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Chapter 392 - 392 - Like this name

But Wei Yuanwei did not say it directly, Ning Zheyan liked this name. If she said this name again, wouldn't that make Ning Zheyan uncomfortable? Furthermore, Ning Zheyan had turned hostile faster than flipping a book.

"It's good that you like it …" Wei Yuanwei said casually.

"Then your mother should have given you this name, right? Wei Yuanwei, Zheyan knows that the Iris is a kind of flower, its words are love of despair! " Ning Zheyan often interacted with flowers, so she was naturally familiar with them like the back of her hand. "When Zheyan heard your name, she felt that you were someone with a story. As expected, your story was very interesting!"

"Yes, it was my mother who gave it to me. My mother's name is Wei Xi Wu, and Xi Wu is also a kind of flower. A flowery phrase goes deep into love. This is an expression of love for my father, but it's a pity that love eventually turned into despair …" Wei Yuanwei thought about her mother, and then she thought about herself.

At this moment, she could understand her mother's feelings, right?

In the past, she only felt pity and sympathy for her mother, but now, she felt much more empathetic.

She had spent the rest of her life waiting for someone who would not return, from expectation to death, and every moment, even the beauty of it, was a torment to her mother.

Therefore, her hatred towards her biological father increased unabated. It would be best if she didn't find him for the rest of her life.

What a great love it is for a woman to give her most precious innocence and youth to a man without any scruples.

Perhaps the love was too heavy for her own father to bear, so he chose to escape.

Her mother had entrusted her entire life to someone who wasn't worthy of her t.i.tle, and she … He could only entrust his life to himself for the rest of his life.

Mu Jin had suffered for five years now, she didn't want her to suffer any more with her.

No matter if she lived or died, as long as she was alive, she wouldn't return to Mu Jin's side. She would only be a burden to him.

She would have preferred him to be happy for the rest of his life, even if it were ordinary.

Ning Zheyan's father had left and never returned. Not only did she hurt Wei Yuanwei's mother, she had also made Wei Yuanwei into a b.a.s.t.a.r.d that everyone despised.

Honestly speaking, if not for Xie w.a.n.g, Wei Yuanwei would not have her current status.

It was not unreasonable for Wei Yuanwei to protect Xie w.a.n.g.

"Did you ever think of finding your father?" Ning Zheyan's ice-cold hand lightly pressed onto Wei Yuanwei's shoulder, after confirming the acupuncture points carefully, she once again pierced a silver needle in.

Wei Yuanwei first felt a sharp pain, and then the sharp pain quickly disappeared. "I never thought about it!"

His tone was firm and unquestionable.

Honestly speaking, I don't really like this Iris Flower, and I also don't like calling you Wei Yuanwei. In the future, can I call you Little Tail? Because Iris's flowery language was desperate love, he really didn't like it.

"Little Tail? Whatever the Master Ning wants to call me? As long as Master Ning promises me not to be enemies with Evil King. " Hearing how intimate Ning Zheyan's words were, Wei Yuanwei felt that her small tail was closer and more pleasing to the ear.

Ning Zheyan sighed: "Zheyan can only promise Zheyan that she will not become enemies with Evil King, but if Heavenly Fiend Pavilion is going to be enemies with Xie w.a.n.g, or if Xie w.a.n.g is going to be enemies with Heavenly Fiend Pavilion, then Zheyan's position can only be chosen master!"

"Fine, then let's make it a deal. If Xie w.a.n.g doesn't become the enemy of Heavenly Demon Pavilion, you are not allowed to become the enemy of Xie w.a.n.g!" Wei Yuanwei extended his little finger.

Ning Zheyan also extended her pinky, pulling at Wei Yuanwei's pinky with her pinky and even sealed it with her thumb.

The solution of this poison was relatively slow, as it needed silver needles to be inserted into the acupoints, allowing the poison to be slowly expelled through the acupoints.

What Ning Zheyan was busy doing was not resting at all, while Wei Yuanwei was lying down on the ground, her body was in a bit of pain, and the room had recovered its silence.

Wei Yuanwei could not help but ask Ning Zheyan: "I heard that the pavilion master of the Heavenly Demon Pavilion might very well be a member of the underworld clan, then why is he still looking for members of the underworld clan? He is a member of the underworld clan, so he naturally knows where the underworld clan is.

The reason why underworld clans are not found is because there is a very mysterious place called the underworld clans. If one wants to enter the underworld clans, one must have the key to this door, and this door is extremely mysterious, making it hard for people to find it, so the key to this door is not enough. Also, one must have the key to this door, and children from underworld clans will have the key to open the door.

Hearing Ning Zheyan's explanation, Wei Yuanwei seemed to understand a little bit.

The reason why the underworld clans were so mysterious wasn't because the underworld clans existed that they couldn't find a place, but because people couldn't see them.

This was similar to the plane world that science spoke of. Although everyone lived on the same planet, the world they lived in was not the same.

To discover and open the door to this world, one needed something special.

Only this sort of thing could know the underworld clan, and open the door to the underworld clan world.

"Master Ning, how do you know so much? Your master also told you this? " After Wei Yuanwei heard this, she could not help but ask jokingly.

Even Mu Jin did not know the details, but for Ning Zheyan to frown so slightly, the only possibility was that the pavilion master of the Heavenly Fiend Pavilion had told Ning Zheyan.

Ning Zheyan did not speak, sshe took out another silver needle from within the cloth, and after going through the smoke of the medicinal herbs, he found Wei Yuanwei's acupuncture points and pierced it.

"Then tell me, what is the key to the underworld clan?" Seeing Ning Zheyan not saying anything, Wei Yuanwei thought that Ning Zheyan was not willing to answer.

Ning Zheyan wiped the blood off her hands, looked at the charcoal fire beside him, and said to the two servant girls behind him: "You two go out and get some charcoal and some clean bandages!"

After the two servant girls heard the orders, they turned to face Ning Zheyan and blessed him in the back before walking out.

The moment the door closed, Ning Zheyan took out two objects the size of round beads from her chest. "This one!"

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