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The whereabouts of the Truth


There actually is a reason for Nanaki to be looking up at the sky and muttering.

Yes, h.e.l.lo, how is everyone around the world doing? It’s a nice morning, is hard to say with how the sky looks, but good morning anyways. It’s Nanaki. Seeing as how the blowing wind is getting increasingly cold, the arrival of winter is close. It is the season where Nanaki misses not human warmth, but sister warmth. Won’t Envy come to visit?

While holding a broom, Nanaki is standing in the garden under the cold sky again today.

This is because Nanaki has realised. That headhunting strategy that started from master’s recommendation recently had a huge flaw.

With the two new maids added to this Alfred estate, the work that was originally done by the lacking manpower is finally getting done and the estate is now more properly maintained compared to before. That is fine. It is the joy of a servant to present master and Meisama a more comfortable residence.

So, what is the flaw.

“……there is no work.”

Mainly for Nanaki.

“Harmy aside, to think that even Aiysha……”

Since Harmy and Aiysha joined this household, Nanaki’s workload has dropped sharply. This is all proof of their skill. This is a thing to be delighted about for master and Meisama. The more skilled the servants, the greater the evaluation of the employers since such servants obey them.

But this is troubling for Nanaki. Very troubling. After all, Nanaki worked at this estate before those two, so Nanaki is a senpai maid. Or head maid. Mhm, sounds good. Head maid Nanaki, Nanaki would really like to be called that.

In any case, with the addition of two skilled maids, Nanaki’s free time has increased. As someone that called themselves a Master Maid, Nanaki would like to somehow use this idle time productively, but there really is no work.

Every corner has been cleaned and the laundry is being done carefully. Then as for meals, Nanaki is shut out with no room for argument. Nanaki would like to raise an objection, but when arguing about it, Meisama would appear with a carrot, so Nanaki is holding back for now. And so the only thing left is greeting visitors, but with the leisure in manpower, head butler Ridolf has gotten more free time and is dealing with that.

In the end, Nanaki’s job is only to wait for either master or Meisama’s bell to ring. But not matter how long Nanaki waits, the bell does not ring. Of course, Nanaki has prepared tea just now.


From the above reasons, there is nothing to do, so Nanaki thought to clean the garden, took a broom in hand and that leads to the current situation. And in front of Nanaki’s eyes, is the clean garden without a single fallen leaf. Of course Nanaki would want to look up at this cold sky. Even just letting it slip, simply saying ‘I’m bored’ would affect Nanaki’s image. As a Master Maid, Nanaki must maintain a level of tension and keep working at all times. Saying ‘I’m bored’ is out of the question.

“I’m bored.”

But it’s okay since there is no one here but Nanaki. No, to be more accurate, there is that wild donkey that just leapt out of the window though.


There is no such thing and even if there was, it doesn’t matter if you shout like that.


Nanaki dodged Aiysha’s sharp kick that was aimed at Nanaki’s neck by taking a step back and caught her ankle. Now then, does this pup understand how great of a failure it is to let your leg be caught in battle? Nanaki can crush it, Nanaki can also cut it off, either way, she would lose her normal mobility. But as Aiysha will serve as Nanaki’s successor, Nanaki cannot crush it. Accordingly, Nanaki will throw it away somewhere. With some bonus lightning.

“Please protect yourself.”

Nanakismile of warning. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.


When Nanaki threw Aiysha into the sky with a smile, she disappeared into the sky with quite an undignified scream. Nanaki followed up with a slightly dialed-down lightning as a present for her who has become a dot and pierced through the clouds. Now then, if you are to become Nanaki’s disciple, Nanaki would like you to block this, how is it? Let’s ask when she comes back.

Hm? Nanaki? Of course Nanaki won’t watch. Nanaki wouldn’t choose her as a Five Emperor Successor if something like that could take her down, more importantly, worrying about something of this level is called being overprotective. No, it’s not like Nanaki thought that Nanaki might have more work if Aiysha left for a while. Of course. Friend, you should trust your best friend a little more.
Respond with a smile to Friend’s sharp, correction, unexpected questions. Baseless Nanakismile. Everyone around the world, Nanaki is innocent.


An extraordinary presence. Seems there are results alrea——no, it’s a sly person that came the instant Aiysha left. Nanaki must make show them utter defeat. But then, it’s a somewhat familiar presence. Specifically speaking, it feels similar to a certain Sword Emperor’s presence, but would that man that brings being busy to new heights come to such a remote area?

