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Volume 9 / Chapter 231

TL: LightNovelCafe

Editor: Hungry Panda

Jigneon flicks his finger.

A hologram appears in the air, showing a mission area.

Boom boom boom!

Thousands of Lifers are engaged in a vicious melee against mutants.

Cha Jun Sung saw this and remembered fighting in the ocean. The battles are the same, the only difference being land and sea.

"What mark is that?"

A familiar guild mark. It is on the tip of his tongue, but he cannot recall it. He said that it would be b.l.o.o.d.y Kingdom, but that isn't the mark of b.l.o.o.d.y Kingdom.

"It's a level A mission."


Was b.l.o.o.d.y Kingdom big enough to go into level A? Something that even the World Federation has been putting off? Are they pushing through with volume?

It's level 8 if it's a level A.

The World Federation could technically go into a level A. If all of the Rankers go up against level 8s, they would be able to complete the mission at the cost of great damage. They haven't attempted it yet because they want to complete it without making sacrifices.

"That's the Lifer Borteth chose. He gave him benefits under the table."


A giant explosion occurs far from the Lifer and mutant battlefield. It is like the power of a missile falling.

Boom boom boom boom!

Even after the giant explosion faded, there were continuous explosions. The point of view changes.

A Lifer is fighting against a large mutant.

"Scorpion? Ugh! I think I can remember what that is! What was that called?"

"Rogue Scorpion Monarch."

"Oh right!"

A giant scorpion with an equal mix of black and white, brings down four pairs of pincers and three poisoned tails in order to crush the enemy.

Black fog floats near the scorpion in a 30 to 40 meter radius. It is an extremely poisonous fog that burns skin just from contact.

Level 8 Rogue Scorpion Monarch.

He is sure that it is the mutant that Poison King succeeded against in a one-person raid in order to enter the disaster ranking. Cha Jun Sung watches the Lifer fighting against the Rogue Scorpion Monarch. He will know who it is right away if he is a Ranker. Rankers have unique combat styles. It isn't because they are strong, but because they have individuality.


"Ha ha ha ha! Die!"

A hologram comes up in response to a harsh voice coming out of the battlesuit. It seems this is how the Lifer is being watched.

Tyrant is a terrorist.

He battles using bombs like Nuclear, who he is affiliated with. That is why the guild mark had been so familiar.

He is part of b.l.o.o.d.y Kingdom, but he also runs a guild called Rage. This means he doesn't have to go around with the guild members of b.l.o.o.d.y Kingdom.


A bomb in Tyrant's hand becomes red. A red membrane was covering the bomb. A haze flickers around his hand.

"Red light bomb."

9 combination battlesuit red light bomb. It isn't a bomb that is sold in the store.

It is handmade by buying the materials. It is Tyrant's unique skill to coagulate his own energy into a special bomb. It is similar yet distinct from similar terrorist Nuclear's energy explosion with a pure energy ball.

It is a skill that can be used if it is combined with a level B battlesuit.

It isn't fascinating, but its power bothers Cha Jun Sung.

The red light bomb left Tyrant's hand and every time it exploded, the Rogue Scorpion Monarch's fog trembles.

It is one against one.

To be able to battle one-on-one against a level 8.

"Did he reach completion?"

"Tyrant is on the exact path that you are on."

Jigneon said it in a roundabout way, but Cha Jun Sung understood him.

There is one way of reaching completion without going through advancement. If Borteth had given Tyrant the choice of following him for benefits.

"… Did he give Tyrant an opening card? Why to someone like him?"


"Because there's no better tool. Think about it. He'll be easy to control because he's greedy and selfish. More so than Blood King or Dark Side."

He agrees with what Jigneon is saying.

It isn't that Tyrant isn't smart. He's the type who is willing to give mutual help if he can get what he wants.

When limited to the two-dimensional world of Life Mission, which isn't touched by modern earth's power, then he is someone who can do whatever it takes.

"It's strange. Forget the card. How did he do his body modifications? What about the side effects? It isn't something that can be done easily."

Did he withstand the side effects?

Even the World Federation Rankers had been stuck at stages 7 and 8 before he helped them. It is normal to hesitate more when it comes to stages 9 and 10.

"We created Life Mission. The items and body modifications - all of it. The supervisors know how to weaken the side effects that come with body modifications. There is a different way for each person. Borteth used that on Tyrant. That's how that guy got through stage 10. The only difference between you and him is the 1 combination battlesuit."

Jigneon didn't mention Cha Jun Sung's mutation.

He is only comparing them as humans, with what can be seen to the naked eye.

