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You want me that badly?

Wei Yuanwei looked at Zhong Lixian in disgust, wanting to shake off his hand that was constantly moving up and down her face. But no matter where she tilted his head, Zhong Lixian's fingers would always wrap around her like a snake.

"Kill me? Or do you want me to live a life worse than death? " Wei Yuanwei's gaze was ruthless and cold.

Before she dies, she would definitely pull Zhong Lixian down along with her.

"If I cannot obtain what I want, I will destroy it and not let anyone else obtain it …" Zhong Lixian continued: "From the day you fell into my hands, I never thought of letting you return to Mu Jin's side. You can only be mine, you have to be my ghost even if you want to be my ghost …"

When Wei Yuanwei heard Zhong Lixian's words, her entire body shivered.

"So, what do you want?" Wei Yuanwei's gaze was like a blade or sword piercing towards Zhong Lixian, as she wished for nothing more than to stab Zhong Lixian into a sieve.

"Are you willing to be my woman, or do you want to become one of my hundred guards?" Zhong Lixian smiled charmingly, and after he finished speaking, he felt Zhong Lixian's hand loosen against his chest.

The meaning of Zhong Lixian's words was very obvious, it was really something that the crafty and heartless Zhong Lixian could achieve.

"I am a person who cherishes the fairer s.e.x, and I know what you said to me before. You don't want to share a husband with other women, so I can promise you that!"

After Wei Yuanwei heard this, Leng Ning smiled: "Zhong Lixian, you are the crown prince, if you say it yourself, I'm afraid you wouldn't believe it even if you said it, right?"

"Whether or not you believe me is up to you. What I can't do is my own business!" Zhong Lixian did not care about Wei Yuanwei's mockery.

Wei Yuanwei looked at Zhong Lixian's expression for a long time, then suddenly laughed out loud: "Crown Prince, you want me that much?"

"I just feel like I'm having a hard time sleeping alone. I just want you to accompany me!" Zhong Lixian's words were said gracefully.

"Just to accompany you?"

"Chatting is fine too!" Zhong Lixian's slender fingertips slid from Wei Yuanwei's face all the way to his alluring red lips, "As long as you sleep by my side, you can do whatever you want."

The corner of Wei Yuanwei's mouth twitched, "It seems like the crown prince is too lonely!"

"Hahaha... Lonely? I have already been used to being lonely for more than twenty years. I am just curious about what kind of feeling it would be like for a woman to sleep by my side. "

"There are plenty of maids in this crown prince's palace who are willing to tell the crown prince what it feels like for a woman to sleep by his side!" Wei Yuanwei replied coldly.

As he said that, he struggled to get up, but he was still pushed back by Zhong Lixian.

"Since you've gotten into my bed, do you think I'll let you down?" Zhong Lixian said with a faint smile. But at this moment, Little Yun Zi's voice sounded from outside the door.

"Crown Prince, this servant will bring something to you!" Little Yun Zi trembled as she said this while holding a clean piece of cloth.

"What is it?" Zhong Lixian squinted her eyes as she shot a beam of cold light.

"Yes …" It's a burlap cloth! " Little Yun Zi didn't know how to call it, as if it was something to verify a woman's chast.i.ty.

Wait, Wei Yuanwei was Xie w.a.n.g's woman before, what use did she have this cloth?

Hearing Little Yun Zi's reply, Zhong Lixian laughed, and then said: "No need, you are not allowed to disturb me anymore!"

"Yes..." Zhong Lixian's voice came from inside the small Yun Zi's body. His clear eyes suddenly revealed some obscure feelings.

"Don't you know what a burlap cloth is?" Zhong Lixian was a little curious about Wei Yuanwei's expression. Logically speaking, she should know what this thing was, and he shouldn't have heard about it.

"It's just a piece of cloth!" Wei Yuanwei replied naturally.

When Zhong Lixian heard this, her eyes actually curved into a crescent moon shape. "You actually don't know what this thing is? Did nothing happen when you and Mu Jin got married? "

"On the night of my wedding, I had a night's rest!" Wei Yuanwei's eyes flashed at lightning speed, and quickly answered the question. At the same time, she also understood what the cloth in Zhong Lixian's mouth was.

"So you didn't do anything when you and Mu Jin got married?" Zhong Lixian was becoming more and more curious.

Mu Jin and Wei Yuanwei actually did nothing on the night of their wedding?

"Yes sir!" Wei Yuanwei replied.

"You must have done it on purpose, right?" Zhong Lixian remembered that when she married Wei Yuanwei, he was forced to do so.

"So the crown prince still remembers!" Wei Yuanwei said playfully.

Hearing this, Zhong Lixian felt a strange feeling in her heart for some reason. She lowered her head and whispered into Wei Yuanwei's ear, "Back then, you had also become fond of Mu Jin, but now you're in the same situation as me …"

Wei Yuanwei only sneered in her heart, how could Zhong Lixian compare to Mu Jin?

Furthermore, in her heart, there would always be Mu Jin. The name Mu Jin had never appeared in her heart ever since, and she would never appear again!

"If I knew you first, you would like me right now. Heh, as expected, the order in which people meet each other is very important!" Zhong Lixian said somewhat self-deprecatingly, his eyes a little lonely.

"Crown Prince, you are wrong about that. If I had married you as a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I'm afraid you would have executed me that night? "And where does that get you to like it?" Wei Yuanwei taunted.

After all, Zhong Lixian was not Mu Jin. Without Mu Jin's broad chest, how could he tolerate his n.o.ble ident.i.ty being sullied by a lowly girl?

Zhong Lixian thought about it carefully and felt that Wei Yuanwei's words were very logical. Indeed, if it was him, Wei Yuanwei would definitely not be able to live past that night.

"That's not important. As long as you can't cure the insect poison, you can only be my woman. Mu Jin can't do anything about it either!" Zhong Lixian then paused for a while, "I am actually very curious, before you fell for Mu Jin, did you and Mu Jin never get married?"

"The Crown Prince seems to like asking questions about other people's private matters." Wei Yuanwei frowned.

"I just want to know how much tolerance Mu Jin has towards you!" This was what Zhong Lixian was most interested in.

"Like you said, Mu Jin only got me when I started liking Mu Jin, but I can't deny that Mu Jin had a lot of opportunities before, I can't say that I cleverly dodged them one after another, it was my luck that took up a big part, and because Mu Jin liked me, she chose to indulge me!" As Wei Yuanwei said this, he couldn't help but recall the scenes where she and Mu Jin met. However, these scenes quickly flashed across Wei Yuanwei's mind, leaving behind an even stronger sense of longing.

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