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Chapter 1044 - Forty Five

No matter what they had experienced, he had always chosen to believe her, to stand in front of her, to stand by her side.

Mu Jin lifted his gaze, his indifferent and elegant eyes were filled with gentleness: "Iris, it's been hard on you. After you give birth to this, we won't have a chance to live on anymore, regardless of whether it's a boy or girl, I don't want to make you suffer anymore."

In this world, there were only a few men who could understand the pain women had when they were giving birth, but Mu Jin could understand. Even if Mu Jin was not by her side when she was giving birth to Yi'er and Yi'er.

But they happened to be helping a pregnant woman who was about to give birth. The situation was urgent and the environment was poor. She had to deliver the baby through a layer of cloth.

At that time, Mu Jin was at his side and saw his painful expression and heart-wrenching screams.

After that, he knew that a woman gave birth to a ghost, and he felt both sorry and guilty, as if he owed her a lot all of a sudden.

She was getting better and better after this.

"It doesn't matter, I'm still young. If you like children, I'll give them to you more often. Having children is painful for the first time, but it'll be better later on. But, these days, you've worked hard too." Ai Lin said in a metaphorical manner.

When other men's wives have children, they can still go find a concubine, but Mu Jin only has her, so every time she gets pregnant, Mu Jin wouldn't be able to touch her for at least seven or eight months.

He endured it very hard.

Mu Jin smiled inwardly, stood up, and gave Ai Lin a deep kiss on her body. "You're the one who has the hardest time of all."

"Imperial Father, Imperial Mother, come quickly and have a meal? It doesn't matter if we're hungry, but we can't starve the little sister in the mother's stomach. " Yu'er stood at the side and spoke to Ai Lin in a childish voice.

Even though he was still so young, he was extremely good at speaking.

Mu Jin pulled Ai Lin to a seat and the two little fellows quickly crawled to sit beside Mu Jin and, and ate their meals right next to them.

Although they were royal relatives, Mu Jin and Ai Lin had always wanted to live a peaceful life. Like ordinary people, they did not need to follow many rules and regulations to get along with each other.

Thus, every time it was time to eat, the eunuchs and palace maids would withdraw, allowing them to properly enjoy the atmosphere of their families.

Yu'er still liked to sit on Mu Jin's lap like he did when he was young, and let Mu Jin feed him.

But Mu Jin also made a rule that if one was older than five years old, they had to sit on chairs and eat by themselves.

Therefore, Mu Jin did not fulfill Yu'er's request.

However, at a banquet, those complicated rules were inevitable.

"Did you tell Yin Sheng?" After Mu Jin scooped a bowl of chicken soup for Ai Lin, he then continued to scoop out soup for Yi'er and Yu'er.

It was unknown whether it was because of Feng Yin, but Mu Jin treated his two sons as equals, and did not favor them.

If both children wanted a grain of rice at the same time, and there was only such a grain at that time, Mu Jin would not say that Yu'er was still young, so he gave it to Yu'er.

He would just bring the rice over and break the rice petal, giving each of them half of the rice.

Mu Jin's way of education really made Ai Lin, the person from the modern world, feel inferior.

When modern people encountered this problem, they would only let the big one get smaller. Of course, maybe only Mu Jin was able to cut a grain of rice in half?

Mu Jin's love for them was equal. No matter if he was big or small, he would always tell these two children that their father doted on them the same.

"Yes." Ai Lin smiled mysteriously at Mu Jin.

Mu Jin understood Ai Lin too well, he knew that Ai Lin still had something to say, but he could not say it in front of the child, so Mu Jin lowered his head to eat and did not ask further.

After the two little fellows finish eating dinner, the wet nurse and the palace maid would take them for a walk. Only then did Mu Jin open his mouth to ask: "What's wrong? Did Yin Sheng say anything? Feng Yin might not know about this, but if Yin Sheng doesn't know either, then we will definitely not believe this. "

Ai Lin put down the golden chopsticks in his hand, caressed her waist, and slowly stood up. Mu Jin immediately extended his hand to support him: "Feng Yin is as black-skinned as you."

"What do you mean?" Mu Jin caressed Ai Lin's slightly obese body, and walked towards the palace.

"Who said that Feng Yin doesn't understand? Feng Yin wanted to marry Yin Sheng, but Yin Sheng was afraid of pain and did not want to, so Feng Yin did not say it directly either. Why did he set his sights on us instead? It was to purposely act like he doesn't know anything in front of you, with an innocent look on his face. That way, we would be able to talk to Yin Sheng and he would have achieved his goal of getting into the bridal room. " If this were to continue, it would truly be troublesome.

But if Feng Yin didn't care about Yin Sheng, Feng Yin wouldn't have let such a large circle.

But, people who did not know the answer would think that Feng Yin was still that foolish Feng Yin.

But in reality, he was just a dark fool Wind Cry!

