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Chapter 420 - You're really confident

It was as if he had been thinking about this question for a long time. He just blurted it out without thinking.

But Zhong Lixian actually laughed out loud. "Wei Yuanwei, you are always this interesting, I am six years older than you, so it should be normal for me to die earlier than you, but that is only a matter of a few decades from now!"

"You really have the confidence to live to that age?" Wei Yuanwei replied with a cold smile, but the bottom of his heart had a trace of ruthlessness. She would definitely not let Zhong Lixian live past twenty-five years.

"If Mu Jin knew that you've consumed it, do you think she would still kill me? Not only will he not kill me, he will also protect me so that I won't be killed by others! " Zhong Lixian was extremely confident in this.

It was unknown if it was because he was confident in Mu Jin's abilities, or because he was confident in Wei Yuanwei's position in Mu Jin's heart.

"So you're saying that you're certain that no one in this world can cure this poison?" Wei Yuanwei squinted his cold eyes.

"Right now, there might not be only three out of a hundred thousand people who can produce the poison, and it will never leave this type of poison. Only the people who were born with the poison before can cure it, and Ning Zheyan probably doesn't even know who produced the poison, so Mu Jin trying to find that person can be said to be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Maybe that person is already dead?" Zhong Lixian said as she raised her eyebrows.

His face was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a confident smile.

When Wei Yuanwei heard this, her expression turned even colder. "The crown prince is really willing to use such an important Gu poison on me!"

"This life is most suitable for you, unless you don't have any status in Mu Jin's heart. But the fact is, in Mu Jin's heart, your position is unshakable!" As Zhong Lixian firmly said that, his narrow eyes quickly dimmed.

"Don't you already have Mu Jin's weakness in your hands? What's the point of asking me? The Crown Prince left it to me, so I wanted to ask for some peace of mind. " Wei Yuanwei couldn't help but ask at this time.

Hearing this, Zhong Lixian's face darkened, his entire expression looked as if she was shrouded in a dark haze, it was extremely gloomy, the light in her eyes had become unusually sharp, and after that she slowly said: "If Mu Jin is so easily found out, then he is not Mu Jin!"

"So, you didn't threaten Mu Jin?" When Wei Yuanwei heard this, she finally felt relieved. As long as Mu Jin did not get any information from Zhong Lixian, she would definitely not be a burden to him.

"You can say that, but you are my trump card!" Zhong Lixian looked at Wei Yuanwei with a profound gaze, as though sshe had placed countless hope and expectations on Wei Yuanwei, as though he was extremely confident and determined.

"Then I'm truly indebted to the Crown Prince's kindness!" Wei Yuanwei said these words coldly and ruthlessly.

"You have no other choice now, how about I let you go back to Mu Jin's side? Your relationship with Mu Jin has ended, he can only look at you like this, he can't do anything else! " The corner of Zhong Lixian's mouth slanted upwards. Even though his words were light, the gaze he looked at Wei Yuanwei with was abnormally deep.

It could be said that besides her own body, Wei Yuanwei had everything else under his control. They could not do what husband and wife were doing, or else the one suffering would only be Wei Yuanwei!

Can't do anything? Other than the fact that her body was still his, everything else belonged to Zhong Lixian!

She really hated this feeling, even hated it!

"So, crown prince, what do you want to say?" "Or is it trying to tell me something?" Wei Yuanwei went straight to the point.

She didn't think that Zhong Lixian chatting with her for so long just to arouse the hatred in her heart!

"I don't mind that you were Mu Jin's woman!" Zhong Lixian's one sentence could win against countless other languages.

When Wei Yuanwei heard this, she did not speak. Instead, she let out a cold laugh.

Zhong Lixian, when you said those words, you were already done for.

"Wei Yuanwei, you are so smart, you should understand what I mean!" Zhong Lixian said very seriously, his narrow and long phoenix eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with true emotions.

Yes, of course she did! But these were just Zhong Lixian's casual words, wait for her to do something that would harm Zhong Lixian's interests, how could Zhong Lixian not kill her.

Zhong Lixian looked at Wei Yuanwei's leaving figure, his eyes slightly narrowed, wanting Wei Yuanwei to submit to him now, was easier said than done? However, given how long it had been, there would definitely be a day where Wei Yuanwei would fall into his hands!

In the blink of an eye, New Year's Eve had arrived, and the entire Xiling Imperial Palace was in a state of excitement. The crown prince's palace maids had cleaned all the courtyards, and all the windows were decorated with different colored flowers.

Wei Yuanwei sat beside the furnace, roasting her hands, and looked at the vast expanse of white snow outside.

She never thought that she would spend her first New Year in the ancient times in Xiling.

Xiao Yunzi happily brought over the new clothes that he was going to wear tomorrow, braving the heavy snow. As soon as he came over, he kept boasting, "Miss Wei, look at the clothes that the crown prince has ordered people to make, how appropriate is your skin! If the crown prince were to see it, he would definitely be extremely happy! "

Wei Yuanwei tilted her head and lazily glanced at the tray in Little Yun Zi's hands.

It was just a hint of red, but it was hard to come by. The style and patterns of the clothes were what she liked.

"Put it there!" Wei Yuanwei said softly.

"Miss Wei, the crown prince will accompany the emperor and empress to guard the year tonight. That's why I'm specifically serving the Miss Wei's dinner, accompanying the Miss Wei to guard the year!" Little Yun Zi walked behind Wei Yuanwei and said in an extremely attentive manner.

However, Wei Yuanwei's face was still cold. What kind of servant would there be for a master? Seeing that the crown prince was a little interested in her, this servant immediately came over to flatter him.

In the Ten Thousand Flowers House, the palace imperial concubines and princes were already seated at their respective seats, all dressed up.

The emperor's wife sat at the head of the table, dressed grandly with a look of joy on her face.

One by one, they accepted the greetings and messages from the imperial concubines and the princes.

The emperor's gloomy mood finally lightened quite a bit today. The empress sat beside him with a straight and gentle smile, her long and narrow phoenix eyes sweeping across the seats one by one.

When they saw Zhong Lixian seated below them, with a calm gaze, they watched the performance on the stage.

A hint of coldness quickly flashed through her phoenix eyes, before she lightly glanced at Eunuch Li beside her.

The Eunuch Li nodded to the Queen, then quietly left the seating area and left the Ten Thousand Flowers House.

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