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Chapter 637 - What are the benefits of chapter 637

Wei Yuanwei shrugged her shoulders after hearing what she said, her gaze still as cold as ever. "It doesn't seem like there's anything good about sitting as the Patriarch, but to me, the only good thing is that I can leave the underworld clan!"

"Does little sister really want to leave the underworld clan?" Hearing Wei Yuanwei's words, Yu Zheng's smile became even wider.

"This underworld clan has no relatives or relatives. Why should I stay here?" Even if the Patriarch is my biological father, he is only blood related. Wei Yuanwei spoke very calmly.

"But unfortunately, the Dragon Tiger Spirit Pearl's spirit energy is damaged, so it will take me at least three months to recover. However, the system of an underworld clan prevents me from waiting for even three months, so I can either choose to run for the position of Patriarch, or I can go to Li City and start over again. The time I have to leave the underworld clan will only grow faster!" Wei Yuanwei originally did not want to talk much with these two people.

However, when she thought about it again, she was definitely going to run for the family head position with these people, so she might as well learn more about these two people.

"Three months? Sister, who told you this? You forcefully opened the Whirlpool Gate, and the spirit energy within the Dragon Tiger Spirit Pearl needed at least three years to recover! " Yu Zheng couldn't help but say after hearing what Wei Yuanwei had to say.

"That's right, although the Dragon Tiger Spirit Pearl's spirit energy is stronger than normal spirit pearls, its recovery time is also longer than normal spirit pearls!" Yu Xiao also chimed in.

At the same time, they were laughing at Wei Yuanwei's stupidity.

Dragon Tiger Spirit Pearl s were like magic pearls, ordinary spirit pearls could not compare to them.

If it was a normal spirit pearl in Wei Yuanwei's hand, even if she had opened the door to the whirlpool, the normal spirit pearls would not be able to protect Wei Yuanwei at all, allowing her to safely pa.s.s through the whirlpool to arrive at the underworld clan.

The patriarch said three months, and they actually said three.

Wei Yuanwei's cold eyes could not help but reveal a hint of coldness.

Perhaps, only by finding Li Chu would she know whether the recovery time of the Dragon Tiger Spirit Pearl was three years or three months.

"Patriarch told me that I would need at least three months to recover!" Wei Yuanwei said calmly, but everyone could hear the coldness in her voice.

"Father must be worried that you won't be able to accept it, so he said that on purpose, right?" Yu Zheng chuckled and said.

"Furthermore, even if my sister is elected as the head of the family, it won't be that easy for her to leave the underworld clan. Father is a good example!" Yu Zheng added after he finished speaking.

As long as they could block all paths for Wei Yuanwei, then she would definitely fall into their trap in her moment of despair.

"Why?" Wei Yuanwei said as she looked at Yu Zheng.

"Father also wanted to use all sorts of methods to leave the underworld clan back then, but the first is that the Spiritual Bead in his hand is only an ordinary Spiritual Bead. Unless it was the right time, he wouldn't be able to open the whirlpool. Yu Zheng said in a clear and calm tone.

"And sister, think about it, Dragon Tiger Spirit Pearl is the protective spirit pearl of the Jade Clan, how could the elders allow their sister to bring the Dragon Tiger Spirit Pearl and leave the underworld clan?"

"That's right, if you can really become the next Patriarch and rule over the entire Jade Clan, the Elders will definitely not let you leave the underworld!" Yu Xiao glanced at Yu Zheng at the corner of his eyes.

Like this, no matter if it was the path forward or the path backwards, Wei Yuanwei's path was basically blocked.

There was only one way left in front of Wei Yuanwei.

That was, using her Dragon Tiger Spirit Pearl s to exchange for a Spirit Orb that could allow her to leave the underworld clan.

Of course, this spirit pearl could not help Wei Yuanwei leave the underworld clan.

After Wei Yuanwei heard what the two had said, the seemingly calm expression on her face became even colder.

She believed that what the two of them said was true. Otherwise, why would the clan head not return to find her mother?

Furthermore, after she became the Patriarch, why would the clan elders allow her to bring the clan's most important Dragon Tiger Spirit Pearl away from the underworld clan?

From what Ning Zheyan had said before, every patriarch of the Four Great Prominent Clans had two Life Xiao Spiritual Beads in their hands.

She did not know what exactly this pearl was used for, but it could affect the prosperity of a Prominent Cla.s.s.

The reason why the Jade Clan s repeatedly declined in the Four Great Prominent Clans s, to the point of them being squeezed out of the Four Great Prominent Clans s.

It was not because of the Patriarch's incompetence, but because of the Dragon Tiger Spirit Pearl.

"Does that mean I won't be able to leave the underworld clan no matter what?" Wei Yuanwei squinted and opened her lips slightly, her voice was as clear as the spring water in the mountain hitting the black volcanic rock.

Yu Zheng and Yu Xiao looked at each other deeply, then Yu Zheng frowned: "It's not that there isn't any way, it's actually not very difficult to leave the underworld clans, as long as you can find a spirit pearl that can open the door, you can leave the underworld clans!"

"Everyone only has one person. Where are we going to find another Spiritual Bead that can open the whirlpool's door?" Wei Yuanwei's lips cracked open as she spoke indifferently, her clear and cold eyes containing hints of expectation.

When the two brothers saw it, they knew that Wei Yuanwei had taken the bait.

Yu Zheng walked in front of Wei Yuanwei, lifted his blue skirt, and sat by Wei Yuanwei's side, then said to Wei Yuanwei in a low voice: "Actually speaking is hard, but speaking is also not difficult, our spirit pearls were all given to us by the clan elders, if little sister can get a spirit pearl that can let you leave the underworld clan, then it would be much easier, it would be more difficult to get it from the Spirit Pavilion!"

Basically, Yu Zheng had already told Wei Yuanwei that the Spirit Orb that could let her leave was hidden in the Spirit Pavilion.

Yu Xiao looked at Yu Zheng in shock, this was different from what they had discussed previously.

However, Yu Xiao immediately understood what Yu Zheng meant, and the astonishment on her face disappeared in an instant, as if she had never appeared in the first place.

The Spirit Pavilion was a forbidden zone in the entire Jade Clan, and only the elders and the elders could approve to enter.

Inside, there were spirit pearls. It was not bad, but these spirit pearls were the spirit pearls of the deceased members of the clan, but for the more talented members of the clan in the Jade Clan, they would always keep spirit pearls in their spirit pearls after death.

The most important thing was that the purple light that was being emitted by the Spirit Orb that was being held in Spirit Pavilion would not disappear, because the purple light that was being emitted would be equivalent to the soul of the owner of the Spirit Orb.

Thus, it looked no different from an ordinary Spiritual Bead.

Wei Yuanwei did not know anything about the matters of the underworld clans. If they lied to Wei Yuanwei to steal the Spirit Orbs from the Spirit Pavilion, let alone the Dragon Tiger Spirit Pearl, they would not even be able to protect Wei Yuanwei's life.

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