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Chapter 656 - 657

Wei Yuanwei, who was sleeping on the bed, woke up from her stupor. As she heard the rocks fall onto the bed, the sounds on the floor and the pitch-black room made it impossible for Wei Yuanwei to see the direction of the rocks.

He could only cover his body with the quilt.

However, the stone was only thrown for a short while before it was gone.

Wei Yuanwei put on her clothes, wanting to know what was going on.

From outside the courtyard came the intermittent sounds of a dispute.

"Let me go, let me go!" The servant struggled continuously, but Yu Ming clenched her wrist tightly, his expression was stern.

"Who the h.e.l.l are you? You actually dare to use a stone to smash someone in the middle of the night!" Right beside Yu Ming's feet was a pile of stones that he had picked up from an unknown place. All of them were as big as a pigeon's egg, if they smashed onto a person's body, they would definitely be able to injure them.

The maid continued to struggle, but Yu Ming dragged the maid under the light, and finally saw the servant's face clearly.

This servant was the maid beside Yu Mu, her name was Cui Er.

She had followed the young lady for many years, but she had never seen her suffer as much as she did today.

Therefore, taking advantage of the night, Cui Er picked up a lot of stones and came outside the courtyard to vent her sister's anger.

But in the end, after a few hits, he was caught by Yu Ming.

"This matter has nothing to do with my Young Miss. I'm just not used to seeing that lowly servant frame my Young Miss!" Let her frame my Young Miss, I want to die together with that lowly slave! " Cui'er gritted her teeth.

"Miss is the daughter of the Patriarch, and you actually said Miss is a lowly servant. Come with me to the Matriarch's place right now!" Yu Ming was extremely frustrated, he pulled Yu Ming along and headed towards the Mistress' courtyard.

"It's already so late so I don't need to disturb the matriarch!" A clear and cold voice came from behind the tree. Then, Wei Yuanwei's slender figure walked out from the darkness of the night amidst the moonlight.

"Miss, are you hurt?" Yu Ming immediately asked when he saw Wei Yuanwei.

Cui Er, on the other hand, fiercely spat towards Wei Yuanwei who was walking over.

Wei Yuanwei was wearing a rose-colored shawl, and leisurely walked in front of Cui Er.

Seeing Cui Er's loyal and protective master, made her think of the already dead Yin Sheng. If Yin Sheng knew that she had suffered, he would definitely do the same, right?

"Let her go!" Wei Yuanwei said as she looked at Yu Ming.

"Miss, what did you say? Let her go? " Yu Ming was extremely curious.

"You are a venomous snake with a venomous heart. You let me go probably because you want to splash dirty water on my Young Miss, right? I won't let you succeed! " Cui Er angrily said.

"Then, you want to cause trouble at the Matriarch's place?" Wei Yuanwei increased the volume of her voice. The clear and cold voice gave people a very cold feeling in the dark night.

It was like a sudden gust of bone-piercing cold wind on a midsummer night, causing all the pores on one's body to involuntarily erect.

"Do you know how much this incident with the matriarch affected your young lady? The witness and evidence are all here, even if I had to blame it on your young miss, the matriarch would still believe it! " Wei Yuanwei looked at the rock beside Yu Ming's feet.

This girl was the same as Yin Sheng, she was foolish, but she was much more ruthless than him. Even if Yin Sheng were to smash someone with a rock, she was afraid that she would not pick someone this big.

"You …" Cui Er was blocked by Wei Yuanwei to the point that she could not say a word. At that time, she was just too angry, if she was allowed to think about it, she would definitely not have done so.

At the very least, they would immediately run after they were done. How could they continue to stay here and wait for others to catch them?

"You didn't get caught by Yu Ming, you did take revenge for your young miss, but you were caught, and the consequences will be borne by your young miss, because you are just a slave, your actions represent the master's intentions!" Wei Yuanwei stood under the clear and cold moonlight, her entire person enveloped in a layer of faint moonlight.

"I won't pursue today's matter any further, but I hope that before you do anything else next time, use your brain more than you think. Otherwise, it will only harm your young miss!" After Wei Yuanwei finished speaking, he walked out of the Moon Flower and disappeared into the darkness.

"False benevolence, false righteousness, false mercy!" Cui Er looked at Wei Yuanwei's back and said hatefully.

Wei Yuanwei stopped in her tracks, and her gloomy and cold voice sounded again: "Give her a slap, let her remember!"

If she didn't know how to accept a servant, then she could only give her a slap in the face and wake up from her stupor.

Hearing that, Yu Ming gave Cui Er a slap, and followed along.

"It seems that third madame and Miss Mu will not let little miss off!" Miss Mu felt wronged, but she insisted on saying those words at the family banquet.

If she hadn't, Miss Iris wouldn't have framed her!

There was no helping it, one of them was going to lose.

"Let them be!" Wei Yuanwei said indifferently, but a sharp light suddenly flowed out of her clear and cold eyes.

"Sigh, after today's incident, the third branch's wife has probably hated the young miss. Furthermore, if young miss wants to partic.i.p.ate in the a.s.sessment, then Miss Yu Mu will definitely view you as a mortal enemy!" Yu Ming could not help but say.

He usually followed the Patriarch in the outer courtyard and rarely came to the inner courtyard. He also did not know that the inner courtyard was actually much more complicated than the outer courtyard's matters.

Wei Yuanwei stopped, a profound look in her eyes. The matriarch was the one who had completely hated her.

Now, they probably wished for her to die a little earlier, right?

What kind of hypocrisy and benevolent act was this? Did he really think that she was a sixteen to seventeen year old girl who didn't know anything?

"Gu Gu", Wei Yuanwei's stomach suddenly sounded out an empty city stratagem.

Truly, when she was seated and looking at those sumptuous dishes, she did not have the slightest bit of appet.i.te nor did she eat a few mouthfuls.

By midnight, she was actually hungry, and she really wanted to eat something spicy right now.

"Yu Ming, are there any more stalls outside at this time?" Wei Yuanwei asked.

The two maidservants in the room were sent over by the mistress, so she didn't dare to use them.

Yu Ming was startled for a moment: "Yes, there is a night market on South Gate Street, there are all sorts of goods being sold there. Young miss, why did you suddenly ask about this?"

"I'm hungry. Shall we go out and eat something?" Wei Yuanwei raised his eyebrows at Yu Ming.

Miss, you have Dragon Tiger Spirit Pearl on you, it is not good to leave Jade Clan, it is not good to be taken away by the people from the Venerable family, then our Jade Clan will be done for! Yu Ming was in a dilemma as he cautiously said.

"Isn't the Dragon Tiger Spirit Pearl something that only the Patriarch can sense? You should not be able to sense other people's ordinary Spiritual Beads, right? " Wei Yuanwei said.

"At that time, everyone in Four Great Prominent Clans saw you!" Yu Ming frowned slightly.

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