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Volume 8 / Chapter 219

TL: LightNovelCafe

Editor: Hungry Panda

Strategist expected the Albatrus’ completion to take 3 or 4 months. They finally saw results a few more weeks after 4 of those months.

1000 members going.

Their group is made up of Lifers who are all level B or beyond. The cyborgs behind them are also at the top.

They will a.s.sist with the Albatrus’ system and take care of what Lifers cannot. They can be thought of as seamen.

The Albatrus’ huge form shaped as bilateral streamlines is appearing on top of the support fixture entangled in a complicated manner. Because they created most of the ship’s hull out of black iron alloy, it looks black from the outside and is glossy as if coated.

950m in length, 250m in width, 250m in height, total weight including load 1.2 million tons.

The width and height are the same to create a circular hull. It’s impossible to tell where the front and back is and where the entrance is by sight. They can’t do it, but it looks like it’ll just go rolling if they push it over.

Its appearance, configuration, and even its weight did not make sense.


When Strategist sent a signal from the head, a part of the hull opened dozens of square structures 5m by 5m came out into the air and came down. The method of boarding is unusual as it is a cutting-edge level S store weapon. When they stepped onto the structures, they were automatically taken on board.

The Lifers went to went to their designated rooms in order to unpack their bags but after this, their roles become clearly divided by level. None of them can be looked down on because they’re all level B Lifers. However, there are clear distinctions in those higher and lower.

The lowest were on standby in waiting rooms placed throughout the Albatrus under their respective party leaders control so that they could go into battle at any time.

The main system from headquarters will be activated soon. Force leaders took their places where 8 sub-systems had been placed in order to a.s.sist.

Cha Jun Sung’s group and Strategist’s group go into the command room.

Dozens of cyborgs are sitting in front of computers under the command room. Strategist took the chip out of his PDA and stuck it in the command room’s main system.

Then the Albatrus, which had been running on minimal energy with a level C energy core, began to run properly.

[Albatrus’ main system activated. I, Uranos, Ollaborke Den’s helper, will carry out duties as the General of this ship, the Captain.]

It is impossible for these simple Lifers to control the Albatrus. Even the 8 sub-systems will be controlled by the force leaders’ helpers.

The subs are being submitted to the main temporarily. They act independently, but the main system gets the final say so that they cannot act arbitrarily. Put negatively, Uranos is basically the king while aboard Albatrus. But still, he’s just a helper a.s.sisting Lifers.

Albatrus’ engine grows hot due to the energy cores and there are sudden changes on board, but this did not show outside.

The ship is being activated, but they have not turned on the propeller that will take them forward.

If they turn the propeller on while on land, it will break through the stadium walls and wreak havoc in Mechanic City.

It might as well be a 950m missile.

Modern submarines gain driving force from propellers, but the Albatrus is different. Energy cores bring driving force while discharging air to the base. When it goes into the ocean, this is used as water power. That’s why they need to maintain this state until they go to the ocean.

[Currently boarding. Enjoy your time exploring the ocean.]

Strategist’s gentle voice can be heard.

Lifers utilize their PDAs at the same time. They’ll start their first entry with a level B mission.

There aren’t level A missions in the ocean. That’s why there are 1000 people as well. There’s a limit beyond that because it’s a level B.


The s.p.a.ce near the Albatrus becomes completely distorted. This is what happens when the 1000 summons gates for each person becomes integrated.

The Lifers watching this strange scene from outside, could only blink. Someone even tried filming it.

Then the moment the distorted s.p.a.ce swallowed the Albatrus, the huge ship disappeared from Mechanic City’s stadium.

When the Lifers and Cha Jun Sung became aware that they had entered the mission, the Albatrus was already floating somewhere in the broad Pacifiic Ocean.

[Front mirror image change. Welcome to the underwater world.]

Once Uranos’ command was entered, the front became a screen.

Hundreds of cameras attached to the Albatrus give them the impression of looking at the ocean through a gla.s.s wall.

It feels like they are walking on water.

Cha Jun Sung looks down.

