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Chapter 380 - How to Compensate Me

Wei Yuanwei originally thought that Xie w.a.n.g would wait for sher at the side hall, or at least wait for her to return. However, he didn't expect that in this room, other than the lights being lit, there was no one else.

"If Xie w.a.n.g was here, Zheyan would not send you back!" Ning Zheyan's large hands loosened and carried Wei Yuanwei onto the bed.

Immediately after, Ning Zheyan dragged Hong Chang and sat on the bed, his jade-like fingers gently pinching Wei Yuanwei's chin, his enchanting eyes instantly landing on Wei Yuanwei's face, his thick eyelashes like a fan, under the candlelight, revealing a shadow at his eyelids.

"Master Ning, you better stay away from me!" In Wei Yuanwei's heart, he felt guilty towards Ning Zheyan, but that guilt was only because Ning Zheyan had wronged him and said those words. The current Wei Yuanwei, however, did not feel the slightest bit guilty towards Ning Zheyan.

Wei Yuanwei used his hand to push Ning Zheyan away, but she was instead grabbed by Ning Zheyan in the middle of her palm, and the bone-piercing coldness made Wei Yuanwei want to pull his hand back.

She remembered that when Mu Jin had held her hand, no matter when or where, it had always been warm and gentle.

However, Ning Zhiqiang's hand was so cold, and this cold was clearly not caused by the cold weather, but by the lack of blood supply over a long period of time.

"Princess, is your heart as cold as the ice in your hand? Has Zheyan sacrificed so much for you? Zheyan took a long time to recuperate from the injury that Xie w.a.n.g gave me, and if it wasn't for the Minister Yan who gave me some fresh blood in time, you probably wouldn't be able to see Zheyan again! " Ning Zheyan held Wei Yuanwei's hand tightly in her palm, directly clenching it so hard that it turned white and red.

The harmless smile that hung on his face caused one's heart to turn cold.

Wei Yuanwei laughed dryly: "Master Ning is lucky, how can you easily lose your life? Furthermore, how can Xie w.a.n.g be willing to kill Master Ning!" Wei Yuanwei's face twitched, and she wanted to forcefully withdraw her hand.

But even though Ning Zheyan was extremely weak, Wei Yuanwei could not shake him at all.

"That's right, leaving Zheyan alive can cure your poison and also make a deal with the Heavenly Demon Pavilion. Xie w.a.n.g really knows how to settle accounts!" Before, Ning Zheyan's expression had always been gentle, and it was unclear whether he was happy or angry, but this time, his words clearly carried a hint of anger.

Ning Zheyan held Wei Yuanwei's hand tightly, while her other hand caressed Wei Yuanwei's fair face, that ice-cold touch made all the pores on her body stand up.

Wei Yuanwei angrily raised her leg and was about to kick Ning Zheyan, but Ning Zheyan's speed was clearly faster than Wei Yuanwei's, so after dodging the kick, she quickly pierced through Wei Yuanwei's body.

This time, Wei Yuanwei was completely unable to move.

"Zheyan has suffered so much for you, you must repay Zheyan well!" As Ning Zheyan spoke, she placed Wei Yuanwei's body on the bed.

No matter how Wei Yuanwei struggled, she was unable to break through the shackles on her acupoints. She could not help but sneer: "Master Ning, are you trying to be frivolous to me under Xie w.a.n.g's nose? I wonder if Master Ning has a life to enjoy! "

Ning Zheyan's rosy lips, however, slowly bloomed like a white magnolia flower. "Zheyan is detoxifying the w.a.n.gfei, how can she use the word 'enjoy'?"

Ning Zheyan's slender jade-like hand slowly loosened the belt on Wei Yuanwei's waist. With eyes wide open, Wei Yuanwei said in an extremely calm voice even though he was not in a hurry, "Master Ning, what virtue do I, Wei Yuanwei, have to be able to make you spend the night with me even before you lose your life?"

She really wanted to know where Ning Zheyan got the guts from, or was he too ambitious, so confident that Mu Jin wouldn't come?

"Zheyan is detoxifying the princess, Zheyan's entire body is filled with poison, and so is the antidote. Rather than letting Zheyan take a few needles of detoxification every day, Zheyan feels that this method is more direct and faster!" Ning Zheyan leisurely took off Wei Yuanwei's clothes. His movements were so elegant, as if he was not taking off a piece of clothing, but was painstakingly drawing a piece of artwork.

"Your speed is so slow, you probably won't even be able to take off all my clothes when Xie w.a.n.g arrives, right?" Wei Yuanwei looked at the movements of Ning Zheyan's hands, and couldn't help but ridicule him.

"What is it? Is the princess so impatient? " Ning Zheyan leaned over, and indistinctly whispered as she blew on Wei Yuanwei's ear: "However, you can rest a.s.sured that we have time now. Xie w.a.n.g is currently in the west wing, engaging in a friendly conversation with another Master Ning!"

Another Master Ning? Wei Yuanwei's eyes widened, and after looking at Ning Zheyan from head to toe, she immediately understood the meaning of Ning Zheyan's words.

In such a long period of time, she had forgotten that Ning Zheyan had a subst.i.tute that was exactly the same as her. Furthermore, this double had an extremely similar body and temperament to the real Ning Zheyan, even her face was the same.

But although it was exactly the same, the face of the subst.i.tute clearly showed traces of having the operation performed. Therefore, compared to the real Ning Zheyan, it was a little unnatural.

This was also the reason why she could differentiate between the real and fake Ning Zheyan back then.

Even Zhong Lixian, who was so close to the fake Ning Zheyan at that time, did not notice it, and Mu Jin, might not have been able to notice it either!

Because neither of the two had truly understood Ning Zheyan's temperament, nor had they conversed with him in such a intimate manner!

Furthermore, Ning Zheyan's double had imitated Ning Zheyan to a seventy percent similarity, it was difficult for even a meticulous person to notice it.

"Master Ning is truly meticulous and cunning. So all of Master Ning's plans have been made? When Master Ning first promised Xie w.a.n.g, he probably did not think of detoxifying me in the Duke Palaces anymore, right? Instead, you want your double to come to the palace? The best thing would be to take this opportunity to kill me, and the best thing would be to kill Xie w.a.n.g! " Wei Yuanwei couldn't help but praise Ning Zheyan.

She knew that Ning Zheyan would not let her off so easily, nor would she so easily cure her of her poison.

"That's right, Zheyan meticulously trained a subst.i.tute so she can naturally do something that she can't do for Zheyan …" Ning Zheyan laughed in a very flirtatious manner, but that smile did not reach his eyes, as if it could freeze one's bones. "Since you are unable to become Zheyan, you can only be his ghost!"

"Then with the intelligence of the Master Ning, naturally she wouldn't kill me immediately. She probably wanted to give me another poison, and if I'm not mistaken, this poison should be able to kill two birds with one stone, both killing me and killing Evil King!" Wei Yuanwei's eyes flashed with understanding.

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