curiosity, and slowly moved her fingers away from her face. Even so, her eyes were still filled with curiosity, and the shyness of a little girl.

At the same time, what Su'er saw was not only the lines of tight muscles above the water surface, but also Mu Jin's pair of deep eyes.

Su'er looked at Mu Jin through the gaps between his fingers, while Mu Jin looked at Su'er through the silver mask on his face.

"Oh my G.o.d …" Su'er was so scared that she fell backwards.

Seeing that he was about to fall, Mu Jin immediately extended his left arm and wrapped Su'er's body.

When Mu Jin stretched out his robust and powerful left arm, Su'er's attention was completely attracted by Mu Jin's arm, and he instantly forgot that he was about to fall down.

On Mu Jin's strong and muscular arm, were many deep and shallow scars. However, what attracted Su'er the most was the tattoo on his arm.

From Mu Jin's arm all the way to his shoulder, was a deep blue flower, and the blossoming petals were like b.u.t.terfly wings that danced between the flowers.

Moreover, these kinds of flowers were usually tattooed on a woman's body, and the flowers weren't very beautiful either. But for some reason, the tattoos on Mu Jin's body were very beautiful, and also revealed a kind of demonic smell.

Su'er opened her eyes wide and placed her small hand on Mu Jin's tattoo. She wiped it with force, and then looked at Mu Jin with an innocent face: "Young Master, didn't these all come from the painting?"

Hearing Su'er's words, Mu Jin used his standing hot water hand to lightly touch Su'er's head, and reprimanded: "You were about to fall down, yet you still have the mind to care if I drew it or not?"

How could this little girl's attention be diverted so easily?

Su'er immediately retracted her hand, and then, both her eyes quickly wandered around. After that, she grabbed her own braid and lightly smiled at Mu Jin. "Curious, curious, I won't disturb young master's bath.

When Su'er turned around, she didn't forget to sweep her eyes across Mu Jin's arm. There was such a huge flower tattooed on his arm; let alone the words carved there, it probably covered all the scars on it.

Mother, the mission that you gave Su'er, I am afraid it will be impossible for Su'er to complete.

She might not even be able to keep her little life.

"What are you looking for!" Su'er wanted to leave, but Mu Jin didn't have the intention to let him go.

Her slender hands grabbed onto Su'er's slender and tender wrist, as though a gentle squeeze would be able to break it.

Su'er looked at Mu Jin's perfect arm with water droplet lines. His knuckles were clear, smooth as jade and looked extremely good. However, the place Mu Jin was pinching right now happened to be the Su'er's veins.

For those who grew up in an aristocratic medical family, they were generally extremely sensitive to the vital veins of the human body.

Anyone who knew martial arts and medicine could easily kill someone by seizing their lifeline.

Su'er attempted to pull her little hand away from Mu Jin's grasp. However, even though Mu Jin's grip on her was not relaxed, Su'er was unable to break free.

"What did your mother ask you to find from me?" Mu Jin's voice had clearly turned a little colder.

Su'er struggled continuously to free her hand from Mu Jin's grasp. She pouted her lips and looked at Mu Jin with her curved eyes, but did not say a word.

"You are a very likeable child, but you are not my child. How long do you think I can endure your every action?" Mu Jin's every word was extremely cold, and that silver patterned mask was like a devil with his fangs bared, able to swallow the entire Su'er in an instant.

What should he do? What should he do? She definitely could not betray her own mother.

Her mother warned her all the more not to let anyone know who they were. Otherwise, her mother and she would be in danger.

Moreover, their master wasn't by their side. If they were in danger, they wouldn't even have the ability to resist.

She didn't want to die before meeting her master.

"Mother told me to secretly drug you and I took the opportunity to run out!" Su'er's soft voice came out from her mouth. Her cheeks moved around a little and she looked extremely cute.

Mu Jin's deep gaze swept across Su'er's incomparably honest face: "Even Your mother cannot deceive me, do you think you can deceive me?"

Su'er immediately waved her hands, "No, it's true, my mother stuffed this for me before she left!"

With that, Su'er took out a small porcelain bottle. This was really what her mother had given her before she left.

Mu Jin looked at the porcelain bottle with the blue pattern on it: "Do you really need to use this pill when I shower?"

"That's right, it is to go down to the water. After the human skin comes in contact with the poisonous water, it would fester and turn pus, and then... And then he died! " There were a lot of medicines from the Medicine Clan, and naturally, there were also a lot of poisons. Su'er didn't know what poison her mother had given her, but she had a bright idea and casually mentioned it.

Mu Jin just looked at Su'er like that without saying a word. Su'er only felt that the silver mask on Mu Jin's face seemed to be replaced by a thick layer of ice.

Then, he raised his own small hands, and swore towards Mu Jin: "I swear, what Su'er said is the truth, not a single lie!"

"Then what were you rummaging through my clothes just now?" Mu Jin said after pondering for a long time. He clearly knew that Su'er was lying, but he could not bear to hurt him.

She was only five years old, so young and so cute. When he held her hand, he felt that it was small and warm, making him want to take care of her even more.

How could he be so ruthless as to hurt her!

"Of course it's to see if there's anything valuable!" However, that pair of jet-black eyes were exceptionally bright, and then, it changed to an extremely cordial tone, as if it was saying, "Actually, Young Master, I also do not want to harm you, because I feel that you are a good person and have five children. If you die, what about your wife, children, and those concubines? "But my mother doesn't think so. Actually, she was right, she only has me as her child, so she naturally doesn't want her child to be harmed. I naturally don't want my mother to be harmed either!"

Su'er's eyes flashed with sincerity. As she spoke, she slowly lowered her head, like a child who had done something wrong.

"If your mother is really acting for your own good, then you shouldn't have poisoned me at all!" Mu Jin looked at Su'er's sincere eyes and his tone clearly softened.

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