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Chapter 246 - mayor of Mo City

Although the Lotus Fragrance Courtyard was not as luxurious as the Cyan Qilin Hall, the scenery inside the courtyard was also unique. The fake mountain was weirdly shaped and craggy, and there was even a stone bridge carved with twelve stone beasts that led to a winding paths. Within the green waves of jade water were a thousand fire lotuses that bloomed enchantingly in the cold wind.

"This fire lotus is a holy treasure of the Western Regions. When the king wiped out the Western Regions, he obtained the fire lotus seed from a city in the imperial capital. The king has a great treasure, and I've heard that there are special servants to take care of the fire lotus." Princess Xi Ya looked at the enchanting fire lotus and explained.

Lan Xi said with a flattering look: "Only someone as n.o.ble and n.o.ble as the princess can appreciate the beauty of the fire lotus, Wei Guanshu isn't worthy!"

Princess Xi Ya reached out her hand to caress Lan Xi's face: "You're right."

Today was the day Yun Xie would treat the mayor of Mo City to a feast, it was said that the big and small officials of the Mo City, as well as the rich and powerful families were all present, they had not only come to the Duke Palaces to support Yun Xie, the majority of them were probably here for the fire lotus, if the fire lotus turned into dead silence, as the owner of the Lotus Incense Courtyard, Wei Guanshu would not be able to help.

The Princess Xi Ya revealed a sinister smile. She slowly took down the golden hairpin from his head and gently turned it, causing a black pill to slip out from within the hairpin.

Princess Xi Ya laughed as she threw the pill into the jade water, only to see the calm jade water instantly boiling with white foam, as though there was a heat wave surging inside, and the fire lotus in the pool gradually lost its color, turning from red to green and grey. The flourishing fire lotus instantly turned into a withered branch that floated on the jet-black river surface.

Princess Xi Ya originally wanted to throw this pill into the prince's mansion's well when he succeeded and retreated, but he used it in advance today.

"Princess is wise." Lan Xi bent her waist and supported the Princess Xi Ya, making a detour around the fake mountain towards the long corridor.

Princess Xi Ya pushed the hairpin into her hair bun and lazily stroked her temples. She raised her eyes to see Wei Guanshu's personal servant, Liu'er, calling a few servants over to them as they walked towards the small kitchen. In each of those maids' hands was a porcelain jar that was tightly wrapped in a bundle.

"What the h.e.l.l is Wei Guanshu doing? Lan Xi will go over to take a look." Between the Princess Xi Ya's Concealment and the fake mountain.

Lan Xi walked over sneakily.

The servants all knew that Lan Xi was Princess Xi Ya's new pet, so no one dared to do anything to her. Lan Xi openly entered the kitchen.

Liu'er anxiously stopped her, and she laughed: "Why are you so free now, Big Sister Lan Xi?"

"Esteemed w.a.n.gfei's appet.i.te today isn't very good. I heard that the young mistress enjoyed making delicacies the most, so she sent me to get a few dishes to eat."

Princess Xi Ya was simply going too far, what did she think of their young mistress as? Even though Liu'er was resentful in his heart, he was clear about her master's awkward status. His Princess Xi Ya was, after all, a legitimate w.a.n.gfei, and she had no choice but to submit to him.

Liu'er smiled as he handed over a few delicate plates of dim sum to Lan Xi. "This is the Hibiscus Cake made by the young madam yesterday.

Lan Xi smiled as he walked up to take a few steps. Her eyes landed on the few small black jugs that were hidden in the corners as he laughed: "What are those? "Could it be that your young mistress likes to hide herself well? If she ever gets a concubine in the future, then she'll become my w.a.n.gfei's sister. Don't be so petty."

Just as Lan Xi was about to walk over, Liu'er stopped her immediately. She forced a smile: "Sister Lan Xi, those are just pickled vegetables, they're for us servants to eat."

Lan Xi indifferently swept a glance at Liu'er, and then said thoughtfully: "Oh, so that's how it is."

Lan Xi took the dim sum in Liu'er's hands and smiled: "Then I'll be going back." She clearly saw Liu'er's nervousness just now, so there must have been something fishy hidden inside the small jar. However, in order to not alert her, she could only pretend to leave.

After watching Lan Xi's figure disappear into the distance, Liu'er's heart that was hanging high in the air slowly dropped to the ground.

Lan Xi told Princess Xi Ya all that she had guessed and all that she had thought.

There was a red carpet that was more than ten meters wide laid outside the Duke Palace. The servants of the Duke Palace stood by his side with drumsticks in hand, while the officials of the Mo City and the wealthy families stood to the side respectfully.

Yun Xie brought her family and slowly walked over. Everyone's eyes were attracted by the three beauties beside Yun Xie with different postures.

One was enchanting and flamboyant, like a red peony spreading its branches in the summer, while the other had a light, light, and fragrant smile on her face. Mo Li was indifferent and elegant, while the woman who was holding Yun Xie's hand smiled sweetly, as if every single one of his actions was beautiful to the extreme, causing everyone to be unable to help but hold their breaths.

Xie w.a.n.g was truly fortunate to actually have three outstanding beauties in his mansion. No wonder the emperor and the surrounding tribe leaders were all either rewarded by Xie w.a.n.g to his subordinates or sent back untouched.

"This w.a.n.g Shuo is just a small mayor of Mo City. Why would the Prince personally go out to welcome him?" Princess Xi Ya said disdainfully.

Yun Xie merely glanced at her coldly. The fact that the Xiling Emperor was able to bring up such a shallow, barbaric and arrogant princess could also be considered a strange person.

w.a.n.g Shuo was not an ordinary person. He was extremely talented, he could write poems at the age of three, could compose poems at the age of five, and had already shone brilliantly at the age of thirteen in an exception written examination. In just five years, he managed to sit down from a small army to the position of the Central Book Medallion.

If he could take w.a.n.g Shuo as his subordinate, then not only would w.a.n.g Shuo become Yun Xie's chess piece to stabilize the Eastern Chu Royal Family, he would also become's help in accomplishing great deeds. If w.a.n.g Shuo could not be used by himself, then such a genius would have to die.

When mayor of Mo City's carriage arrived, she saw a elegant man walking out from the carriage. His facial features were delicate and handsome, his body was as long as jade and bamboo, and his eyes seemed to hide his unruly feelings.

Looking at the crowded crowd, his eyes flashed with astonishment. He obviously did not expect Yun Xie to welcome him in such a grand manner, as the sound of drums rang beside his ears, but his heart felt a little heavier. He was a smart person, so he naturally understood the principle of wanting to be crowned as someone who could bear the weight.

"It has been a long and tiring journey for mayor of Mo City." Yun Xie smiled lightly.

w.a.n.g Shuo hurriedly cupped his hands together and said, "Since Xie w.a.n.g is welcoming him with such a large force, I, w.a.n.g Lin, am extremely terrified."

Yun Xie's eyes flashed with a cold light, he called herself someone w.a.n.g, not a subordinate. It seemed like royal father's authority over mayor of Mo City was greater than his, the Evil King.

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