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Volume 9 / Chapter 260

TL: LightNovelCafe

Editor: Isleidir

"Do you have to go?"

"I think it's weird too. It isn't a sense of duty and no one's pushing me to do it. I'm deciding whether I want to go or not on my own, aren't I? But I want to go."

Park Jin Hyuk held both of Kyoko's hands tightly. His hands are shaking.

10 years of Life Mission.

In that time, Park Jin Hyuk had reached his thirties.

He is no longer the high schooler he had been when he first met Cha Jun Sung.

"Koharu and Violet, Jun Sung are all beings like this. Why are you doing this too? Level S is level 9. It's a Disaster. You could die. It's not a joke."

Not long ago, World Federation made a final decision on the level S mission they'll go into. After debating between Sea G.o.d and Bon Load, they had decided on the latter.

Koharu, Violet, and Basil accepted the Bon Load mission that Strategist proposed. The same went for Park Jin Hyuk. Kyoko is the only person who won't go.

Level S Lifer reinforcement is impossible because there are no level A advancement missions, so a lot of level A Lifers formed. All that's left is whether they collide or not.

"What about our baby?"

Her full belly. Kyoko was left out of the mission because she is with child. Their mission is scheduled for next month. It is similar to her expected delivery date.

This means Park Jin Hyuk will be on the edge of life and death while the baby is being born.

"I won't die."

"Don't kid yourself. We're strong, but we're not invincible. Honestly, I was too scared during Three Evil Bones. There were mounds of corpses everywhere!"

It was the worst level A advancement mission in which more than 8000 people died, including Rankers.

The difficulty had been incomparable to that of Deep Sea Teeth due to Cha Jun Sung's absence. If the force that entered had been pushed back just a little, they would have been annihilated.

"If Jun Sung, our leader who was always one step ahead and who made the impossible possible, were going in too, I would have let you go without any issues. But he can't do missions anymore. There was that much sacrifice for 8 billion points, so how will it be for 190 billion?"

Everything Kyoko is saying is right.

She wanted to take Park Jin Hyuk out of the Bon Load mission. If he falls back, Koharu and the others will follow.

Though it has been long since Cha Jun Sung has acted properly as a Lifer, he still retains his abilities. No, he is much better than he was before.

He is like two level S Lifers. How great would it be if he were present?

The reward points for the Bon Load mission is 190 billion.

Three Evil Bones was 8 billion.

With a simple calculation, it is almost 24 times that of Three Evil Bones.

They don't need to experience it to know. h.e.l.l is waiting for Lifers.

"I already told them I'm going. There'll be a hole in the force if our party falls out."

Koharu, Basil, and Park Jin Hyuk are top level A Lifers, and Violet is one of only three level S Lifers.

"Try to understand my position."

Kyoko shook her head.

When Park Jin Hyuk sees that Cha Jun Sung can't go into missions, he feels a sense of duty that he needs to end it in his stead.

He won't listen no matter how much she tries to stop him. She can only hope that he will come back alive.

Time went by quickly. Time goes by faster when you don't want it to.

A month went by in the blink of an eye.

"We're entering in two days. I want to see him before we go in, but where on earth is he? He went back on his promise all of a sudden?"

"Yeah. He said he couldn't do it."

Violet spoke.

Just one day after asking Cha Jun Sung to help with the Amazon search, he contacted her saying that he couldn't do it.

She didn't get angry that he went back on his promise.

It doesn't matter if he doesn't do it. She's curious about why he turned them down, but she hadn't been able to get a clear reason.

"It seems he's inside a mission from the way he can't be contacted."

"His maximum is level B, but a level S Lifer staying inside a level B mission for several months?"

"He could be wandering around."

Park Jin Hyuk laughed bitterly.

To cross paths like this. He will be sure to come back, but he wanted to see Cha Jun Sung's face before going.

"Let's just do a good job, complete the mission, and see him when we get back."


Violet gave Park Jin Hyuk strength.

It is the day after tomorrow.

The day they enter level S mission Ruler of Bones.

It was strange.

It formed irregularly. It was like white flour sprayed on a person lying on their side. It was either breathing or a part of its body was swelling up and down.

It seems to be a living being.

Of course, it isn't human.

It is Evil Queen, who left another self behind and disappeared 5 years ago.

She is in a deep sleep. Evil Queen hadn't moved from this one place in 5 years.

She had turned all external functions internal. She cut off all communication with the world, so much so that she wouldn't know what was happening right next to her. It is like a consciousness that is trying to let her be born again into a more perfect being.

She had lost all concept of time.

She focused only on the changes happening to her.

Then it was as the process was finishing and she was gaining control over herself.

Evil Queen opened her eyes. It wasn't a big act. All she had done was open her eyes.

White powder permeates into Evil Queen's flesh.

It is being absorbed.

When the absorption was over, all that was left was a white-haired woman. Evil Queen stands up and stretches.

Sensual movements.

This is unnecessary behavior for mutants, but it's a habit of hers.

"How many years has it been?"

She had thought that the consciousness would take a long time. She hadn't been able to specify exactly how many years it would take, since she hadn't known how the changes would proceed.

Evil Queen's upper body twists abnormally. Then a skull resembling that of a human's appears. It is Bon Load who has fused with her.

"Ugh I can't control it."

Bon Load doesn't have a clear form like other mutants. This giant tomb is his container. If Bon Load had been weaker than Evil Queen when she first contacted this bizarre creature, she would have eaten him for the nutrients.

But they were able to form a symbiotic relationship because they were equals.

In that process, Evil Queen learned more about Bon Load. Then she had a thought.

What if Bon Load was contained not in the tomb, but in herself? It felt like something they could handle.

She thought of this after she saw Asia's Black Lord. A mighty energy that suppressed the will to fight emanated from his body.

It would have been good if they maintained a friendly relationship, but they hadn't been able to do that.

But the meeting with Black Lord was just a gauge to start thinking about it, there was a different reason why they executed it.

It was because of Africa.

Evil Queen was human, so she knows how comfortable science is. She found out about Africa with intelligence to an extent.

There was a war between Europe's White Witch and Africa's Beast, and White Witch won.

The one from Asia was in the rear support.

Names aren't constant between Disasters. They each have their own names for each other.

Anyway, it is certain that the white one and black one formed an alliance. Evil Queen decided to fuse with Bon Load at this point.

This is the result.

Though they have fused, Bon Load's mentality is still present. It is better to think that they coexist.

Mutual dependence.

Evil Queen can show Bon Load the world after having been tied to one place, and Bon Load can lend Evil Queen his incredible strength.

It is her body, but Evil Queen can't control Bon Load to her will. They cooperate with each other as equal presences. She had been expecting this much.

"This is plenty."

These words were aimed at Black Lord.

The one she had seen a long time ago.

He was surely strong, but she could feel the boundary of power because she had a foot in the same boundary. In this state, she is easily twice as strong. Even if he and Europe's white one came at her at the same time, or some other variable arose, she could win.

"I think all of the children are dead… Must be the work of those Lifers."

They hadn't gotten in contact 5 years ago, but they still haven't given word now, so she is sure.

"Since we've rested a long time, shall we get moving?"

Evil Queen left the tomb with Bon Load in her.

They will be busy for the time being.

They need to go past Asia to Europe.

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