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Chapter 4

Ning Er had walked from the apartment complex to the school for a year, and had never felt that the road was this long.

In May, the trees on both sides of the road were lush and green. The morning sun was dazzling hot and humid, the breeze was blowing rapidly from the front, making the leaves of the Chinese parasol tree rustled a sound.

The road was extremely familiar to Ning Er. He pa.s.sed by the first intersection, and when the uncle who was selling grains cake saw him, smiled and asked: "Ning Er, you won’t eat cake today?" Ning Er quickly shook his head.

When the female owner of the steamed bun breakfast shop greeted him, Ning Er gently replied: "Good morning."

"Are you close with them?"

Ning Er turned his head to look at Shao Bai Han who was curiously looking at the female shop owner, and then stared back at him. Shao Bai Han's hands were inside his pockets, Ning Er stared for long before nodding. With a hint of a slight smile, Shao Bai Han said: "Ning Er, you are very popular ah."

Ning Er footsteps faltered then he nodded: "…hmm."

Shao Bai Han very meaningfully said: "Hmm."

In fact, Ning Er was very unsociable when he was still young.

His health was very poor back then and he often got sick, it only improved when he started going to junior middle school. And his only peers in the apartment complex was Shao Bai Han. Shao Bai Han was a maverick, he obviously didn’t play with Ning Er and just played his console games by himself on the side every time. He also didn’t allow Ning Er to say bad things about him to Grandma Shao, letting Grandma Shao think that he was good to Ning Er and that he was playing with him.

Probably the lack of experience in communicating with others, Ning Er was very shy when he was still young. Every time his parents took him out to meet their acquaintances, he would hide behind his parents and didn’t dare talk, making him looked more shy than the other girls.

Shao Bai Han asked that because he knew the fact that Ning Er was not an extrovert, and because he was now popular. Which was a little bit different to what Shao Bai Han had imagined.

Pa.s.sing by a flower shop, Ning Er smiled to the shopkeeper and said: "Good morning."

The shopkeeper looked up: "Xiao Er, good morning."

Shao Bai Han gazed silently at the young boy next to him. Ning Er was smiling and his eyes were slightly squinting, those specially beautiful eyes were all sparkling.

The one in Ning Er's eyes were no longer just him.

However, it was more beautiful.

Shao Bai Han gently hooked up the corner of his mouth and continued on walking forward.

As soon as they arrived at school, Shao Bai Han stopped walking and stared at Ning Er strangely. He stood in front of a breakfast stall along with the several students who were also buying some things. The students were secretly glancing at Ning Er and Shao Bai Han with a surprise and curious expression. Ning Er was Yanzhong's school gra.s.s after all, so they apparently knew him.

Shao Bai Han skillfully said to the vendor: "One soy milk and one black rice milk."

The vendor took something from the insulation box then handed it: "A total of 4.5 yuan."

Shao Bai Han took out the latest Apple phone then scanned the QR code.

(T/N: IPhone)

Ning Er stared blankly at the side.

He didn’t know that Shao Bai Han hadn’t had any breakfast yet.

Why didn't Grandma Shao cook breakfast? But when Ning Er went to the kitchen this morning to get a bread, he saw Grandma Shao doing something in the kitchen. If she wasn’t making breakfast that time, then what was it?

"Take this."

Shao Bai Han directly put the black rice milk into Ning Er's hand then strode forward. After taking a few steps, he turned around to look at Ning Er who was still standing on the same spot. He raised his eyebrow: "Aren't you afraid of being late, Ning Er?"

Ning Er's face turned red, he then quickly followed.

After walking for a while, he whispered: "This… You bought this for me?"

Shao Bai Han asked back: "Don't you like to drink this?"

Ning Er froze for a moment, then he gently let out a "hmm" sound. He poked the straw to the seal and tried to plunge it. The material wasn’t strong enough, so the tip of the straw instantly crooked. He tried to poke hard for a few more times, but the tip of the straw became st.u.r.dy.

Ning Er didn’t dare make a sound to not let Shao Bai Han know his embarra.s.sment. He poked gently this time, poking a few times till a slender hand suddenly took over his black rice milk. Ning Er jerked his head up in surprise and saw Shao Bai Han pulled his own straw straight out of the soy milk and poked the seal of the black rice milk using it.


The seal was poked into a hole, Shao Bai Han took out his straw and stuck Ning Er's straw into the hole. After doing these, he stuffed back the black rice milk into Ning Er's palm, then he hooked up his lips: "Why are you still bad at poking this? Like when you were young."

The black rice milk was obviously warm, but it felt hot in Ning Er's palm at the moment.

