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Chapter 224 - Losing track of a tavern

"Aiya, looks like if we don't go out for a walk today, Ah Qing's mouth will be filled with oil for an entire day." Wei Yuanwei also wanted to go out for a walk to clear the haze in her heart.

"Master is so nice, Ah Qing likes you so much." Ah Qing excitedly went forward to embrace Wei Yuanwei. Wei Yuanwei looked at her coldly, then she awkwardly took his hand away.

Yin Sheng chose a normal plain white jade for Wei Yuanwei. After all, the market was full of people, and if they dressed too extravagantly, it would attract the attention of thieves.

The master and his servant were ready to leave, but Xuan Li blocked their path with a cold expression.

"Princess, you should rest in your room. Don't try to stir up trouble, after all, Qing City is not under your control." Xuan Li cupped her hands and said.

Xuan Li's worries did not come from nowhere, it could be said that the Qing City was a place where fish and dragons mixed together, all the travelling merchants were gathered, there were both smart Persian merchants and coa.r.s.e Rong Di, if there was any accident, the Mo City's forces would not be able to make it in time.

Ah Qing gave Yin Sheng a meaningful glance, and Yin Sheng only lowered his head shyly. Ah Qing sighed in disappointment, then personally went up to the battlefield and said with a bone-numbing voice: "Big Brother Yun, we'll be back in a while."

The corner of Xuan Li's mouth twitched, and she still maintained her blocking posture.

Ah Qing angrily stomped her foot, it was just that what she stomped was Xuan Li's foot.

Xuan Li inhaled a breath of cold air, she never thought that the little girl's strength was actually this strong.

"What does w.a.n.gfei want to buy? This king will accompany you." Yun Xie walked out from her room. Dark bamboo was embroidered on her plain robe, and there was an additional trace of elegance in her cold demeanor.

Wei Yuanwei did not object, she lifted his skirt and walked down the stairs.

The corner of Yun Xie's mouth revealed a faint smile, and he ordered Xuan Li to protect the safety of everyone in the inn.

Yin Sheng seemed to have thought of something as she placed the pouch in Ah Qing's hands: "Ah Qing, help me gift it to Guard Xuan."

Ah Qing took the pouch and examined it in his hands. The pouch was made from blue silk, the only difference was that a white pattern similar to a teapot was embroidered on it.

"Are you embroidering a chamber pot?" Ah Qing laughed his head up and down.

Yin Sheng was both angry and embarra.s.sed. She reached out his hand to pinch Ah Qing's face: "This is a jade pot."

Ah Qing's smile became even wider. So this was what Yin Sheng understood about the Heart of Ice Jade Urn, she was expressing his feelings to the Guard Xuan.

"Are you going to help or not?" Yin Sheng was so angry that he stomped his feet.

"Okay, okay, okay. I'll help, but remember to buy me a candied fruit." Ah Qing giggled and ran towards Guard Xuan.

When Yin Sheng saw Xuan Li's figure from the corner of his eyes, his face couldn't help but feel hot. She covered his burning cheeks and followed Wei Yuanwei's footsteps.

Xuan Li was a little surprised to see Ah Qing, who had returned. Ah Qing giggled and stuffed the pouch into his hands, and even mischievously blinked her eyes at him as she smiled cheerfully: "A pile of ice heart is in the jade pot."

Ah Qing's eyes were very beautiful, just like clear streams. When his eyes moved, it caused ripples in Xuan Li's heart, causing him to cough lightly.

"This is for you." Xuan Li gave the silver on him to Ah Qing. He knew that Ah Qing was a glutton.

Ah Qing's eyes shone with a gold light as she weighed the money pouch in her hand. Her eyes smiled like two clear springs as she said, "Big Brother Xuan will definitely pay for it."

Ah Qing almost skipped away while she hummed a cheerful tune. She thought to herself that it was no wonder that Yin Sheng liked Ah Qing, she looked ice-cold, and her heart was not bad.

When Ah Qing went downstairs, he found that Wei Yuanwei and Yin Sheng were no longer in front of his, so she could only dive into the crowd to search.

Even though the man wore a silver mask, his cold and arrogant aura made people unable to resist him. Although the clothes he wore were ordinary robes, the texture of the robes was extremely good, flashing with a l.u.s.tful l.u.s.ter under the sunlight. It was obvious from one look that he was no ordinary person.

That woman was extremely beautiful, and her eyes were as beautiful as a painting. She looked all around, and if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she wouldn't have believed that there was such a beautiful woman in the world.

Yun Xie only casually looked, she did not buy anything, and quietly stood by her side. He slowly extended her hand, separating her from the bustling crowd.

A carriage quickly pa.s.sed through the crowd, causing the crowd to instantly panic, Yun Xie tightly hugged onto Wei Yuanwei, afraid that she would be harmed.

Wei Yuanwei's face was tightly pressed against Yun Xie's chest. Her body smelled like sandalwood, and beside her ears, he could hear his powerful heartbeat.

"You don't have to do this, I'm not a delicate flower. I faint every time I see something." Wei Yuanwei angrily pushed Yun Xie away.

Yun Xie's eyes turned black. She was always this stubborn.

Suddenly, the crowd scattered in all directions as someone shouted, "We're swimming, quickly run!"

Yun Xie followed everyone's gaze and looked over. The place where the fire had taken place was the inn they were temporarily staying at. As the buildings on this street were connected, the fire had almost spread to half of the street.

Thick smoke billowed, and the fire hissed in the wind.

Yun Xie and Wei Yuanwei quickly headed towards the inn, but as they were the people walking in the opposite direction from the rest, it was hard for them to move.

Yun Xie's heart suddenly tightened. He could not let anything happen to Wei Guanshu, he already had enough debts. If he was unable to protect her, she would feel even more guilty.

Seeing Yun Xie's anxious face, a trace of bitterness rose up in Wei Yuanwei's heart. She said indifferently: "Your Highness, you can go first."

The thick smoke blocked the Qing City's sunlight, causing Yun Xie to tap her toes lightly as she leapt out of the crowd.

Looking at his disappearing figure, Wei Yuanwei felt as if his heart was pierced by a sharp sword, he could not let her go.

A sharp cry pulled Wei Yuanwei back from her thoughts, "Master."

It was Yin Sheng's voice. Just as Wei Yuanwei was about to turn around, she felt a sudden pain on his neck.

When Wei Yuanwei woke up, his limbs were already tied up. She struggled to sit up and scanned his surroundings.

This was a tent made of cowhide, and in the middle of the tent was a wooden stake. The stake was carved with a symbol similar to the moon, and there were two wolf skins spread out in the middle of the tent.

It could be seen that the owner of the tent was very short because the entire body of the tent was patched up and there was a continuous stream of wind blowing in from the gaps within the tent.

Wei Yuanwei looked for a long time, but still could not determine where she was. At this moment, the thick and heavy felt curtain of the tent was suddenly lifted, and a tall and st.u.r.dy man walked in.

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