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Chapter 242 - Incitement

Ning Zheyan laughed and said: "Zheyan is only here to do business with the people of Sprite House, there are just a few pills left. Miss Wei has picked up a lot of cheap stuff today, this is already worth ten thousand gold, Miss Wei will definitely repay Zheyan well in the future."

The corner of Wei Yuanwei's mouth twitched. This fellow's heart was truly unscrupulous, a small pill was actually worth ten thousand gold. No wonder this guy was normally extravagant, so it turned out she was always scheming to earn money.

When Wei Yuanwei returned from the original path, she saw that his tracks of leaving the manor were not discovered, and the boulder that was pressed down in her heart steadily fell.

Ah Qing just kept rinsing his mouth with green tea.

"Ah Qing, what's wrong with you?" Wei Yuanwei felt that Ah Qing was a little strange, not just him, even the person who she had gone to feed the parrot just now, was actually standing at the end of the corridor in a daze.

"Oh, it's fine. I'm just a bit angry." Ah Qing evaded.

Wei Yuanwei pa.s.sed the pink grain to Ah Qing: "Let's find a way to grind it into powder and put it in Princess Xi Ya's room. It's best if you mix it with the things she often uses."

Didn't Princess Xi Ya like making walls? Then let her do it, let her do enough!

Ah Qing thought for a while, then said: "Haven't Wei Guanshu been very close to the Princess Xi Ya recently? I heard that she always gave her grinded powder to Princess Xi Ya, then Wei Guanshu would make it so that it would definitely be more exquisite than the ones sold in the stores, and Princess Xi Ya would be used to it. If we were to use this powder, in the future, even if Princess Xi Ya discovers anything, we can only blame Wei Guanshu. "

Not bad, as long as she instigated a relationship between the Princess Xi Ya and Wei Guanshu, then she could smoothly execute her opportunity.

"Has Zhong Lixian visited the Princess Xi Ya recently?" How could she let Zhong Lixian go? The mastermind behind this, since he was plotting against her, if she didn't make him suffer, wouldn't that make him feel like she was a soft persimmon?

"The Crown Prince of Xiling has not been here for a long time." After the last matter, Zhong Lixian was afraid that she hated the Princess Xi Ya, she thought that she was a chess piece who had no brains, so he was not allowed to give up too much emotion on a chess piece.

"Ah Qing will spread the news of Princess Xi Ya washing the toilet in the Duke Palace." Zhong Lixian could disregard the relationship between him and the Princess Xi Ya, but he would definitely care about the face of Xiling.

Indeed, Zhong Lixian came the next day to denounce him for her crimes.

The pretty servant girl placed the teacup in front of Zhong Lixian. Facing the handsome man, the servant girl couldn't help but take a glance at him, but when she saw Yun Xie's cold eyes, she quickly retreated.

Yun Xie caressed the cup in her hand indifferently, he seemed to be waiting for Zhong Lixian to speak.

"Could it be that Eastern Chu wants to cut off all friendly relations with him? Or do you mean that Xie w.a.n.g thinks that he can smoothly swallow the Southern Yue with his own strength? " Zhong Lixian squinted her eyes, the hand holding the teacup suddenly tightened.

Yun Xie scoffed, "This king doesn't understand what the Crown Prince of Xiling is trying to say." He was very clear that Zhong Lixian was not here to discuss cooperation with him, but to denounce him for her crimes.

The room was so quiet that only the crackling of the fire could be heard. The two men looked each other in the eyes as if there was fire flashing in the air. One was cold and the other was cold.

"When Xie w.a.n.g asked my royal sister to do such a despicable thing, did he ever worry about the dignity of both countries? royal sister is royal father's most beloved princess, if this matter were to be spread to the Xiling, how would Evil King feel about the relationship between the Xiling and himself? " Zhong Lixian sneered.

Yun Xie smirked and said, "Since the Princess Xi Ya has married into the Duke Palaces, they must follow the rules of the Duke Palaces. Oh, right, a few days ago, a few martial artists robbed my territory. This king had beheaded them on the spot, but it was their arms that were engraved with an eagle design, this king had originally wanted to seek the opinion of Xiling's crown prince, but then he thought that most of the people in the Xiling were modest and courteous like the crown prince, why would they do such a despicable thing like robbing their territory? "

These people were the secret guards that he had meticulously cultivated. He did not expect that they would be killed just as they were about to go to the Yuexi's encampment, with their heads tied to their horses, the strong horses brought these people's heads back to the house that Zhong Lixian lived in.

Judging from their wounds, these people were almost killed by a single slash. In the entire Mo City, only the red secret guards in Yun Xie's hands had the ability to do so.

Zhong Lixian forcefully repressed her anger, he absolutely could not admit that she was involved with Yuexi Clan.

"It's good that Xie w.a.n.g knows this. I've only come to remind him that Xiling and Eastern Chu will always be brothers of each other. I hope that Xie w.a.n.g will respect this friendship." Zhong Lixian ignored her bleeding heart and forced a smile on her face, only that the smile was a little forced, and had cut off a lot of his previous elegance, to the point that it looked a little sinister.

"Eastern Chu is a nation of etiquette. Naturally, she understands the path of etiquette." Zhong Lixian's lips slightly floated upwards, but in her heart, she was laughing coldly. Zhong Lixian felt that she had done it so flawlessly that he had actually long suspected it. If not for Zhong Lixian's persuasion, the Yuexi Clan would not have had the guts to hold his person hostage and even openly negotiate the terms with him.

Zhong Lixian did not get any benefits from Yun Xie, so he could only head to the courtyard of Princess Xi Ya in anger.

Princess Xi Ya was sitting on a rattan chair and basking in the sun. She was wearing a thick fox fur coat and was in a trance falling asleep, but her cheeks were burning hot and his red lips were slightly parted, as if he was dreaming. For the past two days, he had been feeling that his body was extremely thirsty.

The absent-mindedly muscular man stood beside her. Princess Xi Ya smiled charmingly: "You're here?"

The man just looked at her coldly.

The current him was baffled. Could it be that he had some sort of new trick up his sleeves? Could it be that he wanted to refuse it or welcome it? She likes it.

Princess Xi Ya chuckled as she untied the clothes on her body.

Zhong Lixian's eyes suddenly turned cold. He tightly grabbed onto Princess Xi Ya's hand and fiercely said: "Look at who I am!"

This little sister of his was truly hopeless. She was actually so unrestrained.

Princess Xi Ya continued to laugh foolishly, his body kept squirming uneasily, his mouth was even letting out shameful moans, as though he was using all means at his disposal to arouse the man's desire.

Zhong Lixian bellowed: "Ah Cai, support your master back to her room already."

Princess Xi Ya twisted her waist and rubbed her b.u.t.t against Zhong Lixian's body.

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