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Chapter 560 - Chapter 560 - Quickly Go

When Wei Yuanwei climbed out, she saw that Xuan Li and the rest were already waiting outside. Seeing that Wei Yuanwei had come out, but did not see her figure, Xuan Li immediately asked anxiously: "Where's Master?"

"We're inside. We've been discovered, hurry and run. The Heavenly Demon Pavilion's people will catch up soon!" Wei Yuanwei panted heavily. Seeing that there were two ships floating in the water in front of him, she immediately ordered the people who were on guard and on guard to quickly board the ships.

If they had been any later, no one would have been able to escape.

"Miss Wei, you and Dazhuang go first, I will go in and save the master!" Xuan Li lit the torch in her hand, and was about to rush in.

However, at this time, a tall girl rushed out and grabbed Xuan Li's hand, and said a little tyrannically: "No, you can't go in. If you die, who will marry me?"

Jade was dressed in long clothes and pants. Originally, her skin and slender facial features made him look like a boy. At this moment, the jade wearing man's clothes made him look like a man.

Xuan Li really didn't know how this jade managed to sneak in, until they arrived at their destination. Only then did he discover that the jade had secretly followed them over.

"Let go?! I never said I was going to marry you! " Xuan Li's eyes that flickered between bright and dark emitted a layer of cold light, as she looked at the beautiful jade holding her hand, and directly berated.

Mei Yu had been together with Xuan Li for a long time. Even though Xuan Li hated her, he had never used such a vicious tone to speak to her before.

Without waiting for Meiyu to say anything, the others walked over and pulled her to the side.

Just as Xuan Li and Dazhuang were about to walk into the secret pa.s.sage to save Mu Jin, they saw Mu Jin carrying Feng Yin, who was already unconscious, with blood all over his body.

To Xuan Li, he opened his mouth: "Hurry and go!"

Xuan Li and Dazhuang immediately went to catch Feng Yin's body, while the others boarded the boat.

After all of them had boarded the ship, the fish people tied to ropes jumped into the water, looking for a hidden record under the water to leave. The people on the boat also started rowing their oars to make the boat disappear into the night as soon as possible.

When the people in the secret pa.s.sage caught up, they could only see the dark waters.

Then he could no longer see anything.

"Pavilion Master, this subordinate will bring someone to the front to stop them!" Qian Mo, who reeked of blood, walked in front of Baili Qingcheng and asked.

When Baili Qingcheng found out that Mu Jin was here to save Wei Yuanwei, he immediately slammed the table in front of him into two halves. The strong inner force caused the table pieces of the table to float in the air.

At this moment, the faces of the guards who had rushed in had been scratched by the flying debris.

"Are you sure it's Mu Jin?" Baili Qingcheng's joints were grinding until they creaked and creaked.

"Yes sir!" Qian Mo lowered her head.

"Sure enough, Mu Jin woke up earlier than Feng Yin, I think he had already woken up when he was leaving Heavenly Demon Pavilion. He had been trying to figure out a solution to the water surface for the past few days, he really cracked it!" Baili Qingcheng said coldly, a pair of gentle eyes were already long since replaced by a blood-red.

"What if he escaped from the water? This is still my territory outside of the water, release a signal flare immediately and let them surround the water's banks. If anyone goes ash.o.r.e, other than Wei Yuanwei and Feng Yin, the rest will be killed without exception! " Baili Qingcheng's voice was exceptionally cruel, as if it came from h.e.l.l.

Wei Yuanwei sat beside Mu Jin and helped bandage the wound on his hand: "We cannot leave this water right now, once we reach the sh.o.r.e, there will definitely be people from the Heavenly Demon Pavilion waiting for us there!"

She and Feng Yin had already been tricked once before, so this stretch of water was surrounded by the Heavenly Demon Pavilion's sphere of influence.

"If we don't get to the sh.o.r.e, how are we to get out of here?" Mu Jin had always been squinting his eyes with a cold expression, these words came from the beautiful jade next to Mu Jin.

"Anyways, if we are in this water area, the Heavenly Demon Pavilion's people might not be able to find us, but once we get close to the sh.o.r.e, the Heavenly Demon Pavilion's people will immediately know about us. Maybe we won't even have a chance to get to the sh.o.r.e!" Wei Yuanwei thought for a while and said.

"No, the only reason we can enter this place is because of the secret underwater pa.s.sage. If the people from Heavenly Demon Pavilion were to follow this secret pa.s.sage, they would definitely be able to catch up to us!" Mu Jin opened his eyes and said decisively.

Xuan Li stood at the bow of the boat, on guard of his surroundings, while the Fishmen who were below the water also came out from the water, as another Fishman jumped down from the boat.

The Fishman whispered something into Xuan Li's ears, and Xuan Li then walked into the cabin: "Master, the wooden pillar has disappeared. The red stone is just in front, we will reach the sh.o.r.e in a short while!"

At this moment, the weather was already slightly bright, and the darkness had already disappeared. The misty mist once again began to envelop him.

"Don't go any further now!" Wei Yuanwei immediately said, then looked at Mu Jin: "Is there a magnet here?"

As long as there was a magnet, she could create a compa.s.s again. This way, they wouldn't have to follow the hidden mark that the Heavenly Demon Pavilion left behind.

Mu Jin lifted his gaze, his clear and limpid eyes becoming increasingly dazzling in the early morning light.

"Iris, even so, we can't drag this out for too long. We don't have food, and if the people from Heavenly Demon Pavilion can't see us, they will definitely continue waiting with their lives. We can't afford to waste any more time!" Mu Jin said as he grabbed Wei Yuanwei's hand with a slightly cold hand.

"But, as soon as we get to the sh.o.r.e, the people of Heavenly Demon Pavilion will surround us. Right now, we are no match for them!" Wei Yuanwei frowned.

"Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you!" Mu Jin tightly held onto Wei Yuanwei's hand.

The guards who had received the signal detonator in the layers of mist had already prepared themselves to watch every sh.o.r.e in the water. As soon as they saw a boat enter, they would immediately shoot.

"Commander, look, the boat …" A small boat slowly emerged from the misty fog.

The archers on guard immediately released their bows, waiting for their commander to give the order.

As the boat's horn became more clearly visible, the commander waved his hand and the archers shot toward the boat.

"Crash!" The arrow shot through the air with a sharp sound. Even with the cover of the mist, the arrows still rained down on the boat, turning it into a sieve in the blink of an eye.

"Get in the water!" When the rain of arrows pa.s.sed, the leader did not hear any cries for help or even the sound of falling into the water, so he immediately ordered the guards to go into the water.

Mu Jin, Wei Yuanwei and the rest had long dived into the water when the boat was close to the sh.o.r.e, waiting for the people of the Heavenly Demon Pavilion to turn the boat into a sieve. Then, they heard the sound of water splashing in the water.

He immediately set the boat on fire.

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