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Chapter 259 - Wind, Food, and Night

In the end, she and Ah Qing had no choice but to stay out of the house and cheat in order to make ends meet.

The sky was slightly bright as the faint figures of the stars could be seen hanging in the sky. Clouds and mist lingered in the mountain as hundreds of birds clamored and cried.

Ah Qing got up from within the dried up leaves and muttered to himself: "With the verdant clouds surrounding it, the lakeside is shining with the color of the mountains and the sky, just as expected, it is wonderful."

A loud chestnut struck his head, Wei Yuanwei said fiercely: "Wonderful your head, hurry up and start a fire to cook, if you have enough food, we can continue our journey."

Ah Qing wailed as he piled the dried firewood to the side. He struck the flint in his hand a few times but did not burn the dried firewood, or else the dried firewood was still lit with scattered flames.

"Alright, alright, let me order. Go and kill this chicken." Wei Yuanwei pushed Ah Qing away with disgust.

She lay on the ground and blew at the firewood. Dust was scattered all over her face, and her originally delicate and pretty face instantly became flowery.

A faint sound of footsteps came from the ground. Wei Yuanwei thought that something was wrong, perhaps those villagers started to go hunting in the mountains very early in the morning.

She kicked the four eggs into her arms and shouted loudly, "Ah Qing, run!"

Just as Ah Qing finished killing the chicken, her face and hands were covered with b.l.o.o.d.y marks. He stood up and saw a black ma.s.s of people running towards him.

The two of them ran towards another mountain.

Behind him was a chorus of shouts, "Beat these two demons to death!"

Arrows flew past from behind them, Wei Yuanwei and Ah Qing used all of their strength to run, what would happen if they landed in the hands of these barbarians?

If they kept running forward, they would reach the cliff face. The two of them abruptly stopped in their tracks.

Wei Yuanwei looked at the cliff, she estimated that it was not very high, and if he jumped from there, he would at most have a broken arm or leg.

"Mistress, you can't be thinking of jumping down from here, right?" Ah Qing looked at Wei Yuanwei, trying to find the answer on her face.

Wei Yuanwei smiled at Ah Qing: "Ah Qing, how do I treat you?"

Ah Qing immediately shook his head, his face revealing a look of horror, every time Wei Yuanwei revealed a smile, it meant that he was going to plot against him.

Wei Yuanwei pinched Ah Qing's shoulders, and helped him straighten out her clothes: "Ah Qing, you have to be as brave as a man."

While speaking, she suddenly pushed, causing Ah Qing to fall off the cliff.

The villagers naturally heard the blood-curdling screams. When they rushed over, all they saw was the rolling rocks of the mountain.

"Forget it, they've finally learnt their lesson. Let's go back." The Village Chief led the villagers down the mountain in a grandiose manner.

After a long while, Wei Yuanwei finally came out from the forest and looked down: "Ah Qing, how are you?"

There was no response from Ah Qing for a long time.

Wei Yuanwei took out the small magnetic iron bowl and eggs and started a fire on the cliff to cook. Waves of fragrance were scattered in the wind.

"Ah Qing, if you don't come soon, this bowl of egg soup will be mine." Wei Yuanwei's voice wasn't loud, but it was enough for Ah Qing to hear.

Not long later, a pair of hands filled with mud and blood was revealed, and then Ah Qing's face was revealed, which was filled with anger. Ah Qing gasped heavily as she crawled back up, and went limp on the ground.

Wei Yuanwei stepped forward and pinched Ah Qing's bone. Tsk tsk, surprised: "Why do you always miraculously recover from your injuries? Jumping down from such a high place, you're actually unharmed. "

Ah Qing seemed to have never mentioned his relatives, nor did he mention anything about what he had experienced in the past. Every time they reached this point in their conversation, he would always make light of it, as if there was a secret that could not be told.

Suddenly, there was a cry coming from below the cliff. It was mixed with the whistling of the wind, giving off a creepy feeling.

Could it be that there were still people at the bottom of the cliff? Ah Qing stretched his neck. No wonder he felt that his body was so soft when he jumped down from there.

"You, go down and take a look." Wei Yuanwei pointed to Ah Qing.

"Why is it always me who's out of luck?" Ah Qing was about to cry.

Wei Yuanwei made a gesture of a hand towards him, and Ah Qing hurriedly and obediently rolled down the cliff.

Wei Yuanwei clasped his hands together.

Ah Qing endured the pain and stood up to look at the ball of things, only to see the man with dishevelled hair lying on the ground, she seemed to still have some consciousness, she extended her hand out and raised her head, revealing a scarred face.

"It's a ghost." Ah Qing was so frightened that he retreated a few steps back.

Ghost? What the h.e.l.l could there be under the clear sky?

Wei Yuanwei initially did not want to meddle in other people's business, but she thought he needed a guide, so he shouted loudly: "Ah Qing, bring her up here."

Has Master gone mad? What should they do if the two of them continued to hide and create a burden?

However, he didn't dare to disobey his master's orders.

Wei Yuanwei threw a gra.s.s vine down, and Ah Qing tied it around the woman's waist. It took a lot of effort for Wei Yuanwei to pull the woman up.

Wei Yuanwei no longer had any other choice but to pull Ah Qing up by herself.

Wei Yuanwei pushed the woman's face away, and saw that her face was covered with deep and shallow scars. One of her eyes was glued to her eye socket, making her look extremely terrifying.

The woman suddenly pushed Wei Yuanwei away, her face revealing a sinister look: "Why did you save me? "Why don't you let me die?"

This girl really doesn't know what's good for her. She actually resorted to hating me after I saved her with my good intentions.

Seeing how the woman didn't forget to cover her terrifying face with her hair when she spoke, it seemed as though all the karma was attached to this leather bag.

Since she was rescued, she naturally wouldn't just let her guard down. If she were to speak good words to that girl, she might not be able to take it. It would be better to use poison to counter poison, and the more she cared about, the more she would attack her.

"Oh?" If we knew that you were so ugly, we siblings wouldn't have wasted this effort to save you. " Wei Yuanwei's face was filled with contempt.

Ah Qing instantly understood Master's meaning. He stood at the side and added fuel to the fire: "I thought that she would be able to sell it to the brothel for some money, it seems like there's no hope.

Wei Yuanwei clapped her hands: "Not a bad idea, at night there will be wolves at the bottom of the cliff. When wolves pick food, they will only talk about fat and skinny, and they will not care about food.

The woman's eyes revealed a horrified expression. When she jumped off the cliff, she just wanted to die happily. She had never thought that she would be eaten by wolves.

The woman suddenly let out a wail and sobbed, "My husband despises me, so it's fine to scheme against me. But why did the heavens do the same to me? Why do you want me to kill a pack of wolves? Why do I have to suffer so much?"

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