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Chapter 505 - Painting Pancakes for Hunger

"Then you can sleep in peace from now on!" Wei Yuanwei slowly raised her head and looked at Xiao Jinjin's slender, jade-like chin.

In the future, it would be her turn to take good care of him and raise him!

Compared to her rebellious att.i.tude back then, even though the current Mu Jin would occasionally not listen to her, he was still very obedient.

"Hee hee …" Xiao Jinjin laughed out loud, his face was full of smiles, and then he carried Wei Yuanwei and rolled onto the bed to sleep.

Wei Yuanwei reached out to untie the clothes on her body, but discovered that Xiao Jinjin was looking at him with a wolf-like gaze.

Indeed, it was the same as before. Even though it had turned into a seven year old child, its nature had not changed.

Wei Yuanwei lightly tapped Xiao Jinjin's nose: "What are you trying to do?"

Xiao Jinjin lightly licked his lips, a slightly embarra.s.sed look appearing in his jet-black eyes: "I … I still want to do what I did that night! "

Wei Yuanwei was first stunned, then she understood what Xiao Jinjin meant by 'that night'.

"Why?" Wei Yuanwei supported her head and deliberately asked.

Mn, she could also feel that Xiao Jinjin, who had been sleeping beside her these past three days, was very dishonest. It was as if after that night, he had become more enlightened, and she had fallen asleep quite a few times.

However, Xiao Jinjin didn't have the guts to do so. After pressing her down, he could only look at her with a pitiful and unsatisfied expression.

Xiao Jinjin's face reddened again, as if he understood the joy of being in a woman's room. "It feels like it's the only way to be closer to your wife!"

It was obvious that her adrenal glands and hormones were rising, but she still forced herself to say such a romantic sentence.

"Come here!" Wei Yuanwei smiled at Mu Jin.

After a night of Spring Festival Gala, when Wei Yuanwei woke up the next day, she already felt the discomfort on her waist.

Then, he looked back at Xiao Jinjin who was sleeping on the bed with an adorable expression, causing him to helplessly shake his head.

His mind had changed, but his strength was still strong.

Xiao Nan sat in front of Wei Yuanwei, a little nervous.

"Don't worry, I'll let you take Hedonist Powder before the operation. You won't feel any pain!" After Wei Yuanwei consoled Xiao Nan with a few words, he picked up the charcoal and drew the parts of his face that needed an operation.

Xiao Nan looked at her reflection in the copper mirror. After her face was marked with black charcoal, she actually felt that it was not her face.

The reason why Wei Yuanwei drew these on Xiao Nan's face was to confirm that the operation should be carried out in strict accordance to the drawing on the line, in case there was any deviation!

Wei Yuanwei explained the situation, and the Xiao Nan was also able to accept it.

Xiao Nan slowly lost consciousness after drinking Mai Boiling Powder.

Wei Yuanwei put on her mask, gloves, and surgical scrubs. Then, she began to perform surgery on Xiao Nan.

Xiao Jinjin usually liked to stay in bed. After last night, Xiao Jinjin directly slept until the third hour of the night, but he still didn't want to wake up. Only until his stomach felt extremely hungry, did he unwillingly get out of bed.

He sniffed around for something to eat.

His wife had told him last night to not enter her operation room. Otherwise, he would not sleep with her tonight. Naturally, Xiao Jinjin did not dare to step into her operation room.

But since there was nothing to eat in the courtyard, Xiao Jinjin could only run out of the courtyard.

He sniffed around with his sensitive cat nose and said, "Hey, this flower smells so good. It smells delicious! " Xiao Jinjin smelled a flower that was emitting the fragrance of milk, just like the smell of candy.

Xiao Jinjin picked the flower out without hesitation and put it in his mouth.

"Pu" After chewing a few times, Xiao Jinjin spat out the flower.

Not good, not good, the taste is still crying.

Xiao Jinjin walked out of the courtyard with a sullen look on his face. The long veranda was shrouded in mist, making it so that no one could see what was ahead.

The moment Baili Qingcheng walked out of the secret room, he saw a person squatting under layers of mist.

The palace he lived in had never allowed a.s.sa.s.sins to get close, and the only person by his side was Qian Mo.

"Master, I'll go take a look!" Qian Mo looked at the figure and knew in his heart that it was very likely to be Mu Jin.

"No need!" Baili Qingcheng stopped Qian Qian.

He directly walked in front of Xiao Jinjin, only to see Xiao Jinjin squatting on the ground, the white robes on his body dragging on the ground, making him look like a holy lotus flower. When paired with Xiao Jinjin's pure and clean face, he looked extremely evil.

Xiao Jinjin was squatting on the ground, holding onto a branch that was snapped off from a tree, dipped it in water, he drew all sorts of sugar men and meat pies on the ground. Although it was just a few simple strokes, and they were even using branches and water, Baili Qingcheng could still see what Xiao Jinjin was drawing.

"What are you drawing here?" Baili Qingcheng watched from the side for a while, but when he realized that Xiao Jinjin didn't have any reaction to his arrival, he still drew with his head down.

While painting, he was drooling.

When Xiao Jinjin heard someone speak, he immediately looked up to see Baili Qingcheng's Maitreya Buddha mask. He subconsciously held onto the tree branch in his hand, and then quickly retreated.

In that instant, a scene quickly flashed through his mind. In the night, a person wearing a Maitreya's mask was approaching him, and then, two fangs shot out from the Maitreya Buddha.

This caused Xiao Jinjin's innocent eyes to reveal caution and fear.

His whole body instantly tensed up as he continuously retreated.

Seeing Xiao Jinjin like this, it was as if Baili Qingcheng had seen a ghost!

"Are you afraid of me?" 's reaction did not surprise him at all.

At first, when he was sitting in the palanquin, Mu Jin had even threatened to fight him.

There was no trace of fear. Why was she so afraid of him now?

Xiao Jinjin looked at Baili Qingcheng for a long time, when the image in his head disappeared, the fear and wariness on his face slowly faded away, he lowered his head and saw Baili Qingcheng's black gold-lined boots, which were on the meat patties he had just finished drawing. He immediately pointed at Baili Qingcheng furiously with a tree branch: "Quickly move your feet away, you have stepped on my rice!"

Baili Qingcheng looked in the direction where Xiao Jinjin's finger was pointing. He had indeed stepped on the meat pie that Xiao Jinjin had just finished drawing.

"Yes!" Seeing that Baili Qingcheng had no intention to dodge, Xiao Jinjin stepped forward and tried to push him away.

However, Baili Qingcheng had already taken a step back and left the meat patty.

Xiao Jinjin immediately squatted down, and started salivating at the meat patties drawn on the ground, his mouth blinking, as though he was about to eat them!

Soon the water dried up and the pancakes disappeared from the ground.

Xiao Jinjin once again dipped his finger in the water and continued drawing on the ground.

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