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Chapter 126 - Chapter 126

"Does that mean you don't know who Xie w.a.n.g is rushing to Mo City for? However, I think you should be able to guess that this letter came from Duke of Wenchang Palace, and the one who was connected to the Duke in the past was that person. Xie w.a.n.g went there in such a hurry naturally because of the young madam of Duke of Wenchang Palace.

Zhong Lixian said slowly, not too fast or too slow, and just said it slowly!

Yet that pair of ice-cold eyes was carefully observing the expression on Wei Yuanwei's face!

This should be extremely bad news for Wei Yuanwei!

He had long ago made people find out about Wei Yuanwei's actions in the Prime Minister's Estate, so outsiders would only hear about it!

But when the young mistress of the Duke of Wenchang Palace heard this, he hated Wei Yuanwei to the core!

If nothing unexpected happened, as long as the young madam was willing to help Xie w.a.n.g, then he would definitely be able to get rid of her!

And at that time, Wei Yuanwei would probably be killed by the young mistress before she could even enter the Mo City.

Therefore, the matter that he mentioned, should be a kind of mental torture and pain to Wei Yuanwei!

The reason why he deliberately slowed his speech, was because he wanted to carefully observe how frightened and panicked Wei Yuanwei would be!

But from start to finish, the expression on Wei Yuanwei's face had never changed, and the number of times her eyes blinked did not even decrease or increase.

She already knew about this from Ning Zheyan, but when Zhong Lixian said it again, it was like a joke. It was the first time she heard it, but after hearing it twice every four hours, would she still think that it was funny?

Similarly, the first time Wei Yuanwei heard it was unbearable.

But when Zhong Lixian said it again, she was already numb to it!

Therefore, there was no expression on Wei Yuanwei's face, and she did not need any expression!

Zhong Lixian looked at Wei Yuanwei's expression, as if he was talking about something that had nothing to do with her, and she was just an outsider?

"Esteemed w.a.n.gfei, do you think that Xie w.a.n.g will come back to bring you back to the Mo City? Or directly order your corpse to be transported back? " The tone that Zhong Lixian spat out was extremely cruel, and it was also extremely insufferable!

Wei Yuanwei forced Wei Guanshu's mother to death, how could Wei Guanshu let him go?

Once Wei Guanshu and Yun Xie were reunited, the first person Wei Guanshu would be aiming at would be Wei Yuanwei!

Even if Wei Guanshu ignored this matter for the time being, Xie w.a.n.g had to give Wei Guanshu a name!

Although Wei Guanshu had gotten married once, he was still the granddaughter of the Prime Minister. How could he be willing to be a concubine with a lower position than Wei Yuanwei?

Even if he was given the position of side consort, Wei Guanshu was still one head lower than Wei Yuanwei!

So no matter what, as long as Evil King and Wei Guanshu were to let their grudge between them go, Wei Yuanwei would definitely die!

Maybe she was lucky enough that Wei Yuanwei could die, at that time, Wei Guanshu would not let Wei Yuanwei die so easily without any pain!

Wei Yuanwei's brows flew around as he smiled sweetly. "Your Highness is very thoughtful, I can't figure it out!"

Even at this current stage, Wei Yuanwei could still reveal such a fearless expression!

Xie w.a.n.g was her backer. If she lost this backer, no matter how intelligent she was, no matter how much scheming she had, it would be useless!

"I truly admire the princess' indifference!"

"Thank you for your praise, Crown Prince!" Wei Yuanwei replied indifferently!

Speaking till this point, Wei Yuanwei finally understood Zhong Lixian's motive for coming!

This is clearly telling her that her backer is almost gone and you are about to die, so why don't you quickly join my subordinate? As long as you heal my leg and focus on working for me, I will be your backer!

When he thought of this, the smile on Wei Yuanwei's face faded, and his eyes revealed a hint of unease!

Could it be that Zhong Lixian also knew that Ning Zheyan was a fake?

But with Zhong Lixian's sharp eyes, she could not tell that this Ning Zheyan was fake, and even if they had met before, it would be impossible for them to recognize him easily!

This fake Ning Zheyan had truly imitated every single one of Ning Zheyan's actions perfectly. If it wasn't because she was the plastic surgeon, she would have easily seen through the knife marks on Ning Zheyan's face. Otherwise, she wouldn't have known whether this Ning Zheyan was real or fake!

"I really want to know how you will escape at that time. The elite guards that Xie w.a.n.g left behind can protect you well, but they can also take your life.

Wei Yuanwei was smart, but she did not have any leeway to use it!

So as long as Wei Guanshu and Xie w.a.n.g were together, Wei Yuanwei would definitely die!

"Then I'll just watch when the time comes!" Wei Yuanwei parted her lips and spat out these words!

Right now, he was already on the verge of being shot. The situation was extremely serious, yet Wei Yuanwei was still so calm and unperturbed!

Could it be that this smart woman had found a backer for him? Or had he already left a way out for himself?

"It looks like Princess HuYang has made her plans long ago?"

"Is the crown prince only here to chat about family matters with me?" Glimmers danced in Wei Yuanwei's eyes as she spoke coldly, as if she was trying to distance herself a thousand miles away!

"Princess has seen Master Ning?" Zhong Lixian's ice-cold eyes moved gently, and his sharp gaze shot out from his eyes as he changed the topic.

As expected, the main topic had begun, "When I first met the Master Ning, didn't you just kill everyone here?"

"Did you see the Master Ning when you partic.i.p.ated in the Magpie Bridge Meeting?"

Wei Yuanwei raised her eyebrows, "Of course not!"

Wei Yuanwei gave an extremely negative answer.

"Has the w.a.n.gfei really never seen him before?" Zhong Lixian naturally did not believe what Wei Yuanwei said, but Wei Yuanwei was calm, which made him even more suspicious!

"Crown Prince, wasn't Master Ning here just now? Master Ning looked like a sick person, but she did not seem like someone with a bad memory! And the words that I spoke to Master Ning back then, the crown prince probably hasn't forgotten it yet, right? " Wei Yuanwei lifted his eyes, and calmly looked into Zhong Lixian's ice-cold eyes!

"Who knows if the Master Ning just now was the real Master Ning or just an imposter?" Zhong Lixian's voice was low and filled with magnetism!

But it was full of danger!

Wei Yuanwei blinked her eyes lightly, "I heard that the Crown Prince's eyes were extremely sinister and you saw through me with just a glance. Could it be that the Crown Prince is beginning to doubt his eyes and think that the Master Ning that the Crown Prince invited back is fake?"

"Of course I won't doubt my own eyes, but the w.a.n.gfei's performance just now made me very suspicious!" Zhong Lixian slowly stood up and approached Wei Yuanwei. His narrow and long phoenix eyes looked exceptionally demonic under the dim yellow light of the candle.

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