"I told you before, didn't I? You're my challenger. I can't leave them to be so reckless. This experiment needs to flow naturally. The only subjects are Lifers and mutants. Anything beyond is unnecessary."

Cha Jun Sung could get a glimpse of Jigneon's personality. He is an old-fashioned type who is stubborn and places a lot of importance in principle.

Those who aren't would see this is as frustrating, but he doesn't seem to be a bad person.

'Though I can't tell what you're really like.'

He didn't show it on the outside.

Rather than respond to Jigneon, Cha Jun Sung watched Tyrant fight against the Rogue Scorpion Monarch.

He is strong. He has found his strength from the virtual version.

From the way he is switching items, it seems he sc.r.a.ped together everything he needed with his ample points as a foundation.

If he fights as Jigneon's p.a.w.n, he can win.

He can win narrowly. The difference in Ranker strength is like a sheet of paper.

Even with 10 combinations, it is difficult to take on two Rankers at the same time.

It is a win if if is one-on-one, but a loss if it is two-on-one.

If fighting strength has to be calculated, Cha Jun Sung is 1.5 and 1 is a Ranker. That difference becomes distinguished amongst Rankers, but this is the average.

"You said that I'm a p.a.w.n. Why do I need to fight with Tyrant?"

They were enemies in the virtual version, but they have not come across each other in the reality version. There's no need to bring up old feelings for no reason.

"Are you confident you can be free from Borteth? We may not like what he's doing, but he's a supervisor. Level S Lifer? That's nothing compared to a supervisor."

For the conversation to go like this, something has gone seriously wrong.

"So your point is that you'll watch my back from Borteth."

"I can't give you the benefits that Borteth gave to Tyrant. That goes against the purpose of Life Mission. However, I can protect you from Borteth. That doesn't go against the rules."

'A threat…"

Honestly, Cha  Jun Sung is suspicious as to whether he really will be threatened and if what Jigneon is saying is the truth. He doesn't want to become a p.a.w.n.

But it also doesn't seem right to ignore all of this.

He might go completely berserk if there is another incidence like Heavy Gravity.

'Let's say I accept. How do we kill Tyrant? If he has the same tendencies he did in the virtual version, he'll always have a string of subordinates with him.'

The World Federation will accept if he asks them for help. The two powers are enemies. There are a lot of people who have an axe to grind against b.l.o.o.d.y Kingdom.

But it isn't something he can bring up to them easily.

It's related to survival. He doesn't want to bring Park Jin Hyuk's group into it either. He completely took them off the list.

Should he just hit and retreat by himself?

This is the most comfortable method, but he wants to take care of the situation without revealing his ident.i.ty. He is desperate for a sparking idea.

"Are you considering what will happen when you accept or reject in your mind?"


He didn't deny it.

As important as this is, he needs to be that much more cautious.

 /  / 

Volume 9 / Chapter 232

TL: LightNovelCafe

Editor: Hungry Panda

"You don't need to act as a Lifer. Become the subject of the mission. You could become the subject. You wouldn't be a human at that moment."

Cha Jun Sung blinked.

If he understood correctly, this means he would take on the role of a mutant being hunted by Lifers.

'My ident.i.ty won't be revealed if I kill Tyrant in my mutant form.'

There are more pros than cons no matter how he thinks about it, but there is a fatal problem here. The operation is a failure if he can't figure this out.

"Will that be possible when Borteth knows my mutant form?"

"Only us three supervisors know about this. The general manager used his authority to put a gag order. But the probability that Borteth follows this is low, since going against the rules is his specialty. That's why I'll keep Borteth marked while you do it. It'll be about a couple months."

As long as the supervisors don't get involved, the restrictions on Cha Jun Sung's actions disappear.

It becomes an environment in which he can focus on Tyrant.

"Is 'Tyrant's death' all you're asking for? There's nothing more, right?"

"Borteth is abusing his authority as a supervisor. If Tyrant dies, he not only won't have the power to reinvest, but he can't use another card so he won't be able to act so freely. It won't be easy. You know that, right?"

He knows well.

Jigneon wants Tyrant's death.

In other words, results.

He needs to fight Lifers who came in with him as well. If the situation worsens, he might need to face b.l.o.o.d.y Kingdom Rankers.

'That means I can't get help.'

His mutation is a secret he can't tell anyone. If he fights as a mutant, he can't get help from his friends. He needs to resolve it himself.

'Will I be able to control the mutant?'

The superior mutant exercises strong dominance over the inferior mutant. Instilling absolute fear allows a king to reign. Strength is everything with the law of the jungle.

If Cha Jun Sung is able to control mutants in the vicinity with his level 8 dominion, it would be of great help.