Rather than the hard ground, there is the deep sea that looks like it’ll swallow him up. The ocean does not fit inside a narrow screen. The entire headquarters becomes a screen so the Lifers can check the ocean with their own eyes,

It does not apply to the Lifers in waiting rooms, but there are similar screens in the 8 places with sub-systems.

‘How interesting.’

Cha Jun Sung looks on in wonder.

He has been on such a huge ship very few times in the virtual version. He’s almost never been on such a ship.

He has been on an armored tank as large as a 4 or 5 floor building and a ship bigger than an apartment building, but this is the first time he’s been in such a large submarine. Albatrus is a submarine, but they can take the top off to make it look like a ferry.

It is versatile and has all the functions possible for the ocean.

At the bottom of the Albatrus, the propulsion engine uses the energy core’s power to go in reverse and float 1.2 million tons of weight. It is just floating, and does not advance. Everyone is awed by the mirror image of the sea. They don’t care because they have plenty of time.

[Water barrier deployed. Energy core output 20%, simulation result shows it can easily block the destructive power of tons.]


Something like a transparent veil covers the Albatrus.

This is also technology that utilizes water power, and it is a defense against the enemy’s attack.

The basis of battle is. .h.i.tting without getting hit, whether it is a war in the air, on the ground, or in the water. If they need to get hit, they can hit while getting hit. No matter how well Uranos controls Albatrus, it is not possible to protect this kind of large body against the enemy 100%.

[Sound wave, Raider confirmed. Energy core output 10%, exploring life and geographic features within a 50km radius.] [Porthole opened. The arrangement of 100 hydraulic guns, 10 water pressure guns, 3 water artilleries, and 300 combat-type small submersibles completed.]

Uranos got an understanding of the Albatrus step by step.

They tried several times before going out, but practice and combat experience are different even for artificial intelligence. Even thousands of energy cores need each system’s output to be distributed properly. It is important that it does not get concentrated in any one place.

If they only focus on the barrier, other things can’t help but be neglected.

Energy isn’t infinite.

They cannot forget that.

Ready to go. Set up a seaway to perform the mission.]

“Open map.”

Uranos reacted to Strategist’s signal.

On a cubic hologram, a map showing Pacific Ocean opens up and is marked with a red dot.

The red dot is Albatrus. They entered into the mission and they are completely done preparing to go through the mission. All that’s left is setting up the seaway.


“203. 936. 582. 162. Those are the coordinates for where I found the Deep-Sea Teeth.”

Beep beep!

Strategist enters the coordinates that Sea General tells him.

Then on top of the map, another red dot appears. It is where the Deep-Sea Teeth lives.

Right now, Cha Jun Sung’s location is towards the end of the middle where Asia and North America connect. Red dots are more than 8000km apart.

“Wow! It’s far. We need to hunt as we go, so it’ll take at least a couple months.”

Park Jin Hyuk looked at the number marking the street and clucked his tongue.

Since it is the ocean, it will not take a long time if they penetrate in a straight line.

However, Strategist’s goal is not limited to completing a level A mission.

Albatrus’ performance test – that’s the real thing.

[A large number of mutants emerged 3km away. Enlarging in the view.]

Everyone looks at the screen.

A group of mutants that are long water coc.o.o.ns resembling cutla.s.s fish a dozens times as large, come swarming in. They are not trying to attack because they recognize the Albatrus as the enemy. They are just extremely unlucky fish pa.s.sing in front.

“They’re level 3 Spiky Cutla.s.s. There are so few of them. Have they been attacked by a predator?”

“They look just like their name.”

“Hurry up and try catching it.”

Nuclear urges Strategist on.

He wanted to see Albatrus’ performance as well. Everyone else looked on in interest as well.

“Let’s try earning some points. Uranos.”

[Water pressure guns loaded. I’ll send them in one clean hit.]


The porthole for one of the 3 hydraulic guns on the Albatrus’ head opened and sucked in an unmeasurable amount of seawater.



An extremely compressed 5m diameter water lump fired from a huge porthole, and reached the center before the Spiky Cutla.s.s scattered. Dozens of them were swept away by the water lump and are crushed under the pressure gathered inside. That is nothing more than a simple show.


A hydraulic gun fired.

