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Chapter 446 - Within Chapter 446

In front of the throne and his daughter, the throne and mountains were even more important.

On the second day, the Emperor of Southern Yue announced to the world that her long-lost daughter had been found and given the t.i.tle of Princess An Le.

It could be said that the entire nation was shaken, and the news had spread through every street and street. At the same time, the Emperor of Southern Yue, in order to celebrate the fact that she had found her long-lost daughter, had even lifted her ban of three days and granted amnesty to the whole world.

Mo City, inside the study, the atmosphere was extremely tense.

"You already knew that Wei Yuanwei was the daughter of the Southern Yue's Emperor, right?" Shangli stood in front of Mu Jin and questioned him coldly.

Xuan Li stood to the side with a puzzled expression.

Originally, they had already planned on sneaking into the palace of Southern Yue, but who would have thought that they would receive such explosive news just as they were about to set off?

"Yes sir!" "Wei Yuanwei is Wei Yuanwei, and the Emperor of Southern Yue is the Emperor of the Southern Yue. The two of them are unrelated people, and when Wei Yuanwei was still at the Prime Minister's Estate five years ago, she did not even know that he had such a father!"

Shangli was extremely furious when she heard Mu Jin's words, "Since you knew about it already, why did you hide it from me? I'm curious as to why you didn't let me continue investigating. Are you afraid that I would harm Wei Yuanwei? That's why you didn't let me continue my investigation! "

"Shangli, we have known each other for so many years, I understand you very well. If you were to know that Wei Yuanwei is the daughter of the Southern Yue's Emperor, why didn't you hurt Wei Yuanwei? You will definitely use Wei Yuanwei's life to threaten the Emperor of Southern Yue! " Mu Jin looked at Shangli with an extremely cold expression.

When he found out that Wei Yuanwei was the daughter of her enemy, he was indeed upset. He hoped that it wasn't true, or perhaps his investigation was wrong.

But later on, he thought things through clearly, Wei Yuanwei was Wei Yuanwei and Seventh Uncle was Seventh Uncle. These two people should not have any sort of connection at all.

"A son owes his father his debt, and Wei Yuanwei is innocent. But how could the flower not be innocent? How could the princess not be innocent, how could Zhu'er not be innocent as well? The Southern Yue Emperor killed all of your relatives, even the ones that were related to you were all killed. After you luckily escaped, you actually protected the daughter of your enemy, do you owe your father your life? Are you right about those people who died because of your innocence? " Shangli said angrily, the light in his eyes could make people shiver.

In the end, she pursed her lips and said, "The Crown Princess is innocent, Zhu Er is innocent, Hua Hua is also innocent. Five years ago, in the coup in Southern Yue, countless innocent palace servants, officials and even pa.s.sersby died, but the culprit behind all of this was the Zong Ren King, the person who partic.i.p.ated in all of the coups and held the butcher's blade. Wei Yuanwei was not present at that time, he was still living in a horse shed at that time, eating without stopping, and a little girl was being bullied by others! "She did not partic.i.p.ate in the coup and did not know about it. She was also innocent …"

"If we were to kill her just because she is the daughter of the Lord Ruler and is related by blood to him, do you think there's any difference between us and those executioners?" Mu Jin looked at Shangli, and said each word clearly. Her eyes were as deep as water, and her thoughts were clear and clear.

Shangli looked at Mu Jin, his cold eyes were still as cold as ever. He gripped the sword hilt in his hand tightly: "But, I still can't accept that she is the daughter of the Great Zong Ren King!"

"If she had the choice,

She also doesn't want to be the daughter of the Ancestor King. Right now, she is in even more pain and discomfort than I am, in even more hatred and helplessness than I am … " Mu Jin took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

He could already foresee what Wei Yuanwei would do when she found out that she was his enemy's daughter.

She would definitely despair, she would definitely collapse, and almost all of the negative emotions she had felt over the past seventeen years would come crashing down on her like a mountain.

She would definitely feel ashamed to see him again. She would also not dare to see him again …

"Shangli, people can only choose between two things in their lives. One is their own birth, and the other is their own death!" Mu Jin opened her eyes. Starlight shone in her pitch-black pupils.

He wanted to find her and tell her personally that he didn't care about that. No matter who she was, he loved her!

"Alright, but if Wei Yuanwei is willing to do something that would harm us for her father's sake,

I will definitely not let her off! " The hatred in Shangli's words.

Mu Jin couldn't help but reveal a faint smile, "She won't. I'm afraid she isn't even willing to acknowledge her own father, so how can she help her father to deal with us?"

The Emperor of Southern Yue looked at Zhong Lixian, who was sitting in front of him.

"Is Xie w.a.n.g really with Princess An Le? And after that, Princess An Le was with you?" The emperor obviously believed half in and half doubted Zhong Lixian's words.

"Yes, not long ago, Princess An Le followed me to the border guard city. I saw that Princess An Le was extremely yearning for the Southern Yue, so I had someone follow Princess An Le to the imperial city to have a look. I didn't expect that Princess An Le would actually find her own father, and remove the notoriety that she had carried for more than ten years!"

After the Emperor of Southern Yue heard Zhong Lixian's words, her face couldn't help but turn grim. "Hmph, if anyone dares to mention those b.a.s.t.a.r.d seeds in front of us twice in the future, we will definitely skin them alive, and cut off their tongues to feed to dogs!"

"There's no need for the emperor to be angry. Now that Princess An Le has found her own biological father, her own ident.i.ty has naturally gained a proper reputation. I'm afraid no one will ever bring it up again!" Zhong Lixian cupped his fists and said to the Emperor who was seated at the head of the table.

If you are still the crown prince, we can consider marrying you to Princess An Le. This has also resolved the conflict between the two countries, and we can all rejoice, but right now, you are only a mere prince, and you are not even a prince. It is absolutely impossible for us to marry you, Princess An Le.

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