To be considering it after getting dragged here against his will, he can't get the drift of whether he should understand or not.

"It'll become extremely bothersome once Borteth decides to disadvantage you in earnest. You need to cut out his p.a.w.n before that happens. I'll keep his eyes and ears covered for the time being. You have nothing to worry about."

Jigneon is saying that he will take care of the troublesome aspects so that he can handle the general mission.

"I'll just ask one thing. If this ends in success, will Borteth find out that I acted as your p.a.w.n?"

"He'll probably find out once his eyes and ears become uncovered, but didn't I tell you? I'll watch your back so that he won't be able to try again."

Cha Jun Sung interpreted Jigneon's tone, even though he pretended not to.

He didn't speak definitively. He twisted the end subtly. It means that he'll do his best, but he might not become a perfect defense.

'It looks like I'll be promoted from a subject to vent on to an enemy if this is a success.'

His friends' knowledge is too limited for him to discuss with them.

There are too many secrets.

He'll need to consult with Odin.

Odin could be on Jigneon's side, but he can just consult with him since he is leaning towards accepting.

"I want to go home. I'll contact you within a few days, so let me go."


Jigneon flicked his fingers once more.

Then a return gate appeared next to Cha Jun Sung. It was like a switch.

Cha Jun Sung lightly greeted Jigneon and went inside.

"I'm neutral."

Since he can't show how he really feels, the ways to show his sincerity are very limited. All he can do is hope that the other person believes him.

Cha Jun Sung returned home, took a refreshing shower, and slept deeply.

He doesn't feel mental or physical fatigue with his superhuman mind and body.

It is out of habit.

He has become a mutant, but his habits linger.

Cha Jun Sung rested for a day, and then called Odin. Jigneon must have reactivated the system he blocked the day before, because a response came right away.

[The three supervisors have very distinct personalities. Jigneon is a monotypical scientist as you said. Borteth is… Gabenu is playful.]

Odin didn't mention Borteth. Cha Jun Sung doesn't need him to tell him.

"Anyway, what you're saying is that he isn't one to stab me in the back."

[To Jigneon, you're the Lifer who has the highest chance of showing him the end of Life Mission. And that's accomplishing it with your own strength. There's no reason for him to use you in a negative direction.]

"Is he that trustworthy?"

[Jigneon and Gabenu don't mistreat helpers. They acknowledge that we have unique privileges and treat us as beings of value.]

Jigneon must be trustworthy from the way Odin is talking about him.

It was a choice between accepting and rejecting. Since he's made up his mind, he'll do it properly.

[Acceptance delivered. Mission adjustment following acceptance complete. You will be able to check the mission description once you choose a departure date. Lifers will be able to see after the mission has been settled.]

"Departure… Will it take another couple months?"

[Time is a flexible factor. It is difficult to say what the duration will be. That isn't something I can control.]

"Then I'll just rest for a week before I go. I feel bad going right away."

They took care of a big case, so Park Jin Hyuk's group won't be going into any missions for the time being.

He'll hang out with them for a bit and slip away.

[Would you like to see the primary missions that have been configured for a week later? There can be slight subsequent fluctuations.]

"Huh? Yeah."

[Level Advancement Mission: Black Devil]

- Goal: Attainment

- Description: Unknown. A Black Devil about which nothing, from where it came from to how it formed, has claimed the western region of North America as its territory. Evil Queen and her 4 daughters have gone missing and other level 8s are hiding all their traces. The Black Devil's appearance is the medium for a new war cloud hovering over North America. Find the existence of the Black Devil wandering somewhere in the west, and restore North America to the hand of mutants!

- Reward: 8,000,000,000 points. Lucky box.

"Am I the Black Devil?"

[It is an appropriate t.i.tle for you. Don't you like it? We adapted the name from Asia's Black Demon because you are similar.]

Cha Jun Sung flinched momentarily. How would the supervisors react if they found out that Black Demon and he were the same people?

Potential level 9. Two Black Demons. They won't know if he doesn't tell them.

"It makes me cringe."

The introduction itself wasn't that special, but the description made him cringe. 8,000,000,000 designed reward points. It is advancement. It is a bit burdensome.

Cha Jun Sung alone cannot handle advancement abilities.

Jigneon measured it like this because he is a Lifer.

Knowing the enemy and the self always results in wins. Cha Jun Sung knows about Lifers in detail. This is because there is variety in the number of cases.

"There aren't many advancements. I don't see the Vanessa mission. Didn't she survive?"

[She is dead.]


[I don't know either. The supervisors will know.]

She had been injured, but not enough to die. It seems like something is there, but he halted his curiosity.