A black man gives you the illusion that he is a sheep, but he is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

"Ah?" Is that what happened? " Once Ai Lin said this, Mu Jin immediately understood. "No wonder Feng Yin would do such a strange thing, and even picked out the children of officials' families.

"Feng Yin looks stupid right now, but he's very clear in his heart." Ai Lin chimed in: "Ning Zheyan and the Imperial Physician said before that if Feng Yin's brain was severely injured, his condition would improve, but it won't return to how it was before right?"

Mu Jin let out a soft sigh, "We actually want Feng Yin to recover. We want him to be the emperor and let him do it, we just want to live a peaceful life with you and Yu'er. There's no need to do anything else, we'll just accompany you guys."

"That's good …" Ai Lin also yearned for that kind of life, but she knew that it was impossible, "But even if Feng Yin does not recover to sit on the throne, he does not have the ability to manage this country well. Only with a strong nation will the citizens be able to live a peaceful life."

Mu Jin nodded his head: "It's good for Feng Yin to help me, forget it, I don't expect him to help me, it's also good if you give me less trouble."

Ai Lin smiled lightly, looking at Mu Jin's perfect side view. In the ten years of their dreams, she and Mu Jin were about to part forever. Mu Jin's face displayed a rare smile, and his brows were tightly locked from start to finish.

However, in this ten years, she and Mu Jin had been living a very good life. Mu Jin was very gentle and also very gentle.

Just a single choice had changed their lives.

Although they had experienced a lot of choices, even if the process was painful, as long as the result was sweet, it was fine.

"Mu Jin, did you say to Yu'er that I was the one who chased you when we first got together?"

Mu Jin was startled at first, but then laughed: "It was Feng Yin who asked me, so I told him about our meeting. However, it was you who said you wanted to be my Fifth Princess, you are now the Queen."

"Hmph." Ai Lin snorted lightly, "If I hadn't had that dream, I wouldn't have said those words. In the dream, you were the one who chased after me, I always wanted to escape, but you refused to let me escape, and when I escaped, you chased me back."

"Yes yes yes, whatever you say is yours. In the future, I will tell others that I have gone to great difficulty to chase you back." Mu Jin didn't care about all this. What he cared about was that throughout all these years, Ai Lin had indeed always been by his side.

"That's more like it." Ai Lin nodded her head in satisfaction as she held Mu Jin's hand.

At first, I thought that the Ju'er had sent you to my side, but later on, I realized that the heavens had bestowed upon me. He helped me through one tribulation after another, accompanied me through life and death, and even walked through the gates of h.e.l.l twice to help me give birth to Yi'er and Yu'er. " Mu Jin's eyes were misty, his emotions as deep as the sea, as warm as the early sun.

Her pitch-black eyes seemed to be filled with deep love for Ai Lin.

"I have always remembered that dream and it was very real. When I woke up, I couldn't even extricate myself and was deeply immersed in it. I thought it was really just a dream, but when I met you, I realized it wasn't as simple as a dream." Until now, Ai Lin still did not know why he would have such a dream.

Maybe it was something that had already been decided for a long time, or maybe Wei Yuanwei was her previous life. Wei Yuanwei and Mu Jin encountered everything that had happened in their dreams, and for the past thousand years, Wei Yuanwei had always held some regret in her heart.

Or perhaps it was not a dream at all, but something that had truly happened. It was not that people had a next life, and some people had forgotten everything after drinking Grandma Meng's soup, but some people did not drink it and still had the memories of their previous lives after they were reincarnated.

It was also at that time that the memories of her previous life suddenly appeared.

He wanted her to change everything that had happened, and change the outcome with Mu Jin, to make up for the thousand years of regret.

"Iris, you never told me what that dream was?" Perhaps it was because of that dream, or perhaps it was because Ai Lin's words and actions had deeply attracted Mu Jin, causing him to maintain a sense of curiosity towards Ai Lin for the past ten years.

Everything about Ai Lin was extremely mysterious in his eyes. There were even several times when he felt that Ai Lin had the ability to predict the future.

Mu Jin's gaze immediately shifted into the distance, as he thought back to when they had just gotten married and had just returned to Prime Minister's Mansion to stay.

The day was exceptionally sunny and sunny.

When Ai Lin returned to the Prime Minister's Mansion, the first thing she did was to take care of the people who had humiliated and scolded her before. And that day, when he left the palace very early, she pushed open the door and saw his portrait hanging in the middle of the wall.

In the portrait, he was dressed in an embroidered moon-white robe, holding an ancient book in his hand. He was standing by the river bank where Yang Liuyi was.

At that time, he was still young and in high spirits.

That was the first time he had ventured out of the palace, and somehow, someone had drawn it.

When he saw the portrait hanging on the wall, he stood in front of it for a long time. It was as if time had turned back, but after a moment, his entire body shivered.

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