In any case, begin movement even while feeling suspicious. The target is about a hundred meters from the estate, a trifling distance that would not take a second with lightning-clad movement. Nanaki’s instincts says it is most likely that man, but it would not be funny if the one in a million chance occurred. Nanaki will not make light of it and respond with Nanaki’s full strength.

Become lightning and dash instantaneously.

“Uwa, it really is Silver.”
“Nice greeting.”

The instant Nanaki advanced, Nanaki’s eyes caught sight of the person Nanaki expected. The very picture of a blond, blue-eyed prince. Now then, what business would the leader of the Five Emperors have to come all the way to this remote area?

“You look like you want to ask what’s this guy doing.”
“What’s this guy doing?”
“No need to say it.”

Nanaki wants to say it. After all, Nanaki and Silver’s relationship is not good. Understanding that, he dared to openly show up at my final line of defense. Then again, that is just like Silver.

“So, what business do you have? Today is not a day where I need to go to the capital though.”
“You’re so easy to understand. I also have a mountain of problems with you, but my att.i.tude isn’t that bad.”
“Excuse me, I saw a face I do not want to see early in the morning, so my mood is a little bad.”
“……then it looks like it’s better to do something about that mood of yours first.”

He’s not responding. In fact, he says he would do something to improve Nanaki’s mood. That silver? What turn of events is this? Nanaki unintentionally backed away at how disgusting it was. For this Nanaki to back away, a failure.

“Disgusting. What are you planning————!?”

As Nanaki said that, something blocked Nanaki’s vision.

“Who is i—t?”
“……I almost erased you, Envy.”
“Yo, you just might have done it.”

There is no way Nanaki can mistake that voice, when Nanaki replied in a slightly dissatisfied tone, Nanaki’s blocked vision was quickly cleared. Turning around, there was Nanaki’s most beloved sister dressed in an unfamiliar cloak. I see, this certainly improved Nanaki’s mood. There is enough for change even after seeing Silver’s undesirable face. In any case, greetings first. That is this sister’s teaching.

“Good morning, Envy.”
“Yes, morning. Nanaki.”
“I don’t think there was a greeting for me though.”

Who cares about that. More importantly, there is something Nanaki must check first.

“What was that just now, Envy?”

First of all, Nanaki has a complete grasp of all mana responses in this Freyline where master and Meisama live. It is impossible for Nanaki to be unable to detect someone with as much mana as Envy. Yet, she sneaked up on Nanaki so easily. On top of that, having Nanaki’s eyes covered is lethal. If this was when we were at war with the empire, Nanaki might have died from that.

And the greatest problem, is this Nanaki could not feel her presence.

Never mind an average person that was born and grew up in magic society, it is not possible for this Nanaki that lived in the wild to not feel the presence of a living thing. Even if Envy’s mana disappeared for some reason, her presence should exist as long as she is alive. Yet, Nanaki can’t even feel that right now.

“Seem it works even against Nanaki.”
“Seems like it. Then again, it’s only because she doesn’t know. Once she knows it won’t work again.”

While responding to Silver, Envy took off that unfamiliar cloak. And once she did that, Nanaki was instantly able to detect Envy’s enormous mana. I see, seems like the empire has made something ridiculous.

“It’s a fusion of science and magic, Nanaki. My mana cannot be detected when wearing this.”
“Even your presence is gone though.”
“I am using a magic to erase my presence inside. And also the sound of my footsteps.”
“That is……quite a dangerous thing her excellency has made.”

Basically, there is no choice but to catch a person wearing that cloak by eye. If five emperor-cla.s.s people like Envy and Silver wear this, it would be difficult to catch sight of them. Then again, as Envy said, Nanaki already thought of a countermeasure.

“The main culprit behind the attack on the capital the other day has been revealed. It’s Freegrant.”

That country should be quite a distance from the empire. Nanaki is not clear on their population, but it should not be an amount to allow them to wage war against the empire. In which case, the attack must have been instigated by the G.o.ds. Or possibly——

“Nanaki, use this and go scout Freegrant with Envy.”
“Scout? Not annihilate?”

It’s strange to say scout instead of annihilate after intentionally gathering the two possible of wide area annihilation. In the first place, the empire is not so kind as to be merciful to countrys that bare their fangs at it. Even if they are the same humans, all that threaten the empire will be exterminated. That country knows that humanity does not have the leisure to talk about ideals right now. With the decisive battle against the G.o.ds approaching, it is not the time to fight among humans. Yet, Silver said scout.

That means.

“————Eltel is most likely there.”

the end

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