He bitterly said: "Don't use the straw you have drunk with to poke my black rice milk. It's… unhygienic."

Shao Bai Han glanced at him strangely. The two walked for a while before Ning Er heard him whispered in a low voice: "I still don’t like it."

Ning Er's face flushed red.

He wasn’t late and was on the right time when he arrived at the cla.s.sroom.

Ning Er put the black rice milk at the corner of his table. When Jiang Chen entered the cla.s.sroom and saw the black rice milk that hadn’t even drank yet, his eyes lit up: "Ning Er, how did you know that I haven’t eaten breakfast yet? I’m starving!" He picked up the black rice milk while saying these.

Ning Er anxiously grabbed the black rice milk, causing Jiang Chen to be surprised.

Ning Er: "…I already drank on it. It would be unhygienic if you drink it."

Jiang Chen put down his school bag and carelessly said: "When did you become a neat-freak ah? Forget it, I’ll just eat cookies. I can’t eat hot breakfast at all. Soda crackers and cookies are better!"

Ning Er really liked drinking black rice milk when he was still young. But he didn’t have enough money to buy snack nor his mom give him any pocket money.

The Ning family didn’t have any tradition of giving pocket money at all.

His mom even told him: "You eat meals at home. If you need to buy something, we will buy it for you. What do you need the pocket money for?"

So Ning Er didn’t really have any money when he was in primary school.

But it was different for Shao Bai Han, his pocket money was particularly large. Ning Er didn’t know how much, but he knew that what Shao Bai Han wanted, he could buy it without any hesitation. There was once a cla.s.smate who bought a transformer, causing the whole cla.s.s into a commotion, even the cla.s.s next door came to see it. The next day, Shao Bai Han bought one of the newest transformers, twice times larger than that student. He played it for a few days before getting tired of it and throwing it to Ning Er. That was the best toy Ning Er had in primary school.

Grandma Shao was already old and there were times that she didn’t make breakfast for Shao Bai Han, so Shao Bai Han would go to breakfast stalls to buy food. The first time he drank a black rice milk, he didn’t like it. After drinking a mouthful, he didn't drink again and wanted to throw it away. But when Ning Er saw it and thought it was a waste, he said in a childish voice: "Don't waste it."

Shao Bai Han gave the black rice milk to Ning Er and said: "Then you help me drink it."

Ning Er felt a little nervous: "You…You have to drink it."

Shao Bai Han smirked and coldly said: "Unfortunately, I don’t like it."

At that time, Shao Bai Han seemed to be really angry. Ning Er was so scared that Shao Bai Han was not happy, so he hurriedly grabbed the black rice milk and forced himself to drink it. Shao Bai Han was stunned, he didn’t expect that the kid would s.n.a.t.c.h it abruptly.

At first, Ning Er just didn’t want Shao Bai Han to get angry, that was why he drank it. But he suddenly felt good after drinking it and said excitedly: "Tasty!"

Shao Bai Han stared at him for a while before nodding.

Thus, Shao Bai Han would often buy him a black rice milk every time they walk to school together. It was the best black rice milk Ning Er had ever drunk. Later on, he started to have his own pocket money in junior middle school and would always buy it. But as time pa.s.sed by, he felt that it wasn’t as tasty as before when Shao Bai Han bought it, so he stopped buying it.

Shao Bai Han bought him black rice milk today and Ning Er finished drinking it at the morning self-study.

He had eaten a bread at home and now a black rice milk, so he was feeling a little full.

After coming back from the office to give the homework with another cla.s.s representative, Ning Er saw the Sports Committee standing on the podium.

The Sports Committee said loudly: "We will be divided into two groups, this is probably our last group event. There are 25 girls and 28 boys in our cla.s.s. So, in the Basketball League on Friday, all the girls will be cheerleaders while all the boys will play a game. This is probably the last month of the cla.s.smates friendship, so we will play together!"

The cla.s.s made a commotion.

There was also a burst of cheers in all the cla.s.ses next door.

Ning Er returned to his seat and asked Jiang Chen what had happened.

Jiang Chen looked excited and full of vigor: "You didn’t know yet? The Sports Committee said a while ago that they are going to open a basketball game on Friday, and all the cla.s.ses will partic.i.p.ate! We still have one month before the final exam, and we will be divided next semester. This is the last cla.s.s event, so everyone will partic.i.p.ate and leave a commemoration. Ning Er, you have to practice after school. No, let’s practice together!"

Ning Er quickly shook his head: "I will not partic.i.p.ate, I don’t play well."

Jiang Chen clasped Ning Er's neck and laughed: "Why don’t you join us? We are not planning to win the championship because we all know the strength of our cla.s.s. The champion will definitely be cla.s.s six. Right, brothers?"