A 50m radius area of sweater pushes out and captures the Spiky Cutla.s.s. They have been taken care of with one hit just as Uranos said would happen.

“It’s no joke.”

“Is that the power of a giant weapon?”

Cha Jun Sung was just as surprised as the other Rankers.

It looked like there had been about 400 to 500 them, so it is impressive. It’s easy for any one of the Rankers to kill a level 3 of their own size. It’s just that the problem with killing is an efficiency problem.

A one hit is too much no matter what, but it takes a long time. If hit with the hydraulic gun, even a giant mutant can’t avoid being wounded.

“Odin. My battlesuit would be able to take it, right?”

[Maybe not with water artillery, but a level A battlesuit is plenty capable of handling rapid fire shot from a hydraulic gun.]

Odin’s simple and clear response. This means that he can withstand it.

“But why can’t this impressive level S battlesuit withstand the Heavy Gravity?”

[Heavy Gravity is Life Mission’s most powerful method of offense and defense, so it is more valuable than the Albatrus.]

Cha Jun Sung’s battlesuit is nautical adamantium.

This broke into pieces like plastic. He has no doubt because he already experienced it with his own body.

“About 800,000 points came in, but it doesn’t feel like anything because we have to split it up between 1000 people.”

“I’ll say.”

When they caught the Spiky Cutla.s.s, nearly 1 million points came in. It doesn’t feel like they’re getting anything because the points are getting divided between all of the Lifers.

‘Is it 1700 points?’

Cha Jun Sung checks the points they tracked.

0.2% distribution ratio.

Except for the few supplying Albatrus’ maintenance points, it is unrivaled.

Ordinary level B Lifers are 0.05%, and there are 3 party and force leaders who are 1%.

Some are a lot and some are a little. There can be dissatisfaction, but they just moved past it because this is just how the world works.

Uranos who ma.s.sacred Spiky Cutla.s.s, turns on the propeller.

Albatrus advances with hydraulic power. The speed wasn’t that fast.

All systems including weapons activate normally.

Since they haven’t come to look at the sea, there was no reason for them to stay in one place.


Volume 8 / Chapter 220

TL: LightNovelCafe

Editor: Hungry Panda

Dozens of hydraulic guns shoot out water.

They can fire once every 10 seconds, so they controlled the hydraulic guns’ shooting speed with continuous fire.

The hydraulic gun pa.s.ses through the bodies of fish that are so deformed they look burned. It isn’t an exploding method like hydraulic impact guns.

Since it is a penetrating weapon capable of creating a large hole like a hard rock, it is better for hunting small numbers of mutants rather than large numbers.

Uranos caused overall damage with the hydraulic impact gun when they discovered a school of mutants, and used the hydraulic gun to kill the rest.

The energy core recovers power with time no matter how slowly. They brought along the chargers they needed.

They cannot use the store inside a mission however, so items are finite. They cannot know what will happen in the future. They need to manage efficiently.

‘It varies. The whole ecosystem is different from what’s on land. It revolves completely around mutants. Is it because Lifers haven’t touched it?’

Even if the land is destroyed now, it is where more than 50 billion people live so there are traces leftover in whatever shape it takes.

Even that will gradually disappear but with the inflow of Lifers, there are traces that humans lived there.

But not in the sea.

It is not an area that they can be active in in the first place, but the ecosystem revolves around mutants and animals.

There is no inflow of Lifers, so it is a different world from what is on land.

It has been several weeks since they set out to sea.

Albatrus submerged as deep as it could go.

They are going down close to 2000m.


They kept repeating the boring pattern of shaking up the mutants’ center with the hydraulic impact gun and then taking care of the rest with hydraulic guns.

Battle is always lukewarm.

Except when they were resting in the guest rooms, Cha Jun Sung’s group watched this kind of scene hundreds of time. They didn’t do anything, and just ate up points.

There are so many mutants in this vast expanse that hundreds of them appeared in blocks of just several minutes. Levels 1 and 2 were like sand on a beach. There were less of levels 3 and 4, but it is at a proportion compared to land.

Once they reached levels 5 and 6, they appeared less than the lower levels.

It’s a party when they appear.

