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That’s not it

“And thus, I am terribly sorry, but once today’s meeting ends, I will be meeting Envy and heading to Freegrant. I will likely be away for a few days……”
“Got it. I’ll stay quiet then.”
“I will do my best to come back as soon as possible.”
“It’s fine, don’t worry so much. I can distribute the risk if today’s meeting goes well.”
“Is that so?”

In the rocking carriage, master smiled innocently, just like a mischievous child.
Today is the day of the important meeting master organised. Yet, there is no sign of tension from master. In fact, he is being considerate of me since I have been feeling uneasy about leaving master’s side for a few days, or possible a few weeks.

While feeling proud of Nanaki’s master’s confidence, Nanaki also feels reproachful for being a foolish servant that is making the master worry, what is Nanaki doing. Even though Nanaki talked big, wanted master to be confident because that is appropriate for this Nanaki’s master, but with Nanaki like this, it is shameful.

Seriously, what a state.

This is not like Nanaki. This is not like Nanaki at all. This is a failure unworthy of beautiful, proud Mother’s daughter. Why must this Nanaki feel uneasy? It’s simple. Because Nanaki does not want to lose something. Nanaki is not scared of it, Nanaki cannot allow it. Being stolen from is infuriating. If it is something important, even more so.

The reason uneasiness triumphs, is because Nanaki remembers that day.
Nanaki cannot forget that scene that has been burnt into Nanaki’s memory. The sadness of someone important no longer moving, the despair of not being able to have her simply call Nanaki’s name. Nanaki remembers the horribly cold rain. Nanaki cannot forget that rain. Nanaki cannot, forgive that rain.

That’s why, Nanaki will kill. Nanaki will kill all that steals from Nanaki.


Nanaki feels a little better.

“What’s wrong?”
“No, I was just a little disappointed by myself.”
“Haha, even Nanaki has those kind of times.”

When Nanaki honestly answered master’s question, master widened his eyes slightly, as if having seen something unexpected, then laughed kindly. Seriously, should Nanaki think of it as being laughed at by master? Or having made master laugh? Either way, it is good medicine for the useless maid that is making the master concerned. Nanaki will obediently accept it.

“Yes. It was unexpected for me too.”

Basically, Nanaki lacks self-awareness.

There are too many things Nanaki wants to protect. Since that day I lost beloved mother, I have met just that many people. And I found them precious. Or possibly, beautiful.

Either way, I found it.
The world Nanaki can love. Nanaki left the capital that day to find this. By accepting and affirming the world instead of hating it, Nanaki did not need to kill the sister Nanaki loves. Mother said the world is wonderful, Nanaki can now nod to that.

Then Nanaki just needs to live in this wonderful world. Killing everything is not fitting for Nanaki, Nanaki will protect everything. Nanaki does not need a weak heart that feels uneasy. Nanaki does not need an escape path. If Nanaki cannot do it, then just become able to do it. Because Nanaki is a special existence.
just learn, grow, adapt
But still, it is also true that Nanaki cannot help thinking. This world of difference when compared to when Nanaki left mother, those days when Nanaki was complete with Nanaki alone.


Nanaki can only sigh.

“There’s more now……”


in a sense

but happiness too

It took another thirty minutes for the carriage we are riding to arrive at the destination.
The center of the aristocrat town, the enormous clock tower stood in the central area. This is the meeting place.

If Nanaki recalls correctly, its name is ‘Belk’s Clock Tower’.
From what Nanaki has heard, it seems to be quite an important building among the n.o.bles and corresponding status is required to enter. It was not a place the Alfred family before Nanaki came could approach.

“I will look around just in case. Master, please wait here for a while.”
“Ah, please.”

First, Nanaki alighted alone and conducted a safety check.
Nanaki cannot feel any large mana response nearby, but that is no reason to relax Nanaki’s guard. After all, today we are meeting the members of Six Great n.o.bles we have so dearly missed. Fated enemies, Nanaki won’t go so far as to call them that, but they probably don’t think well of the Alfred family.

In addition, this time the Alfred family has the card of reviving science. It would not be strange for those that want to obtain it even with some damage to show up. In this world where people must use magic that whittles away their life, science which can be used by anyone has that much value.

“No hostility……”

At the very least, there is no unsettling presences among the people within sight. Humans that are planning something always produce a kind of special presence or atmosphere. There is no way this Nanaki that has survived in the severe wilderness would overlook such an unrefined presence. In which case , there is no problem for now.

Except for one person.


A small girl with silver hair. Probably about ten years old. Now then, it’s an unfamiliar face, but why would that girl be staring at Nanaki with those amethyst eyes.

Being at this Belk’s Close Tower means she is an ojou-sama with some status, but there are no attendants around her. The girl dressed in black and white gothic lolita clothing just stared at Nanaki with a calm expression.

“…………can’t be helped.”

Since Nanaki made eye contact, just leaving like this is unnatural. She might be lost, Nanaki will bend this time. With that decided, act fast. Master is waiting.

“Nice to meet you, ojou-sama. I serve the Alfred Family, I am Nana. Are you troubled?”

While gifting her with Nanaki’s wonderful smile which has been called sociable, Nanaki greeted the girl. Hm? Who said that? Of course, Nanaki did. In the streets it is said to be like an angel’s. Angel Nanaki.


Now then, this is troubling. There is no response.
No no, that’s wrong Friend. This is not because Nanaki’s smile was scary. Or rather, there is no way Nanaki’s smile is scary in the first place. Do you understand what archangel Nanakiel’s smile is?

But still, it is reality that there is no conversation. Could she be nervous? Then please leave it to this Nanaki. Speaking bluntly, Nanaki is not good with children, but Nanaki has heard that children likes being lifted high, high.

Then it must be Nanaki.
See see, look here Friend. High high pride.


Why did you hit so hard?

“…………nice to meet you.”

When Nanaki was directing a stare of protest at friend, a small but very beautiful voice clearly reached Nanaki’s ears.

See that Friend? Nanaki’s prideful behavior has eased the girl’s nervousness. Thus Nanaki requests an apology and compensation for your unjustified violence. What if this beautiful face of Nanaki’s got swollen? It’ll heal immediately though.

Anyway, at least conversation has started with this. Let’s get this over with and return to master’s si——

“Nice to meet you, Lightning Empress Nanaki.”

——is what Nanaki wanted to do but.

“Yes, nice to met you.”

Now then, what should Nanaki ask first.

“There is one thing I want to ask, ojou-sama.”

It’s set.

“——are you my enemy?”


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