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"This King will definitely not let those who framed my wife off lightly!" Yun Xie's voice was extremely cold and overbearing, let alone the people kneeling, even those who were sitting down felt their bodies tremble upon hearing it.

"Xuan Li, bring her along to be interrogated!"


"My lord, we are not lying. The one who is lying is the princess!" Seventh Madame cried out in indignation before dragging him away, and she even set her gaze on Madame Song.

However, the Song Family was currently unable to protect themselves either. If she were to say another word, Xie w.a.n.g would suspect her, even though Xie w.a.n.g was already beginning to suspect her!

Wei Yuanwei looked at the Seventh Madame who was dragged down, and the corner of his mouth raised deeply!

Very good! Her goal was soon to be achieved!

What she meant by 'using other's tactics to win' was to use others' tactics to achieve what she wanted!

She had to find a reasonable reason to take revenge, didn't she? And now, this reason had been reached!

Madame Shen looked at Yun Xie with a complicated gaze. She didn't expect that Wei Yuanwei, Xie w.a.n.g, would actually protect him to such an extent.

However, Yun Xie chose to stand on Wei Yuanwei's side. She was determined that Wei Yuanwei was innocent and not suspicious in the slightest!

Madame Shen could not help but feel a tinge of regret in her heart. If she had not impatiently married Wei Guanshu to the Duke of Wenchang at that time, she was afraid that the position of w.a.n.gfei would have belonged to Wei Guanshu.

They were afraid that a decree would be pa.s.sed down, allowing Wei Guanshu to marry a cripple like Yun Xie. Hence, they could not wait to marry Wei Guanshu to the Duke of Wenchang, who was interested in Wei Guanshu previously. <>

But who would have known that not only did Yun Xie not become a cripple, he was instead the first to be conferred the t.i.tle of a prince. With a n.o.ble t.i.tle and the t.i.tle of a feudal lord, Wei Guanshu had not even been married for two years before his death.

That's right, three years! Mrs Shen suddenly thought of something!

Would her daughter not be able to remarry after three years of widowhood?

Furthermore, the Palace and Evil King's feudal fiefdom were both in the Mo City. Previously, when Wei Guanshu wrote to them, he mentioned that although Xie w.a.n.g did not go to find her, when she was sick, he sent someone to deliver a gift. This meant that Evil King had Wei Guanshu in his heart.

If Evil King returned to the feudal fiefdom and Wei Guanshu took the initiative to continue his old relationship with him, then … The Evil King's wife of the Evil King's Mansion definitely belonged to none other than Wei Guanshu, but Wei Yuanwei had no choice but to stand at the side!

At that time, Xie w.a.n.g would definitely hold Wei Guanshu in his palms and take care of him!

The more Lady Shen thought about it, the more she felt that it was necessary for her to write a letter to her daughter. She wanted to tell her daughter that Xie w.a.n.g's violent temperament had been restrained a lot.

The ancestral hall of the Prime Minister's estate was usually used to punish wrongdoers and servants.

At this time, Seventh Madame and the servant were respectively locked in different rooms. The people Xuan Li sent over to interrogate were all the people on the battlefield who had interrogated countless of criminals and were very meticulous in their interrogation skills.

Even if Seventh Madame and the maidservant didn't say anything, she could still force the truth out of them.

"Princess, why have you come?" Xuan Li asked in confusion when he saw Wei Yuanwei walking in.

"The Prince just went out to do some work and he can't accompany me, so I came to take a look!" Wei Yuanwei laughed with innocence, as though the woman who had just matured and calmed down in the hall was someone else.

Xuan Li didn't say anything, and had his people start questioning Seventh Madame, but Seventh Madame was stubborn with her words, saying that she had never seen the w.a.n.gfei in the first place, and that he had always been in the east garden, with no one behind the scenes. <>

Even when Wei Yuanwei was sitting in front of Seventh Madame, Seventh Madame's expression still did not change.

For women, other than extremely vicious women, Xuan Li was not too willing to use torture.

After all, the women who lived in the rooms were different from those who grew up licking the blood from the blades on the battlefield!

"Xuan Li, the mastermind must have seized Seventh Madame's weak spot. Look at Seventh Madame's reasoning, she hasn't changed a single word, and she's determined that she's never seen me before. Even if she's killed her, she won't tell the truth, I do have a way to make her tell the truth!" A faint smile hung on Wei Yuanwei's lips.

Xuan Li thoughtfully looked at Wei Yuanwei. Although he had free means to make Seventh Madame speak out the truth, since Wei Yuanwei had said that she had a way, then let her do it.

"All of you, stand guard outside. If she doesn't say anything within an hour, I'll leave!" An hour was enough for her to torture Seventh Madame to death!

Xuan Li didn't try to negotiate with them. After all, if Wei Yuanwei really wanted to kill Seventh Madame, in any case, as long as the Duke was willing, they would find a way to take care of this matter.

"Wei Yuanwei, don't you dare get even one word from me!" Seventh Madame looked at Wei Yuanwei fiercely.

"I know very well who the mastermind behind you is, she let Mother Lin steal my communication device. When Mother Lin stole my communication device, I also left something on her body. The reason why I didn't say it earlier was because I want to repay you!" Wei Yuanwei said coldly.

Her goal was to find a suitable reason to return Seventh Madame's wounds and the pain she'd felt when she'd tortured her.

In these two hours, she would definitely make Seventh Madame wish she was dead, but she couldn't. <>

At this time, Seventh Madame felt a sense of lingering fear, and her entire back felt a wave of gooseb.u.mps. All of her pores had stood up, and the current Wei Yuanwei had turned into a devil in her eyes!

It was even more terrifying than the evil spirits of the eighteenth level of h.e.l.l.

After an hour, the screams in the room did not stop for a single moment, when the screams suddenly stopped, Wei Yuanwei walked out with a relaxed expression, wiping the sweat off his forehead, he smiled at Xuan Li, and happily left.

When Xuan Li and the others entered again, they couldn't help but take a deep breath when they saw the scene inside.

This woman was really vicious. Her methods were something they had never heard of before!

The current Seventh Madame could no longer be considered a person, but a monster!

Bits and pieces of scalp were tossed on the ground. Seventh Madame's eyelids were cut off, her nose was cut off, her ears were cut off, and even her lips were sewn with needle and thread.

It was extremely b.l.o.o.d.y.

A guard walked over to help Seventh Madame up, but as soon as he touched the corner of her clothes, he noticed that her clothes had already been taken off and were covering her body.

When the clothes were lifted, the scene was disgusting and tragic to the extreme!

Seventh Madame's whole body, hands, feet, stomach, and back were all marked by a bone deep scar that ran from her neck all the way to her waist.

After that, he used needle and thread to sew them together, just like a puppet made from needle and thread!

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