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Chapter 682 - 683 - Poisoning

Seeing that, Cang Chu and Ning Zheyan immediately carried Wei Yuanwei, who had no reaction, onto the bed.

All of a sudden, all the servants in the yard were busy, each one of them had a worried and worried expression on their faces.

"Why didn't Master react at all?" Cang Chu looked at Wei Yuanwei's dead body, and his heart was filled with worry.

The Patriarch's entire brows wrinkled into a single word. His expression was exceptionally heavy as he pinched Wei Yuanwei's pulse: "Why did it become like this? Why did this happen? Why is Yue Er's pulse as weak as a dead person's? "

Ning Zheyan looked at the bloodstain on Wei Yuanwei's face, it was truly too bright red, and inside the red, there was actually a hint of black.

Ning Zheyan extended his hand and placed it before her nose to smell it, her face immediately changed: "This blood is poisonous!"

With that, Ning Zheyan immediately used water to wash the blood off Wei Yuanwei's face.

"Yue'er must have been too frightened just now, because the news of Mu Jin's death was too heart-wrenching, which was why she became so numb. I need to think of a way to let Yue'er regain her senses and walk out of her numbness!" The patriarch touched Wei Yuanwei's pulse, and said anxiously.

Ning Zheyan was sure that the poison she gave to the servant girl was only directed towards her, but why was there poison in the servant girl's blood, it must have been from someone else earlier.

When the pores on the body opened up, the poison would slowly seep into the body through the blood vessels.

From the looks of Wei Yuanwei, it wouldn't be long before this poison would cover her entire body.

In an instant, many people entered and left the Patriarch's courtyard. As for those with high medical skills, they all gathered in the Patriarch's courtyard. There were even a few midwife s.

All kinds of expensive and common medicine that could staunch bleeding were sent over at the first moment.

Patriarch and a few doctors as well as midwife had been trying to think of a way to have Wei Yuanwei give birth to the child safely.

A bowl of refined pill was poured into Wei Yuanwei's mouth, midwife was sweating profusely as she urged Wei Yuanwei: "Miss, please put in some effort, if not, this child will die!"

"You've worked so hard to bear this child for so long. Don't you want to see this child?" Even if you don't think about yourself, you still have to think about your husband! " midwife did not know about Wei Yuanwei's situation.

And when Wei Yuanwei heard the two words "husband," her ashen eyes finally had a reaction. Mu Jin?

With Mu Jin dead, he couldn't let his child get into any more trouble.

Seeing that, the midwife continued to speak beside Wei Yuanwei's ear, Wei Yuanwei's stiff face finally revealed a look of pain, she did not know if it was because of the pain or Mu Jin's death.

Her pair of empty eyes were filled with tears. At the same time, she clenched her teeth, determined to safely give birth to this child.

Although Ning Zheyan was happy to hear that Wei Yuanwei had made a move, there was at the same time a very uneasy factor.

"What kind of poison is this?" Cang Chu was also unable to help, he could only tie Ning Zheyan up to search for the composition of the poison.

After Ning Zheyan carefully checked the blood on the servant girl, the coldness in her eyes became even stronger.

nanny Qian jogged into the buddhist hall and spoke to the Madame Yu who was knocking on the wooden fish: "Mistress, everything is as you expected. Young Master Yue gave the poison to the maid, which caused her blood vessels to burst, causing all the blood on her body to splash onto Yu Yue's face when she died.

Hearing the nanny Qian's excited voice, Madame Yu's expression remained calm.

However, the pair of unperturbed eyes finally revealed a trace of sinister viciousness.

Yu Yue had always been cautious, it was a chance that no one could find a way to deal with her. However, never in her wildest dreams did she expect that she would start with Ning Zheyan's poison.

The servant girl was already a dead chess piece, and had already consumed the poison she gave him previously. As long as Ning Zheyan gave the servant girl another poison that would cause her blood vessels to burst, the poisonous blood would splatter onto her body. As long as it came into contact with Wei Yuanwei's skin, Wei Yuanwei would definitely die.

"We should go take a look!" Madame Yu stood up, she wanted to see with her own eyes, Wei Yuanwei's blood congealing and dying.

"I got it, this poison is trying to clogging up one's blood vessels!" Ning Zheyan came to this conclusion in a short amount of time.

His face was pale.

This poison was similar to the poison he had just used, one caused the blood vessels to burst, and the other caused the blood in the entire body to congeal.

Moreover, the faster the blood in his body flowed, the faster the congealing speed.

Once the blood around his heart congealed, Wei Yuanwei would definitely die in less than a quarter of an hour.

And at that time, Wei Yuanwei's child would definitely die in Wei Yuanwei's womb.

"Patriarch, Patriarch, quickly come take a look, this blood …" All. It's all frozen! " This was the first time the midwife, who was in charge of delivering the baby, saw this situation, and immediately shouted loudly.

The Patriarch and the rest of the clansmen were discussing how to let Wei Yuanwei give birth to the child safely. The medicinal formula had already been prescribed and was waiting for it to be cooked before feeding it to Wei Yuanwei.

At this moment, his face turned from white to black and his forehead was completely covered in black.

Several midwife s looked at the situation with fear.

And the child still hasn't seen the end? Even if this child were to be born again, he probably wouldn't be able to do so.

"How could this be?" The Patriarch once again checked Wei Yuanwei's pulse, but it was already too late.

Wei Yuanwei was clearly poisoned, and at the beginning the poison did not spread, but now the poison started to spread.

Wei Yuanwei looked at the Patriarch, a pair of scarlet pupils, and looked at the Patriarch. Her purplish lips opened and closed, and used all the strength in her body to say: "You must save my child, you must!"

The poison had spread very fast. Even if it could be saved, it was too late now.

When the patriarch saw Wei Yuanwei's painful expression, his heart was filled with grief, as though he had instantly aged by more than ten years.

"I must … I must save my child …" Wei Yuanwei grabbed the Patriarch's sleeve and said those words with great difficulty.

Right at this moment, Ning Zheyan rushed in, picked up a blade on the table, separated the blood vessels on her arm, and dripped it into the bowl.

"Give it to small tail to drink!" Ning Zheyan squeezed her blood vessels hard as she pa.s.sed the blood in the white porcelain bowl to midwife, who was beside him.

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