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Chapter 149 - 149 - Wei Yuanwei's Poison

The corner of Ning Zhiqiang's mouth twitched.

"But now, you're coming with me to see my little sister. I don't know if she's awake yet." Wei Yuanwei was very worried about Yin Sheng's injuries. She promised Yin Sheng would not abandon her and leave on her own.

When the old lady saw Wei Yuanwei, she happily led him to see Yin Sheng, and then closed the door behind her with a smile.

"Princess, Yin Sheng misses you so much."

Yin Sheng threw himself into Wei Yuanwei's embrace with tears br.i.m.m.i.n.g from his eyes. She knew that if it wasn't for the existence of the w.a.n.gfei, his little life would probably have been taken away already.

"Good Yin Sheng, don't cry, if you cry yourself to death, all my suffering will be for nothing." Wei Yuanwei joked as he wiped off the tears on Yin Sheng's eyes.

Yin Sheng's tears turned into smiles. She had a lot of things he wanted to ask Master, "Princess, why would I appear here?"

Wei Yuanwei smiled and did not answer. She merely glanced at Yin Sheng: "Are you feeling well now?"

Yin Sheng happily walked around in a circle in front of Wei Yuanwei, her face full of joy: "Of course it's better, if you don't believe me, I'll jump and welcome."

Wei Yuanwei smiled and pinched her cheek, "As long as you are well, I can be at ease. Remember, from now on, you are not allowed to call me Royal Concubine."

"Could it be that Master is leaving again?" Yin Sheng held onto Wei Yuanwei's hand.

"What, you can't bear to part with the splendor of the King's Manor?" Wei Yuanwei joked.

"Pah pah pah!" If Yin Sheng was a greedy person, he would definitely be struck by lightning! " Yin Sheng's eyes almost turned red from anxiousness.

Wei Yuanwei smiled and held her finger: "Alright, alright, I know you aren't such a person."

"Master, it's just that the prince is extremely good to you, if you leave like this, the old …" Yin Sheng had seen the prince's kindness to his wife in his eyes. Although the prince seemed cold on the surface, he had always been truly considerate towards his master in the end.

"Yin Sheng, how can a fish know the suffering of a fish? There are some things that cannot be explained in a short amount of time." The reason why he treated her well and deeply, was only because of this skin that was similar to Wei Guanshu's.

"Okay, no matter what kind of decision Master makes, Yin Sheng will always follow Master." Yin Sheng said with a sincere face.

Wei Yuanwei laughed, she did not have nothing, she still had Yin Sheng who was willing to follow his.

The old lady prepared a hot bath for Wei Yuanwei, who placed the crushed silver in his hands. The old lady rejected his offer: "The last time young lady gave me a jade hairpin I made it into a hundred taels of silver. Young lady can stay however long you want.

The jade hairpin's quality was probably more than a thousand liang, the things Ning Zheyan used were all exquisite items.

Immersed in the bucket, Wei Yuanwei raised the hot water to rub her body, as if she was alive.

Within the dense water vapor, Wei Yuanwei seemed to have had a very long dream, it was just that this dream was not good, and made her feel like he was falling into an ice cave. She dreamt of Yun Xie pulling off her mask with an unrecognizable face, and dreamed of Yun Xie fiercely pinching his neck, and looking at her with her red eyes, she only felt cold coming from all directions.

She couldn't help hugging herself tightly, but she couldn't feel any heat at all.

After a long time without seeing his master come out, Yin Sheng anxiously stood at the door and walked around.

"Master, master", for a long time, did not wait for her response. She pushed open the door and walked in, only to see Wei Yuanwei sliding down from the barrel into the barrel.

Yin Sheng fished Wei Yuanwei out from the barrel in panic, and shouted with shock: "Men, quickly come."

When he saw Wei Yuanwei's naked body, he only frowned slightly and then wrapped up her body with his clothes.

Yin Sheng did not expect that the person who had barged in was a man. Just as she was about to shout, the man had already glared at her coldly, "If you want to save your master's life, then shut up!"

Yin Sheng could only shut her mouth and widen his eyes in fear, tears rolling down from his eyes.

"Get out now!" Ning Zhiqiang roared at Yin Sheng.

As if she had been humiliated, Yin Sheng stood there stubbornly: "No, I must protect my master. If you do anything wrong to my master, I will definitely not forgive you. Do you know what my master is?"

"If you want your master to die right now, you can stay here." Ning Zhiqiang coldly said.

Yin Sheng could only bite his lips and walk out, not forgetting to turn his head to look at the unfamiliar man.

She closed the door and squatted down to cry. She originally thought that her master would take a turn for the better, but who would have thought that her master would suddenly have a sickness? What should she do?

Ning Zhiqiang placed Wei Yuanwei on her lap to empty the water in her stomach, then used a clean white silk to wipe off the water droplets on her body. Within the candlelight, her skin was as white as jade and gave off an alluring glow.

However, her body was still as cold as before as she muttered, "So cold, so cold …"

Ning Zhiqiang covered Wei Yuanwei's body with the blanket in the room. However, she still felt cold and his body continued to tremble.

Ning Zhiqiang thought for a moment, then took off his clothes and crawled into the blanket, using his body to keep her warm.

It was as if Wei Yuanwei was saved, her ice-cold body stuck to Ning Zhizi's hot body like silk, her jade arms wrapped around Ning Zhizi's neck, and then slid down his chest. Ning Zhizi's body tensed up as she took in a breath of cold air.

Wei Yuanwei rubbed her body like a kitten.

"If you continue like this, don't blame me for being polite." Ning Zhiqiang's deep voice had a trace of strange hoa.r.s.eness to it. He stretched out his arm to wrap around the milky-smooth body.

Wei Yuanwei tilted his head and his cherry lips grazed past his ears, causing his body to tremble. The last line of defense was broken through.

"You provoked me!"

Ning Zhiqiang pressed Wei Yuanwei down on her body and kissed his tightly and tightly. Her eyelashes trembled, and her nose, which was like goose fat, stuck between his cherry lips.

He reached out his trembling hands and caressed Wei Yuanwei's body, only to feel that the skin underneath his palm was extremely soft and smooth, causing people to be unable to let go of him.

"Skin like creamy, soft as silk, is that you?" Ning Zhizi drew Wei Yuanwei's exquisite face with her hand.

Wei Yuanwei muttered: "I hate you. Since you don't like me, then why are you pretending?"

Ning Zhiqiang stopped moving, complex emotions flashed in his eyes. He quietly laid down beside Wei Yuanwei, embraced her in his arms, and kissed her hair, "Sleep well young lady. Everything will be fine."

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