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Chapter 310 - Who Is Who

"Who is it?" She wanted to see if Yun Xie knew that Ah Qing was from a member of the underworld clan.

If Yun Xie knew that Ah Qing was from an underworld clan, she wouldn't have spent so much effort and effort on this disgusting act that he tried to play out in front of her, right?

"He's a man!" Yun Xie's pupils that were as black as obsidian seemed to be spewing fire at this moment.

When he thought about how a man would enter Wei Yuanwei's room all day while pretending to be a servant, being so close to Wei Yuanwei, even if he was just putting on an act towards him, Wei Yuanwei was still his w.a.n.gfei after all. This was a matter that concerned the dignity of men.

The most important thing was that after so many days, he actually found out that Ah Qing was a male.

At that time, he had personally wanted to kill Ah Qing.

But when he thought of Wei Yuanwei, he still allowed him to live. After all, if he killed Ah Qing, he was afraid that she would not be able to change Wei Yuanwei's mind.

"I've heard that the prince has a keen eye for minute details and a sharp eye, but why is it that he only knows that the maid in my room is a man until now?" Wei Yuanwei's calm face bloomed into a mocking smile.

Yun Xie really wanted to choke the woman in front of him to death, but for the sake of the underworld clan, he had to endure it.

Anyway, Wei Yuanwei had been poisoned by Ning Zheyan, so what if it was Ah Qing and Wei Yuanwei? Then Ah Qing would definitely be a corpse right now, even if he did not know how many times Ah Qing had admired her body during the process!

When he thought of this, Yun Xie clenched his fist tightly, and the sound of bones rubbing against each other came from the quiet room. That clear and crisp sound was extremely terrifying to the ears.

However, Wei Yuanwei's face did not reveal the slightest hint of fear.

"You already knew that Ah Qing was a male, right?" Even though Yun Xie was wearing a mask, Wei Yuanwei could see from her eyes that Yun Xie was already in a furious state. If not for the mask, wouldn't the veins on her forehead be popping out?

In this world, how could there be a man who would tolerate his woman not being intimate with other men? And living in the same room for so long?

Even though Yun Xie was only using her, she still felt that her man's dignity had been severely humiliated.

Seeing how angry Yun Xie was, Wei Yuanwei was overjoyed, but the pain in her heart was getting more and more intense.

The reason why Yun Xie was angry was not because of her, but because of his dignity!

"Yes!" Wei Yuanwei answered with absolute determination. The eyes that looked at Yun Xie were not only ice cold, but also filled with provocation and ridicule.

This was like pouring oil on a volcano!

With a loud bang, Wei Yuanwei's neck was immediately grabbed by Yun Xie, and her pitch-black eyes were already spurting fire. Yun Xie used a lot of strength as she squeezed hard enough to almost suffocate Wei Yuanwei, but Wei Yuanwei did not struggle at all and continued to look at Yun Xie with that ridiculing gaze.

Those ice-cold eyes looked straight at Yun Xie, causing Yun Xie's anger to rise yet again, and the strength of her subordinates to slowly increase as well. It was only when Wei Yuanwei's face flushed red and was about to faint, that Yun Xie finally let go of her hand.

Wei Yuanwei laid on the bed and coughed fiercely, that pained expression made Yun Xie feel as if the anger in her heart had been relieved a little.

Only after a long while did Wei Yuanwei straighten his body. A pair of clear and beautiful eyes seemed to carry the frost and coldness of the entire winter as he said, "If you let go of Ah Qing, I promise you, I'll stay in the Duke Palace safe and sound!"

Hearing Wei Yuanwei's sudden words, Yun Xie's eyes were filled with astonishment. With Wei Yuanwei's stubborn nature, how could she easily stay in the Duke Palaces?

Suddenly, Yun Xie thought of something. Her pitch-black eyes were filled with a cold fierceness. "You must have said that because of Ah Qing, right?"

"Your Highness, when you grabbed me by the neck earlier, it showed that you had reached the limit of your patience! And there is no longer any love in it! " Wei Yuanwei turned her head, and said with a calm expression.

No matter how angry Yun Xie was before, he had never hurt her once!

Yun Xie had grabbed her neck, and if she had used any more force just now, her neck would have been broken by him. This showed that Yun Xie was extremely furious, but in the end, Yun Xie had managed to retract her hand in time.

Only now did Yun Xie realize that Wei Yuanwei had indeed exhausted all of his remaining patience, and if he were to go and coax her at this moment and beg her again, wouldn't that only arouse Wei Yuanwei's disgust?

"Your Highness, as long as you release Ah Qing and let him leave the Duke's Palace, I'll listen to whatever you want me to do!" Wei Yuanwei continued to look straight into Yun Xie's eyes and said: "If you need me, I will pretend to be your good wife in front of others, acting the way we used to love each other."

For a woman to be able to say such words without any expression, it was sufficient to prove that she had truly given up.

Yun Xie was also completely clear that no matter how hard she tried, how much she apologized, or how much she lowered herself, she couldn't call back Wei Yuanwei's heart.

"Wei Yuanwei, I never thought that you would move your love so quickly!" The corner of Yun Xie's mouth was filled with ridicule and the gaze he used to look at Wei Yuanwei became more vicious and cold.

Of course, amongst all the women, a man's face was very important. With his face ruined, he could only wear a mask every day to show off. Other than using gentleness to move Wei Yuanwei and her actions, that Ah Qing had a handsome face.

Wei Yuanwei gave a cold laugh as well. There was no need for her to answer Yun Xie's question.

She also wished that she could quickly move her love and fall in love with someone else. But before this, although she had already died from love towards Yun Xie, she felt that there was no man in the world who could compare to Yun Xie, and walk into her heart again.

At the same time, she also tightly closed the door in her heart. She was not willing to go out, but she also would not allow anyone else to come in.

That was because she had loved him, had truly loved him … Previously, she had always thought that her greatest enemy was Wei Guanshu, so even if Yun Xie had the intention to glance at her, she would still not be able to do it.

It was just because Wei Guanshu and Yun Xie had a relationship for more than ten years, that she was wary of these ten-odd years, and at the same time, deeply envious of these ten-odd years of childhood love.

Wei Guanshu doing all sorts of things made her feel extremely disgusted, but she had really envied Wei Guanshu from the bottom of her heart. She had always been thinking why the person who was together with Yun Xie all this time wasn't her?

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