He doesn't care whether Vanessa is dead or alive.

"Maybe it's because Vanessa is dead, but there are four advancements. Does that mean there are only four opportunities to advance if you can't find a hidden advancement like with Deep Sea Teeth?"

It is 5 including Cha Jun Sung's Black Devil.

All of them except 1 are for 8 billion points. The mission with the most points is for 15 billion.

It has to be high. It is related to the coc.o.o.n from Africa.

"What will it feel like to become the subject of a mission?"

Cha Jun Sung used to kill mutants, and now the situation has reversed so that he needs to kill Lifers.

He won't say that he won't kill freely. He will do what he sets out to do. Tyrant doesn't have remorse or a conscience.

"Black Devil. Black Devil? It sticks. I'll become a Devil. I'll figure out my abilities for certain as a mutant not a Lifer."

He'll fly as a mutant this time. He will become the winner.

"Your mission is a fail. The score is annihilation."

 /  / 

Volume 9 / Chapter 233

TL: LightNovelCafe

Editor: Hungry Panda

Cha Jun Sung took a short break in reality, and then entered the mission. He told Park Jin Hyuk's group that he was doing some traveling for vacation.

They didn't show any unexpected behavior like offering to go along.

They seemed to want to spend some time relaxing because the long mission they had just gone through had taken a toll.

[One of the helpers will act as you, Cha Jun Sung, in reality.]

Communication isn't possible in different dimensions.

Many problems can arise while Cha Jun Sung stays in a mission as the Black Devil.

It is strange for someone who said they were going on vacation to be living inside of a mission.

That is why they prepared a replacement to act like Cha Jun Sung and keep in continuous contact with Park Jin Hyuk's group. This is so that he can focus on just the mission.

"Feels empty."

Cha Jun Sung looks down at his body.

The battlesuit that had always been there is gone. All he has are his casual clothes, which don't fit in with the mission.

He put his combat equipment in the s.p.a.ce compression bag, and left it in reality. He has come in with his bare body.

Cha Jun Sung gained several privileges through Black Devil.

First, he can summon the s.p.a.ce compression bag that he left in reality at any time. If he inputs his locations, it will come flying to him like the mail.

Second, Jigneon made his PDA small. There is a difference in what it can do compared to the watch type, but he can use it as an earpiece. There is no problem for him to stay in contact with Odin even in mutant form. He hears Odin's voice in his ear instead of from his wrist.

Third, all of the lives he kills are converted into points. Mutants are a given, but even Lifers are counted according to their level. These are distinct from PK points. He can get points for killing, and he can also take the points that they had acc.u.mulated. The method of calculation is different.

Fourth, the 8 billion reward points for the Black Devil mission. This goes to Cha Jun Sung if he kills Tyrant. Each level S item is worth billions of points. Cha Jun Sung invested all of the points he got from Deep Sea Teeth to improve his specifications.

Thanks to that, he was even able to get switching gear but it is impossible to cover the disposable items.

He'll be able to cover the points that go out from disposable items if he completes Black Devil. He can gain a lot of points if he does well.

"You said this is Canada, right? Why did you choose North America as the mission area?"

[It might be just the virtual version, but Lifer Cha Jun Sung spent 10 years in North America. You're more used to it than the other five continents.]

He is thoroughly satisfied.

There is no place that is more familiar to him, though there are many more places that he has not been to than he has been to because it is so big.

"Do you really think Tyrant will come in? We don't know when he'll enter and we don't know for sure whether he'll even come or not. Don't you think we'll get old and die while waiting for him?"

Cha Jun Sung asked Odin how he knows that Tyrant will enter the Black Devil mission.

This is how Odin responded:

[Tyrant is suffering from insufficient points ever since he became complete.]

[That is why he hunted the Rogue Scorpion Monarch. Even if he is the master of a large guild, he won't be able to satisfy his ambition once he has opened the level S store. He's always been extremely ambitious, but it exploded since he surpa.s.sed the starting point.]

[What would be the way to gather the points he lacks and to open the level S store? It is advancement. According to an a.n.a.lysis of Tyrant's actions, the probability that he will try it within a month is over 90%.]

"What about the other 10%?"

[Within two months.]

"Let's say that's all true. What's to say that Tyrant will enter my mission?"

There are 5 advancement missions.

The probability is 20%.

[There's no need to cling to guarantees. Africa's coc.o.o.n mission is 15 billion. Lifer Cha Jun Sung, would you try it?]

Try it?

Leave an 8 billion point mission to enter one that is worth 15 billion?

They need to be cautious with their first tries. It is stupid to bravely enter the one of the highest difficulty.

