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Chapter 115 - 115 - Suspected Master Ning

He admired Wei Yuanwei's way of thinking. He only used one medicine, and it actually managed to divert Zhong Lixian's attention.

What kind of person was Zhong Lixian? But very careful, very sensitive, very careful.

It was very difficult to lead him to suspect someone else.

But Wei Yuanwei had done it, and was very sure about it!

Wei Yuanwei did not say anything. She knew it would succeed.

If she wasn't completely sure, how could she have let Yun Xie smear the medicine on Princess Xi Ya's body?

Even if he did do it meticulously, with Zhong Lixian's intelligence, he would definitely suspect Yun Xie.

Wei Yuanwei still wanted to write more about that Master Ning. Who asked her to make so many pills and write about the style of the Master Ning?

"Zhong Lixian is currently searching for the Master Ning. If we find the Master Ning, maybe Yin Sheng will be able to wake up!" Yun Xie said as she looked at Wei Yuanwei.

He knew that it would be very difficult to find the Master Ning, and it would also be extremely difficult to get the Master Ning to save a servant.

"Are you serious?" As Wei Yuanwei heard this, her eyes filled with hope.

"Yes, This King has already sent people to look for him!" Although he knew he wasn't confident, Yun Xie still decided to give it a try.

But this time, it was extremely strange. Xuan Li quickly found a clue.

"Master Ning is hosting the Magpie Bridge blind date!" Xuan Li's answer caused Yun Xie to be extremely shocked.

Master Ning's beauty was one of the top within the four nations. It was said that all women who saw Master Ning's beauty would be mesmerized by Master Ning and would completely lose their ability to stand on their own.

And this Master Ning, who made countless girls go crazy over this beautiful man, actually said she was holding a wedding ceremony in Qing City!

When Zhong Lixian heard this news, she was skeptical. Did Master Ning need a blind date at the time of the wedding?

And this Master Ning was not the Master Ning they were looking for!

But when countless young ladies found out that Master Ning was going to have a blind date at the Magpie Bridge, they rushed into the Qing City. Before the Magnificent Bridge Meeting even started, all the inns were already filled with houses, and it was said that the current Qing City was packed with people.

No matter what, they would have to pa.s.s through the Qing City, and when that time came, wouldn't Qing City know whether or not the Master Ning was a Master Ning?

Almost at the same time, Yun Xie and Yun Xie gave their orders, and everyone packed their bags and immediately rushed to Qing City.

Fortunately, there were experts who had prepared food and lodging along the way, and they had long ago reserved the biggest inn in Qing City for them to eat and sleep in.

It wasn't until the sky gradually darkened that Yun Xie and her men arrived at Qing City.

And following that, the guards who came to the Qing City to gather information reported the latest news to their masters.

After hearing the guard's report, Yun Xie's pitch-black eyes became even darker.

"Could it be that we can't find the Master Ning at all if we don't partic.i.p.ate in the blind date?" Wei Yuanwei, who was at the side, was extremely shocked.

Just how deep was the Master Ning hiding?

The guards could not figure out anything, and the only way to see the Master Ning was to attend the betrothal meeting at the Magpie Bridge, and only the girls who were chosen by the Master Ning could see the Master Ning.

"Iris, don't be anxious. At least we can confirm that the Master Ning is indeed in the Qing City!" Yun Xie was extremely certain that there were not many people in this world who were as mysterious as the Master Ning.

The harder it was to find the Master Ning, the more it proved that the Master Ning was truly in the Qing City. If it was found easily, then the Master Ning would definitely not be the Yanyu Manor's.

In this world, there was never a lack of imitators who competed against each other to imitate the Master Ning. When the fame of the Master Ning had just spread across the entire martial arts world, there were already countless people pretending to be the Master Ning to deceive people.

However, before the people who were tricked could react, it was the real Master Ning who came out and took all these people, who were using his name, as well as those who pretended to be him, back to the Yanyu Manor. As for what these people had experienced in the Yanyu Manor, no one knew, they only knew that when these people were released, they were like zombies.

From then on, no one dared to impersonate the Master Ning, but there were still a few more people called the Master Ning. After all, Ning was one with many different surnames.

With regards to this, not only did the real Master Ning not mind, she was actually extremely happy.

Why? This made it so that many of the people who were looking for the whereabouts of the Master Ning could not find the real Master Ning.

When Yun Xie was searching for the Master Ning, he encountered many resistance.

He thought that he had really found the Master Ning many times, but when he saw his, he knew that it was fake.

But this time, Yun Xie did not hold any hope at all, in the end, this Master Ning was actually the real Master Ning.

"But what can we do if we can't find the Master Ning's people?" Wei Yuanwei's voice was extremely calm and steady.

Just how big was the Qing City, and where was the Master Ning hiding?

Since the Master Ning was partic.i.p.ating in the annual Ceremonial Ceremony of the Qing City, then there must be a Master Ning among those who were partic.i.p.ating.

"As long as he's in the Qing City, this king will definitely find him. It's just a matter of time!" Yun Xie said with determination, as she looked into the distance.

Wei Yuanwei did not speak further, she turned around and saw that she was still unconscious. As a plastic surgeon, Wei Yuanwei knew very clearly that if Yin Sheng continued to lose consciousness like this, she would not be able to save him.

Seeing Yin Sheng's lips become so white, Wei Yuanwei felt that she could not wait that long, and neither could Yin Sheng.

"Will this be tonight? Where do I sign up? " Wei Yuanwei looked at Yun Xie.

Yun Xie's bright eyes that were like black obsidian revealed a shocked expression, "You want to test yourself? This King will not allow it! "

Master Ning was a mysterious person, and also a very strange person, making it difficult to fathom.

If the Master Ning truly wanted to marry a wife, with her beauty and his ident.i.ty as the Villa Master of the Yanyu Manor, most of the women in the world would probably be willing to obediently stand in front of the Yanyu Manor's door and be chosen by the Master Ning.

However, there must be a reason why he suddenly partic.i.p.ated in the Qing City Conference's blind date.

Furthermore, the Master Ning suddenly appeared after disappearing for three years, and at the same time, she appeared at the Qing City's Magpie Bridge. This was extremely strange, maybe he was looking for something else instead of finding him a mistress?

"Yin Sheng can't wait that long, what's more, the crown prince is also looking for the Master Ning, if the crown prince finds the Master Ning first, the crown prince will know who poisoned Princess Xia!" Wei Yuanwei was about to leave when Yun Xie suddenly grabbed her hand and said, "Do you want to register to go to tonight's Qirin Bridge Auction for a blind date? Have you forgotten your current status? "

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