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Chapter 261 - Chenqie Fighting Evil

Su Ye's eyes were filled with disdain, "Who do you think you are?"

Su Ye had already seen through Su Lei. If not for someone urging her on, how would Su Lei dare to touch her?

"Since your sister can't bear to discipline you, then let me teach you how to be a good concubine." Wei Yuanwei smiled coldly as she walked over, a cold smile hanging on her lips.

Wei Yuanwei's body released a vicious aura, causing Su Ye to feel a bit scared, she could not help but retreat, but Ah Qing had already blocked her way.

Wei Yuanwei smashed Su Ye from the left and right, making him see stars, his body spinning in the air, he then stumbled and fell onto the ground, his pretty face already swollen like a pig's head.

Wei Yuanwei shook her hands, her face revealing a carefree smile: "It's been a long time since I've felt this good." He wanted to hit a s.l.u.t like Su Ye every time she saw his.

She never thought that Su Lei would find such a powerful helper. If she were to continue trying to be brave, she would only end up suffering in the dark, so she might as well give in. When her husband returns, she will definitely cry out Su Lei's evil deeds.

Su Ye covered her face and walked in front of Su Lei, stammering, "Sister, little sister knows she's wrong. We're sisters after all, don't let outsiders see a joke."

In the end, Su Lei couldn't bear it anymore. She opened her mouth and said: "It would be great if you knew what you should do."

Wei Yuanwei indifferently swept her gaze across Su Ye: "Then we are your sister's esteemed guests, how are you going to treat us?"

Su Ye gritted his teeth in anger, but a forced smile appeared on his face, "Esteemed guest naturally has to stay in the best room, and good wine and good meat will definitely be served."

"You know your place. You should be taught that way." Wei Yuanwei slapped Su Ye's swollen face, the pain making Su Ye gasp.

Sure enough, Su Ye arranged a room for Wei Yuanwei and Ah Qing, there was meat and wine for their meals, tea and snacks were available, and they could even take a comfortable hot bath at night.

This was the first time in the past half month that she had bathed in such a comfortable hot water. In the dense fog, she couldn't help but start to plan for her own future, as long as she obtained a city pa.s.s, she and Ah Qing would be able to leave far away, find a small town to settle down in. She would open her own small clinic, and Ah Qing would be her a.s.sistant, and at that time, she would earn a lot of money and marry a beautiful wife for Ah Qing.

Wei Yuanwei was planning for a beautiful future when his mind suddenly flashed with Yun Xie's face, which was tightly pursed lips. She couldn't help but sigh in her heart, why was his heart so deep, why was she so stubborn? Wei Yuanwei self-deprecatingly curled her lips. She had been thinking too much, maybe without her as a stumbling block, this person would have already flown away.

Everyone was extremely focused on their work, afraid that they would anger Xie w.a.n.g if they were careless. Since the departure of Side Consort Wei, Xie w.a.n.g's temper had become even more volatile, and a few days ago, he had even killed a few of the soldiers who were unlucky.

"The prince didn't eat anything?" Wei Guanshu picked up her brush and carefully looked at her face.

"Yes, it is said that in the greater half of the month, there is no news of Side Consort Wei, so Your Highness is infuriated." Liu'er walked in with a small ceramic jar.

She did not expect Wei Yuanwei to be so capable, to the point that even Yun Xie could do nothing, but this was good too, it would be best if she disappeared forever.

"Is it good that Liu'er is like this?" Wei Guanshu put the crabapple shaped golden step into her hair bun.

Liu'er flattered and laughed: "Young miss has been looking good lately, with this golden step shining, even this beautiful servant is feeling dizzy."

Wei Guanshu scoffed, "You little girl." However, ever since Wei Yuanwei had left as a stumbling block, she was in an extremely good mood. That Princess Xi Ya who only had the t.i.tle of Royal Consort spent all his time with him, and Yun Xie had no feelings for her at all.

Wei Guanshu put on the fox fur coat and walked towards Yun Xie's study with the small ceramic jar.

Just as Wei Guanshu was about to push the door open and enter, she heard Shangli say in a low voice: "Royal Highness, I never thought that although Ning Zheyan looks like a woman, her bones are tough. No matter how hard this subordinate tried to probe, he would not speak."

Yun Xie abruptly broke the wolf hair in her hand, and a sharp glint of frost surfaced in her deep eyes. "If you still don't speak, this duke will kill him!"

Shangli pondered: "Has Your Highness ever heard of the Heavenly Demon Pavilion?"

"The one with the strongest killer in the Nine Prefectures, the Heavenly Demon Pavilion?"

Just these three words were enough to scare the people in the martial arts world. In the entire martial arts world, if it was the Heavenly Demon Pavilion, no one would dare to say that they were number one.

"Your Highness only knows one thing but doesn't know the other. Not only does the Heavenly Demon Pavilion have to recruit experts, they also have to make the most underhanded deal in the world, as long as the remuneration is sufficient, even if it is a relative of the royal family, there is no business that Heavenly Demon Pavilion would not dare accept. And Ning Zheyan's Yanyu Manor has been very close to the Heavenly Demon Pavilion in recent years."

Shangli had already ordered Tang Yu and Tang Qing to pay close attention to the Heavenly Demon Pavilion. After all, the Heavenly Demon Pavilion was one of the most influential people in the martial arts world.

"Yesterday, Tang Yu sent a message. There have been a lot of Yanyu Manor and Heavenly Demon Pavilion members gathering near the Mo City and Luo City. With the power of the Heavenly Demon Pavilion, they probably already knew that Ning Zheyan was in our hands."

The cold light that floated about in Yun Xie's eyes finally disappeared into a sigh. A small Heavenly Demon Pavilion was not much of a problem for him, it was just that Evil King's Mansion was currently at the very tip of the Eastern Chu.

"Let him suffer first. In a few days, this duke will personally go and meet Ning Zheyan."

Yun Xie clenched her fists tightly. Ning Zheyan, you have such guts, you actually dared to kidnap my w.a.n.gfei. If you don't spit anything out, then cough up some blood.

Shangli heard the light movement from the door, and shouted in a deep voice: "Who's there?"

With a clang, the sound of porcelain breaking was heard from outside, followed by Liu'er's low cry, "Young Madam!"

Shangli pushed the door open, and saw Wei Guanshu biting his lips, with a glimmer of water in his eyes, standing there pitifully, and Liu'er frantically wiping the soup off her body.

Shangli thought, it was definitely because of her scolding just now, that the delicate and pretty girl in front of him dropped the porcelain jar in her hand to the ground.

Shangli cupped her hands: "Young Madam, sorry for the offense."

Liu'er muttered in a low voice: "That's a soup that Young Madam has stewed for six hours."

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