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Chapter 1010 - Chapter 101 - Planned Escape

When Cang Chu heard this, he immediately turned around to look at Fu Chen. His tightly clenched fists made creaking sounds, and it was obvious that he was already prepared to attack.

"Is that so?" Cang Chu's face didn't have any expression. He seemed calm, but his eyes were like a small boat in the ocean, drifting across the ocean.

"You want to save Su'er?" Fu Chen clenched his fists and coughed a few times.

"Yes, I want to save Su'er." Cang Chu did not hide anything and directly walked in front of Fu Chen.

"Why are you doing this?" Fu Chen raised his head, and the faint yellow candlelight shone into Fu Chen's star-like cold eyes. "If Su'er was saved, then the ones who died would be you two."

"I'm not afraid of death." Cang Chu answered immediately.

"It's not strange that you have feelings for the Su'er, but the one who has the most feelings for you should be your sister, right?" From the moment Fu Chen entered until now, his tone was calm, so calm that not a single ripple could be heard.

"Can I ask you a question?" Fu Chen's reaction made Cang Chu a little curious.

"What problem?"

"I just want to know, when we opened the forbidden door, was it something that our clan members insisted on opening regardless of the warning written on it, or was it something that they had ordered us to open at the behest of the clan leader?"

"Neither of us knew exactly what was going on. However, where I went, there was a stone wall next to the forbidden door. It said that anyone who opened that door would have their children or grandchildren cursed in terror." Fu Chen recalled the scene when he saw that line of action.

"The words on the stone wall are very ancient. It can be seen that they were left behind hundreds of years ago."

I understand, Cang Chu now completely understood.

"So, my parents knew that this door couldn't be opened?"

"I heard it from my father, yes, but the wizards said that this door leads to another place, a place called the Future. That is to say, this door went in and out a few hundred years later." Fu Chen folded his hands across his chest, the arrogance on his body had lessened a bit, but the aura still persisted.

"But who knows if it's true? After that door was opened, you were indeed cursed. "

"Then if you know, this is most likely our tribe's fault, but why did you help my sister? Because of love? "

When Fu Chen heard these words, his thin lips slightly curled upwards: "If not, what did you think it was? Yao Yao is a woman that I have liked from the first moment I laid eyes on her. From the moment I saw her, I had already decided on her in my entire life.

Cang Chu had always thought that Fu Chen was a cold-blooded person, but when he first heard Fu Chen's words, Cang Chu felt that the cold-blooded person was his sister.

"But …" Cang Chu really thought that it was very funny, but her sister hated him a lot.

"But Yao Yao doesn't like me, and she even hates me a lot." Fu Chen immediately followed up with Cang Chu's words.

Cang Chu was startled, then said: "You heard it?"

"Yeah, I heard it. I had already woken up when you came in. I was thinking how great it would be if I didn't wake up." Fu Chen thought back to what he had heard from Yao Yao when he said those words and felt extremely upset. It was just discomfort, but he did not hate the Yao Yao at all.

Then, when Yao Yao gently fed him medicine, he started to wonder if she was dreaming.

He suddenly remembered what Mu Jin had said.

This was probably the reason for the Emotional Poison.

"Are you Fu Chen? With your personality …"

"Yao Yao planted a Emotional Poison for me." Before Cang Chu could finish speaking, Fu Chen had said those words once again.

Cang Chu's opened mouth did not close for a long time, that shocked yet unfamiliar gaze also made Fu Chen smile: "You also feel that it's very shocking and unbelievable, right? Yao Yao suffered too much, so he will ask for more. Originally, I wanted to make her stay by my side to be my only wife after the curse is broken, but I didn't expect that she would actually want to kill me. "

"Are you still going to help her?" Cang Chu asked.

"What do you think?" As Fu Chen said that, he took out a key from his sleeve.

This key was the key to opening the Su'er's cage.

Cang Chu looked at the key, then looked at Fu Chen, and was unable to speak for a moment. After that, he muttered to himself for a long time before asking: "Then what do you plan to do next?"

"I've been considering for a long time, whether I should go find the Emotional Poison or pretend to not know anything. Later on, I chose the third one, I don't want to remove the Emotional Poison, and I don't want to help Yao Yao remove the curse. Since Yao Yao still has ten years to live, I can accompany her for another ten years. When Fu Chen answered this question, he smiled.

He knew that the main reason was because the Emotional Poison s, and he also knew that if he undid the Emotional Poison s, then the Yao Yao would die.

