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The Pig and Silver

I don’t particularly want to know about the mystery of the world. I don’t have much interest in what that existence known as Eltel is thinking and wants to do. Eltel’s intentions don’t matter. I honestly think that. I, Nanaki just wants to kill it. So there is only one point Nanaki needs to care about in Silver’s report.

“……I see, then Eltel is there.”
“There were some among those captured during the attack on the capital that know that name. Not that we were able to get much information though.”
“No, it is plenty.”

It is somewhere in this world. Nothing but the name is known about it, but it has been proven it exists and is not a figment of imagination. Most would say so what. But that is plenty for Nanaki. This is plenty. If it is there, if it exists in this world.

I can kill it.

“That’s a terrible smile.”
“Kill enemies, that is all Silver. That has how it has always been before. And that is how it will always be. I will definitely kill it. Because that is necessary for me.”
“……that part of you makes me nauseous, that path of yours is not that of a human’s.”
“Stop saying such arrogant things despite never having treated me as a person. The only one that can preach to me is my sister over there. Not you, Silver.”
“You guys quarrel as naturally as breathing……”

Nanaki is very apologetic to Nanaki’s sister who let out a large sigh, but this is no longer anything that can be done about it. In the first place, it was this man’s fault for making a false accusation about Nanaki’s wonderful smile. Nanaki would like Nanaki’s best friend to teach that piece of junk the charm of Nanaki’s smile, is that okay? Eh, it is?

Unexpectedly, Friend nodded readily. He usually makes fun of Nanaki, but at these times he is Nanaki’s ally. As expected of Nanaki’s best friend, very gentlemanly. Now Friend, hold nothing back and teach that piece of junk about the Nanaki’s charm! It might not get through though!

First? Mhm mhm, that’s it! Nanaki’s smile is energetic. Nazgul said something good! Next? Mhm mhm. Mhm. Yes, that’s right. Nanaki’s smile is beautiful like a gem. Well! It’s the same face as Mother after all, Nanaki thinks it can’t be helped that can’t be helped nfufu. And then and then? Mhm. Mhm mhm. That’s ri—ght! Nanaki’s smile is like an alpaca’s! Silver you b.a.s.t.a.r.d are you listening!? ……by the way Friend, what’s an alpaca? It’s delicious?

“Envy, what is an alpaca?”

It’s mostly fine to just ask Envy if Nanaki doesn’t know. Nanaki is knowledgeable. No, the knowledgeable one is Envy though. So, Friend, why are you casually moving away? Nanaki doesn’t know what you are hiding, but Nanaki is feeling good after getting praised by you, so Nanaki will forgive most things. Nfufu.

“…………horse? No, a camel?”


“No, super ugly. Also spits.”

Peh peh at Friend. He dodged.

“Hey behave!”

And Nanaki got scolded.

“…………back on topic, you and Envy will infiltrate Freegrant. If you find Eltel, capture if possible. If that is difficult, kill.”
“Then I will kill.”
“Hou, even you find it hard to capture Eltel alive? Even though you normally brag so much about being special, so miserable.”
“I will kill this one first.”
“Wa—it a moment! Dou dou dou! (T/N: the calming camelhorse thing again) And Silver don’t incite her!”
“Babysitting her is your job. In the first place, her bad behavior is because of you, Envy, you did not teach her wel——”
“Okay go Nanaki”
“I understananaki.”

Nanaki got permission.

kill him


“I have understood about Eltel. But master has an important meeting tomorrow and I am accompanying him. It is okay if we meet up after that is done Envy?”
“Got it. Silver you’re fine with that right? ……you alive?”
“……fike fai hill hie hon fat(Like I will die from that)”

Seeing Silver speak like that with a swollen face, Nanaki guffawed with Envy. Isn’t this more manly then the normal princely look? Friend, don’t you think so too? Ahaha, that’s right that’s right. Next is you. Remember that.

“……so onto the next topic.”

Next? Looking back at Silver, he is back to his usual composed expression with AlshJio’s healing ability. Nanaki would have liked him to stay with that stupid look though. With that clumsy face, Nanaki might feel grow attached. Probably not though.

“About Shiel Mercury.”

Shiel Mercury.

That is the name of Nanaki’s love rival. The bearer of a beautiful heart that grew up in a different world from me. That is n.o.ble. But that’s why there is something I am sure about. Her n.o.bility, will kill master one day. When that time comes, I will——

“Oi, are you listening?”
“I do not think there is any worth in listening.”
“I’m being serious.”
“Which makes it a problem.”

Come to think of it, he was muttering something that time Nanaki called Shiel Mercury to the capital. That time Nanaki thought Nanaki misheard and ignored it, but just could it be, could it be? No, but, it is unbelievable that tha Silver would fall in love with a woman with that figure. In which case, there might be a different reason. Okay, let’s ask that first.