The boys laughed out loud.

"Don't talk nonsense, Jiang Chen. What if we win the championship?"

"Don't be ridiculous. The cla.s.s six has the four heavenly kings. Who can beat them? Each of them have more than 1.8 meter height. I can’t fight with them."

"Forget the four heavenly kings. I heard that the cla.s.s six' new transfer student will also play. His height is 185 and he is better than the four heavenly kings in playing basketball."

A girl added: "He is also very handsome!"

Everyone burst out laughing.

Every next semester, all the students would be divided according to Science and Liberal Arts. As a result, most of the students wouldn’t be in the same cla.s.s. So this basketball game wasn’t for the championship, but for them to cheer up together, work together and have a good time together.

Throughout the day, the Sports Committee was counting the lists to determine the boys' appearance in the game.

Fortunately, the girls said that the cla.s.s monitor would be responsible for the rehearsals and writing slogans.

Thus, the boys were divided into two groups. The two boys, including Jiang Chen, would play twice while the others would only play once.

The Sports Committee looked at Ning Er, who was standing and tidying up the math test papers for the next period. After listening to the Sports Committee, he quickly shook his head: "I really can’t play basketball. I will only drag down the cla.s.s."

The Sports Committee said: "We don’t want to take the championship. Ning Er, everyone will partic.i.p.ate in it because this is the last group event."

Ning Er still shook his head: "I'm bad at playing basketball. Jiang Chen knows it."

Jiang Chen smiled on the side and sarcastically said: "You're a terrible shooter. But I think you can make 7 out of 10 chances in a three-point line."

Ning Er: "I can't even shoot a ball!"

Jiang Chen didn’t mind: "What if you hit free throws?"

Ning Er could only kept on persuading the Sports Committee to not let him partic.i.p.ate in the game. Because if he did, it would only be very humiliating. He then explained again and again: "My skill is very poor. It's really bad."

The Sports Committee was embarra.s.sed: "But this is the last time…"

In fact, Ning Er was also a bit hesitant. He wanted to enter the compet.i.tion with everyone, but he was really bad at sports. He was afraid that he would only make a joke of himself if he played in the court. After hesitating and thinking for a long time, he looked up at the Sports Committee. Just as he was about say that he would really not partic.i.p.ate, the Sports Committee looked behind him with big eyes.


An arm from behind him suddenly clasped his neck and pulled him.

Ning Er's eyes widened as he found himself being hugged by a man from behind.

Shao Bai Han who was wearing black and white sportswear stood outside the cla.s.sroom of cla.s.s four. His one arm was propped on the window, while the other one was hooking over Ning Er who was standing near the window. He was taller than Ning Er, so he leaned over to lay his chin on Ning Er's shoulder while hugging the kid with only one arm. He then looked up at the Sports Committee.

A scream resounded in cla.s.s four.

"The transfer student! The transfer student!"

"The very handsome transfer student!"

Shao Bai Han who seemed to not hear these screams, stared at the roster on the Sport Committee's hand. "Are you talking about the Basketball League on Friday?"

After coming back to his senses, the Sports Committee nodded stiffly.

Shao Bai Han knitted his brows: "Ning Er will not partic.i.p.ate?"

The Sports Committee explained: "Ning Er said that he is not good at playing basketball…"

Shao Bai Han licked his own lips and said seriously: "That should be true."

Ning Er was annoyed at Feng Fei for suddenly hugging him from behind. He wanted to turn around and beat this man to death. But in the next moment, Shao Bai Han's warm breath sprayed unexpectedly near his ears. Shao Bai Han's voice rang in the cla.s.sroom: "Don't worry, I’ll teach him how to play basketball and give him a special training."

Ning Er's ears instantly felt hot, it was so red that it looked like it was bleeding. Shao Bai Han who was still hugging him from behind, smiled.

The screams in cla.s.s four didn’t stop.

Even the students in cla.s.s five and cla.s.s six next door curiously went out just to see what happened there.

Ning Er's body trembled slightly. He really wanted to push this person away from him, but he didn’t have any strength left in him, let alone lift his hand.

At this moment, Shao Bai Han's head was still bowed as he softly whispered in Ning Er's ear: "Xiao Er, am I good?"

Ning Er closed his eyes, he didn’t know where did he summoned up the courage to shake off Shao Bai Han's arm.

"Not good at all!"

Shao Bai Han froze.

The author has something to say:

Shao Bai Han: This script is wrong ah! Shouldn’t Xiao Er shyly shrink into my arms and say that I’m really good?!

Ning Er: !!!

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