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Chapter 530 - Chapter 530 Last Words

"He actually belongs to a hidden clan, his goal in infiltrating the Heavenly Demon Pavilion is to break the Heavenly Demon Pavilion's water fog array. But after so many years, he still hasn't succeeded in breaking it. Who knows how many ships were floating in the water under the water fog, or how many people died there?!" The reason he suddenly changed his mind was because of Ning Zheyan.

This was because he had said that he would first save Wei Yuanwei and come back, yet Ning Zheyan had smiled and told him just how difficult it was to enter the Heavenly Demon Pavilion's palace.

Many people had tried many different methods, but none of them had succeeded. This was because no one knew how big this area of water was or how long it would take to reach it.

As long as a person entered, they would die.

Many people would circle around in the same place after entering the water mist area. Although the boat was moving, in reality, it was just an illusion. The water was moving, but your boat wasn't moving.

Xuan Li was surprised. Ning Zheyan was actually a member of an underworld clan?

They had searched for so long, but they still hadn't found any members of the underworld clans. However, at this moment, members of the underworld clans had automatically appeared in front of them.

"Xuan Li, without the Blood Core, the underworld clans wouldn't be able to save him. Furthermore, with his current appearance, he won't be able to return to the underworld clans!" Mu Jin said somewhat helplessly: "So this is the only way, we can only save the hidden families, and once Ning Zheyan's internal injuries have recovered, Ning Zheyan will help us crack Heavenly Demon Pavilion's secret."

With the help of the underworld clan, he would have a better chance of winning if he were to save Wei Yuanwei.

After Xuan Li heard this, this was the only way. After all, with the help of the underworld clans, their chances of winning had increased a little.

Mu Jin walked into the room and saw that Ning Zheyan, who had been lying on the bed the entire time, had actually sat up. Her lips were now even whiter, as if her face was painted with a layer of white paint.

It seemed that Ning Zheyan had heard his conversation with her.

"Yes sir!" Last night, Ning Zheyan slept by his side, her aura was extremely weak, like a dead person's. He tried really hard to make Ning Zheyan's body heat up, but from the day to the night, Ning Zheyan's body was ice-cold.

As he held his hand, he could barely feel his pulse!

Wei Yuanwei would definitely not be in any danger during this month. Furthermore, with Wei Yuanwei's intelligence, she would definitely be able to delay it for a long time.

"You should save Wei Yuanwei first, Wei Yuanwei is the most important!" Ning Zheyan said as she looked at Ning Zheyan.

His fiery red clothes had already been replaced with a white undergarment, causing his face to turn even paler: "If you leave for Peony Island and never return, even if I have to become a ghost, I will still feel guilty."

"What's more … Wei Yuanwei cannot live without you! " Ning Zheyan said as she moved her gaze away from Mu Jin's face.

"I will definitely return safely and bring you the blood pill. You just need to hold on!" Mu Jin's gaze was calm as she looked at Ning Zheyan's face and those dim eyes.

He even felt that Ning Zheyan wouldn't be able to hold on for even a month.

"Go and save Wei Yuanwei, Wei Yuanwei is the most important person!" Ning Zheyan lifted her eyes once again. Those bewitching eyes had already lost their former l.u.s.ter and l.u.s.ter, and the bottom of her eyes had already turned dark.

"If I save Wei Yuanwei, even if you can hold on until then, I won't have time to save you!" He did not have the ability to contend with the Heavenly Demon Pavilion right now, so naturally, she had to secretly save Wei Yuanwei.

Even if he was able to safely bring Wei Yuanwei out of Heavenly Demon Pavilion, he was closely followed by the Heavenly Demon Pavilion's a.s.sa.s.sins.

At that time, it would be hard for even them to protect themselves, so how would they have the time to find Ning Zheyan a Snow Pill?

So, he had to first find the Snow Pill and save Ning Zheyan before he went to save Wei Yuanwei.

"But, even if you save me, I don't have the ability to contact the people from the underworld clans and ask them to help you!" Ning Zheyan's voice was very soft.

He was just a camouflage expert, and his power was not in his hands. He was good at camouflage, not martial arts.

Currently, there were only two or three people who were in close contact with him. Furthermore, these two or three people held important positions and did not even have the time to rush over to bring him back to the underworld clan.

"I know, I can sneak into the Heavenly Demon Pavilion like I did with Yan Yu Manor and save him!" How could Mu Jin not know about this? All of the words he had said were lies to Xuan Li.

Ning Zheyan closed her eyes tiredly: "To be honest, I feel like I won't be able to live for long!"

"Don't you still have words to say to Wei Yuanwei? No matter what, you have to wait until Wei Yuanwei comes back! " Mu Jin encouraged Ning Zheyan.

After Ning Zheyan heard this, she opened her closed eyes once again.

That's right, he still had something he wanted to say to Wei Yuanwei. He wanted to meet Wei Yuanwei before he died, but he couldn't die now!

The corner of Ning Zheyan's mouth raised into a smile, "Then it would be best if you can return alive from Peony Island.

Mu Jin nodded as he helped Ning Zheyan to lie down.

When night came, Tang Yu brought along the people from the village and used a palanquin to carry Ning Zheyan, Mu Jin and the two of them.

One facing east and one facing west.

"Your Highness..." Xuan Li, who was riding on his horse behind Mu Jin, suddenly shouted.

Mu Jin turned to look at Xuan Li: "Why did you suddenly call me Prince?"

"After all, you have already been addressed by this name for five years. This subordinate feels that calling you Prince is the most appropriate!" Even if you are no longer Evil King, you are still this subordinate's master. This subordinate has the honor of following by your side and obtaining your trust, it is this subordinate's honor! " Xuan Li's flickering eyes looked straight at Mu Jin.

This was the first time.

"Are you telling me your last words?" How could Mu Jin not understand Xuan Li's words?

"No matter what, the fact that Your Highness is willing to bring me to the Peony Island is already a great amount of trust in me!" Even though Xuan Li knew that, if Shang Li was here, it would be absolutely impossible for Mu Jin to bring him to the Peony Island, and even more so, it would be impossible for her to let him accompany him on this adventure.

But even if he knew that the Peony Island was a h.e.l.l, he was still willing to die with Mu Jin!

"If I can take you there, I can definitely bring you back. Of course, if you don't want to come back, I won't force you!" Mu Jin said half jokingly and half seriously, which actually improved the originally quiet atmosphere by a lot.

"No matter if he is alive or dead, this subordinate will definitely follow by his side!" Xuan Li said in an extremely solemn voice.

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