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Chapter 336 - 336 - Yun Xie's Secret

When Zhong Lixian said this, she kept looking at Wei Yuanwei's expression.

Seeing her calm expression, she slowly became surprised and began to doubt.

"Back then, when the imperial physician saw how severely injured Evil King was, even if he was revived, he would definitely become a cripple. After Wei Guanshu found out, she immediately, and even impatiently married into the Duke of Wenchang Palace! Being forced or not being able to do anything is just an excuse. She just doesn't want his life to be ruined by a cripple! "

Wei Yuanwei listened quietly: "I am very clear what kind of person Wei Guanshu is, I do not need the crown prince to tell me again!"

She had long since experienced Wei Guanshu's character, no? In modern terms, she was the genuine green tea b.i.t.c.h.

"What I want to tell you, is that Wei Guanshu is much more skilled than you in the art of coaxing men, you will be the loser if you lose. It is right for you to leave the Duke Palaces, as long as you have enough time, Wei Guanshu can completely occupy Evil King's heart, regardless if he is the real Yun Xie or the fake Yun Xie!" After saying her last sentence, Zhong Lixian's voice suddenly grew heavier.

Wei Yuanwei gazed at Zhong Lixian with Qingyan's bright eyes: "What exactly do you want to tell me? You want to say that the one who might have survived the gunpowder explosion was not Yun Xie, but someone else? "

Indeed, telling an intelligent person would make it sound straightforward. He only needed to mention a little, and Wei Yuanwei immediately understood: "The prince of Eastern Chu would always wear a jade pendant with her name carved on it on the day she was born. At that time, the guards found this jade pendant and confirmed Yun Xie's ident.i.ty, but who could be sure that Yun Xie's jade pendant would definitely be on Yun Xie?"

Wei Yuanwei's heart was racing. Could it be that Zhong Lixian had already suspected Mu Jin's ident.i.ty?

And with Mu Jin's wisdom and meticulousness, how could she not sense Zhong Lixian's suspicions towards him?

Thus … That's why Mu Jin was so close to Wei Guanshu, purposely creating a mystery of him?

Wei Yuanwei seemed to understand in an instant. In order to not let Zhong Lixian find out his true ident.i.ty, Mu Jin could only do everything according to Yun Xie's style of dealing with things. According to logic, who could really give up their lover for ten years? Especially when she knew that they had their own difficulties.

At this time, Mu Jin's only choice was to get closer to Wei Guanshu, and show that she treated him differently. All of this was just for Zhong Lixian to see.

Once Zhong Lixian found out about Mu Jin's ident.i.ty, then the revenge that Mu Jin painstakingly planned for five years would be for naught. So, Mu Jin could only choose to sacrifice her.

But why was Mu Jin unwilling to tell her the truth? Why did he hide so many things from her? He had not explained it to her, even when she had asked him to leave, in the burrow of the Sickle Valley.

Why is that?

Did he really want to bear all the hatred and tell her everything afterwards?

"The people in the palace aren't idiots. They can determine the ident.i.ty of Xie w.a.n.g with just a jade pendant?" Wei Yuanwei suppressed the cries from the bottom of her heart. She had to do his best to control his voice so that not a single trace of doubt could be seen from Zhong Lixian's eyes.

Zhong Lixian slowly paced around the room, and at the end, walked to her seat and leisurely poured herself a cup of green tea. "Of course not, that's why the imperial physician took Yun Xie's blood.

When Wei Yuanwei heard these words, she couldn't help but laugh out loud. The foolishness of the Xiao Gu, but Wei Yuanwei immediately retracted her smile and adjusted her appearance, "Your majesty the Emperor has a body of gold, this drop of blood is extremely valuable. I previously heard that the Emperor isn't very close to the Evil King, so how could he bear to take this drop of blood, how could he withstand the persuasion of the ministers?"

"Who told you this blood was from the emperor? There are so many princes in the Emperor, you just need to mix any one of them with Yun Xie's blood! " Zhong Lixian shook the blue and white porcelain teacup in her hand, speaking indifferently.

Wei Yuanwei was no longer willing to retort about the ancients' method of marriage: "Then what is the result? It must have been a fusion, right? Otherwise, even the Emperor wouldn't recognize this son of her! "

"Yes, for safety's sake, the imperial physicians had allowed all the princes, with the exception of the crown prince, to be blood-related to Yun Xie. Of course, Yun Xie's blood had merged with the blood of all the princes! Since then, no one was suspicious anymore. Instead, it was the charred corpse... The imperial physicians were helpless, unable to determine who it was! " Zhong Lixian said as she spread out her hands.

"Since the imperial physician has already engaged in a blood test, and you have the imperial jade pendant, why does the crown prince think that the current Xie w.a.n.g isn't the real Xie w.a.n.g?" Wei Yuanwei naturally knew who the charred body was. That was the real Yun Xie!

"If it was not for my cooperation with Wei Guanshu, I would not have doubted it!"

Sure enough, Wei Guanshu and Zhong Lixian had long ago colluded against each other.

"If I'm not mistaken, the so-called Wei Yuanwei being kidnapped by the enemy on the way back to Mo City was the crown prince's idea, right?" Wei Yuanwei suddenly remembered that when she was returning to the Mo City with Yun Xie, she suddenly heard the news of Wei Yuanwei being kidnapped.

At that time, they felt that it was extremely strange. Why did Wei Guanshu have to bring the servant girls to the borders of the Mo City?

"Yes, at that time, I was only trying to probe how much weight you hold in Xie w.a.n.g's heart. If you have enough, then Yun Xie will not go back, especially in that situation. Unfortunately, Yun Xie still went, and once he went back, I knew that Wei Guanshu had used me much more than I thought!" Most likely, even Xie w.a.n.g did not know how he managed to walk into the trap set up for him, step by step.

"So what did you two agree on? With her intelligence, she definitely knew that if Xie w.a.n.g fell, then her backer would be gone, and crown prince you might not even accept a woman who has married, died, and had a relationship with your mortal enemy, and Wei Guanshu would definitely not believe the words of the crown prince! " This was what Wei Yuanwei was very suspicious of.

Wei Guanshu was not stupid at all. She had been pestering the Duke Palaces without leaving, didn't he want to get the position of the Crown Princess? When Xie w.a.n.g died, she would become a widow again.

Zhong Lixian's expressionless face laughed out loud when she heard Wei Yuanwei's words, "Wei Yuanwei, you are really naive. Xie w.a.n.g is disfigured, do you really think she can accept how Xie w.a.n.g looks like? All she wants is wealth and prosperity for her entire life! "

Just by saying that he would live a life of wealth and glory, Wei Yuanwei lost all illusions he had about Wei Guanshu.

She had always thought that Wei Guanshu was shameless and insidious, but she never thought that her blood had become so cold before she knew it. Ten years of love, even if it wasn't feelings, at least it still existed.

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