"Am I crazy?"

[Tyrant is the same.]

"Even without that, there are four. Then it's 25%?"

[Where did Tyrant play in the virtual version?]

"South America… Oh! Thinking about it, he'll be familiar with this place as well."

Tyrant also conducted his missions in South America.

It is his hometown. The reward points are the same. It is inevitable that his eye will go to this mission more than ones in other continents.

[We didn't mention North America in the mission description multiple times for no reason. There are additional devices that should make him feel like he should enter. We're sure that Tyrant will choose this mission.]

Jigneon went somewhere with Borteth.

Borteth followed him because his scheme has already been set and has nothing to worry about. The remaining supervisor is Gabenu. He is filling Jigneon's empty seat.

As the chief authority on Cha Jun Sung and Tyrant's Black Devil mission, he is going to subtly twist it to another level A mission in the worst case scenario.

Cha Jun Sung and Tyrant are the only Lifers who are able to enter an advancement mission anyway, so no other Lifers will be disadvantaged even if this happens.

While talking to Odin for a time, he heard an uncomfortable sound in his ear.

Gatecrashers that have come following Cha Jun Sung's odor.

"I'll need to put matters related to him aside, and take care of everything in the vicinity."

Cha Jun Sung's clothes ripped and his body shows. The Black Devil made its first appearance with an overwhelming aura.


A summons gate appears and countless Lifers come out.

They look to be over a thousand. It's a giant group of thousands.

A full core that used the whole level A mission entry limit - 100,000 people.

The Lifers who entered, acted quickly and in unison. They created dozens of round walls in order.

There was a single person standing in the middle of the deepest and smallest wall.

"Master. Nothing in particular seems strange."

"It is the initial summons area. It'll be safe, so break the boundaries, spread out, and look around. We need to know where we are before we go."


Tyrant gave orders with his arms crossed and an arrogant expression on his face.

Then, members of the Rage guild split into groups of 100 to go investigate.

"He he! North America… This is an optimal advancement mission for me."

He felt it as soon as he saw the description.

Black Devil mission, related to North America where his homeground had been in the virtual version. There was nothing more he would ask for.

'We'll get a feel for the difficulty level with this before completing the mission.'

An unknown existence. The mission that Borteth hoping for is of a concerning difficulty. Even if he completes Black Devil now, he doesn't have any immediate thoughts.

He will make a move once he has considered this and that and decided that it isn't a loss.

About 30 minutes pa.s.sed.

The forces in guild Rage return one by one. They are in a small city in northern America.

Ring ring!

Tyrant's electronic map opens and pinpoints the location his subordinates have given him.

It is a level A item.

He is the only one in the Rage guild with one.

"Should we go north or south."

Tyrant considers the area south of the point on his electronic map. He can't split the guild power of 10,000 people in half.

He has filled up the number of people he can bring in even with the abilities of a complete Lifer, just in case. He has gained the strength to fight against a level 8, but he doesn't know what could happen.

Circ.u.mstances could change. He needed sacrifices that he could use as shields.

A very reliable 10,000 shields.

They will be quicker in finding it if they split up, but it becomes more dangerous.

He isn't in a rush.

All he has to do is complete the mission even if it takes some time.

With this kind of power, they won't get pushed back even if they come across a large group of mutants with level 8s in it.

'I can't use my precious level S items. This is my life.'

Tyrant feels his s.p.a.ce compression bag and smiles in satisfaction. The level S store is a treasure chest. The level A store is as well, but level S is another universe.

He has 20 Universe Eyes that all Rankers know and frequently used as equipment specialized in navigation, but he has no intention of using them.

He won't do something so unnecessary when he has a mighty labor force in front of him.

'I need to open level S no matter what. I can do it. I'll crush everyone. I'll go beyond Rage and take over b.l.o.o.d.y Kingdom.'

Tyrant's imagination stretched out in his mind. He's confident that he could take on all of the Rankers in b.l.o.o.d.y Kingdom right now, but it isn't the right time.

He will make them surrender. He can't have the proper influence if he kills all of them.

'You too.'

Overload. Life Mission's strongest. He can't be taken down with a 9 combination explosive, but it doesn't matter. All he has to do is break down this wall.

"Have you decided, Master?"

"We're going north."

The U.S. is Evil Queen's territory.

No one except Cha Jun Sung has seen her, but there is fragmentary information. They need to be cautious of even 0.1% danger.


Boom boom boom!

Rage guild members go back to a mode of transportation that is as big as several buses combined. Tyrant and the cadres board a tank.

This happens everywhere - ch.o.r.es like driving are left to the underlings.

 /  / 

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