"Is it worth it?" If elder sister was still the elder sister of the past, Cang Chu would not have said anything, but the elder sister now …

Take this key and bring the Su'er along, since most of the people here are my men, you shouldn't come back after you leave, it's actually pretty good to follow Mu Jin and the rest. Fu Chen did not answer Cang Chu's question.

Only his own heart knew whether it was worth it or not.

Cang Chu looked at the key in Fu Chen's hand. No one knew what he was hesitating about, but holding this key, he left with Su'er, while Fu Chen was with his elder sister. This was indeed a good ending.

"Based on my understanding of my sister, the reason she's with you is purely because she wants to remove the curse on her body. If she finds out that she can't, she might not be willing to be with you."

"When she finds out she has nothing but me, she'll treat me as the only one." Fu Chen lifted her lips and said those words in a relaxed manner.

Cang Chu nodded his head, he quickly took the key from Fu Chen's hands and rushed back into the secret room.

As the seconds ticked by, Li Jiujiu looked like he was about to die.

However, he was still unable to unseal the seal on the Su'er's blood vessels. Just as he was feeling extremely anxious, Cang Chu finally walked in.

Closing the door, he quickly pressed a few acupoints on Su'er's body. Su'er, who had her eyes closed all this time, finally breathed.

"These are the keys. In two hours, I will take you all out after I have settled all the people outside the gate." Cang Chu said softly and handed the key over to Li Jiujiu.

Li Jiujiu received it and looked at it, then used his finger to point at the iron chains on his legs: "This is the key to the door, and the key to the chain, what about it?"

"Isn't it the same one?" Cang Chu looked at the chain on Li Jiujiu's leg and then looked at the lock on the iron cage.

"How could it be one? These keys are all different. " Li Jiujiu was truly speechless to Cang Chu.

Wasn't he usually very smart? Why did he get confused at this time?

Cang Chu strongly smacked his own head. He still had not recovered from the shocking news: "I'll go look again."

"Do you know where it is?" Li Jiujiu grabbed Cang Chu's sleeves and asked.

"Probably my sister." Cang Chu's mind was in a mess, he was either at his big sister's place or he was at his second sister's place. Suddenly, Cang Chu asked again: "Have you been here before, Sir Fu Chen?"

"Right, he scared me to death just now. I keep having the feeling that he seemed to have discovered something." Li Jiujiu said with a lingering fear in his heart.

Cang Chu nodded his head, "Alright, I understand. I will definitely be back in two hours."

If he could not get it, Fu Chen would definitely be able to get it.

"Yao Yao doesn't have the key to the Chain. It should be in Serene Ruo's place." When Cang Chu came to the front of Fu Chen's bed, Yao Yao just so happened to go wash Fu Chen's face.

"Then I'll go look for second sister now." Cang Chu was about to turn around and leave, when Fu Chen's words suddenly came from behind Cang Chu: "I'm afraid we won't make it in time. I directly took the key from Yao Yao, and Yao Yao might find out at any time, I remember that Li Jiujiu is better at unlocking locks, so you should bring some tools over to see if he can open it. I will order the people under me to release your door."

Cang Chu nodded, found some unlocking tools, and rushed back into the secret room.

Furthermore, Li Jiujiu had a deep understanding of locks, otherwise he would not have been able to pester Shang Li for so long.

He could unlock and perform lightness techniques, he couldn't lock him down, and he couldn't catch up to him. Shang Li didn't even bother to scold him.

Li Jiujiu lowered his head and played with it for a long time before he finally opened the chain on his feet.

The moment he came out of the iron cage, Li Jiujiu felt that it was great to stand tall.

"Master, will you come with us?" Little Su'er held onto Cang Chu's hand tightly, unwilling to let go, her bright eyes begging Cang Chu.

Cang Chu rolled his throat, and patted Su'er's head: "No, master will not go with you."

Sooner or later, they would have to separate anyway.

When Cang Chu carried Su'er and Li Jiujiu out of the secret room on the seventh floor, a large group of people surrounded Cang Chu.

"Luo'er, you have truly disappointed me." Yao Yao was dressed in a purple sandalwood pleated chest dress, her hair fluttered up from her temples with two b.u.t.terfly droplets of water. Two strands of curvy hair dropped down from her forehead, outlining the cold expression of Yao Yao.

Cang Chu retreated step by step while carrying Su'er and Li Jiujiu.

"Elder sister, you released Su'er, right?" Cang Chu watched as Yao Yao walked in front of him with a complicated expression.

Yao Yao walked down the steps in an enchanting manner, and looked at Cang Chu coldly. "Release Su'er? If you don't want to live, do you have to drag the rest of us? Didn't you see how his father suffered before he died? "Do you still want us to go through the same pain and become impersonal after thirty-five years of age?"

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