“What about Shiel Mercury?”
“Ah, I fell for her.”

……………………………………I want to eat meat.


d.a.m.n it, even if for an instant, this proud Nanaki abandoned thought. That is escaping. Never mind if it is for survival, Nanaki’s pride does not allow showing Nanaki’s back to a mere Silver. Once again, let’s concentrate. Yeah, Nanaki is a genius. Things of this level will work out somehow. FIrst, let’s confirm it with Silver one more time. Nanaki’s cute ears might have misheard.

“……one more time please, Silver.
“I fell for Shield Mercury.”

Ah no good, help me Envy.

“Time out.”
“Make it quick.”

This guy’s acting all arrogant.

“Hey! Envy!”
“……ah, aah.”

Nanaki called out loudly to sister who has most likely abandoned thought like Nanaki. Nanaki has known Envy for quite a long time, but Nanaki has never seen such a stunned face. For now, Nanaki moved away from Silver with Nanaki’s sister who still seems to be confused.

“Is Silver serious about that?”
“No way, is what I want to say but……”

While whispering to each other, we sneaked peeks at Silver who is looking up at the sky a slight ways away from us.

“But there isn’t a single rumour about Silver’s love life. But if that is his tastes then it makes sense……”
“Is it normally normal to like that kind of appearance? I guarantee the beauty of her heart, but I honestly think she should improve her appearance.”
“Normally no. But well, I can’t declare that it’s impossible. In the first place, did Silver really fall for that fa……woman’s appearance? Not interior?”
“Then let’s check.”

But then, there should not have been time for Silver to talk with Shield Mercury. He was focusing his strength on searching for Leon who had been kidnapped. Then there should not be anything but her appearance for Silver to like. But the fact is that it is a bit hard to believe that with that appearance.

“Silver, tell me something.”

There really is no choice but to ask the person himself.

“Please tell me the reason you fell for Shiel Mercury.”
“Her appearance.”

………………………………I want to, eat meat.

the end

Hecate kept typing Shield Mercury……and the stuff after this is just because I randomly feel like sharing why I started translating this series……feels like a bad timing with how the chapter before this was like but……anyway, if you are curious read on~

–  –

So, I read a lot. Like about average 3 hours a day? Also depression strikes if I go below that amount for about a week. So there’s certain series which I consider ‘favourite’ ‘best written’ ‘saddest’ ‘most interesting’ etc. But those t.i.tles can shift around and have. But L.E.M. will always be the the life-changing series for me. Life-changing? Not quite, but certainly changed the way I think.

When I first read L.E.M. it was after a period of time when I really seriously questioned why I bother staying alive and not just killing myself off. I don’t really fear death, and without that there’s actually surprisingly little reason to stay alive. At most to not sadden my family. So I debated the question ‘Why do I not just kill myself right now”, the answer was always the same and pretty simple. I want to read. That’s it. I live to read. I read to live.

Okay heavy things above aside. Basically at that time, even though I found an answer for why to not die, I still found life boring and a major pain. L.E.M. is what changed my thinking that allows me to try to enjoy life. A bit hard to not change the way I think when reading about someone so proud of being alive. So although not perfectly like Nanaki (she is a bit extreme after all), I try to live with pride. Not the standard view of pride, but Nanaki’s version of pride. Well a lot of the parts I picked up might just be reading deeper than the author intended, like pride as an obligation, being humble is just insulting everyone worse off or less skilled. Final goal for me is to be proud of being alive, like Nanaki. Well, feels impossible for now, but it’s an interesting life goal and other aspects of trying to live with pride, or at least that way of thinking makes life more interesting.

Well thanks to that, I’m really grateful to both this series and the author~ Recently I removed the other translated series on this site because I asked for permission late, only after I started translating. Then a certain something made me finally just go and ask. And didn’t get permission from all except for L.E.M. ……..really felt like the second time this author saved my life, was fully prepared to remove everything. Yep, I was stupid for not asking for permission before, but back then I wasn’t confident in my ability to communicate in j.a.panese and me talking to people is…… then afterwards the pride mentioned above didn’t allow me to just leave things like that. So I asked.

……this really got a lot longer than I intended. Since it’s so long already, two more things. First, once again, apologies to any readers of the other series that were removed. I really messed up.
Second is just a random sentence I read in a certain series that stuck with me. It was just a casual phrase, not really the focus of the story, but it’s a really interesting way to think. It roughly translates as “I will be optimistic for now, I will only think about convenient things. After all, the world is too filled with inconvenient things”. The story is pretty dark, so the context for that is pretty heavy. But as someone who questions why people can be so optimistic, this is an interesting answer. Also wouldn’t life be more interesting if you think this way?

Future me will really regret this. Hi future me, dying of embarra.s.sment yet? It’s okay, go back to reading.

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