They come in hordes.

The levels are mixed, but they come in thousands at the least and tens of thousands if there are a lot.

Sea General told them that solo actions decrease and they tend to act as teams because there are more predators in the sea than there are on land.

When they face level 5 and 6s, they can get at least 5 to 10 million points on the spot. They divided it up, but it’s on such a large scale.

“Compared to the beginning, the number of people coming in periodically is less than half.”

Basil speaks while looking at the screen.

About 10 of the 20 Rankers aren’t seen.

One person basically disappeared every two days.

They have a similarity.

When the situation grew boring, they stopped coming to headquarters telling them to call only when they are needed.

None of the Lifers were happy about this.

All they can do is watch. It didn’t matter if all of the Lifers became lazy. The Albatrus moved by way of the 8 helpers and cyborgs.

“… we’re doing something in less than half too.”

“… I see.”

Cha Jun Sung’s party has 6 people. But 4 of them have disappeared and only 2 are left in headquarters. Cha Jun Sung and Basil.

Park Jin Hyuk and Kyoko are gone and hiding somewhere.

Headquarters is just one part of the Albatrus. They must be going around spending quality time together.

Koharu and Violet didn’t even pay attention to them, saying that they were having fun.

Nuclear, who has been coming in diligently, is next to a cyborg asking something. From what they can tell, he is learning to steer.

Other than that, they are all in cliques.

Strategist and Sea General are in a deep conversation. As they get deeper into the water, the mutants get stronger.

Uranos is Strategist’s helper.

He makes his own judgements on the situation, but he cannot help but rely on Strategist for the final decision. Strategist recognized this and learns about the ocean from Sea General whenever he can. He learns quickly because he is smart.

“Thank you.”

“Excuse me?”

“If we didn’t have the immunity, we would still be stuck in stage 6.”

He wasn’t sure what to make of Basil’s sudden grat.i.tude. Cha Jun Sung was invited to a meeting that Strategist had set up 6 days before leaving.

It was to talk about Cha Jun Sung and his potential immunity to the A virus, and the 7th stage of body modifications that is bothering the Rankers.

Explaining is easy because they all saw it.

He ran around unconscious when he was infected by the Oriax, and had gained the physical ability of stage 10 of body modifications when he came to his senses.

Cha Jun Sung said that and then said one more thing.

He asked if they were going to accept his blood, that has a high possibility with immunity.

The people for and against became clearly divided.

There were the Rankers who accepted and those who declined. For those who declined, there were two reasons.

In Weapon Master and Chamma Sword’s case, their pride wouldn’t let them get help from others and decided to find their own way.

Boom Buster, Longines, and Sea General said that it felt strange and took a negative stance, considering what could go wrong.

The rest of the Rankers accepted.

Park Jin Hyuk’s group happily accepted the blood, whether it was because they trusted Cha Jun Sung or they didn’t have fear.

Odin said that just a handful is enough.

He suggested they wait 2 days to see how their bodies accept the blood and change, before going through body modifications.

The Rankers who accepted help didn’t do so because they trust Cha Jun Sung or were convinced by him, they did so because they listened to their helpers.

Odin took out a part of Cha Jun Sung’s information and shared it with the other helpers to show that there is validity. Those at the top know that Cha Jun Sung is a mutant, but the helpers don’t know. This is because Odin hid it and the authorities blocked it.

Those who drank Cha Jun Sung’s blood were able to get through the 8th stage of body modifications.

They were surprised.

Immunity – they experienced it themselves, but they cannot believe it.

Weapon Master, Chama Sword, and Strategist broke through. Boom Buster, Longines, and Sea General felt the burden of stage 8 and stopped at 7.

“It’s done. I won’t die from taking some blood out. All I have to offer is blood.”

“Are you going to give this opportunity to others?”

“It’s just this one time.”

Those who turned it down and stopped at stage 7 wanted to get Cha Jun Sung’s help as it had definite effects, but that bus has left.

“What do you think of Strategist’s proposal?”

“There’s no reason to even think about it. Am I some kind of livestock to keep taking blood out of?”

Strategist asked Cha Jun Sung to supply blood periodically.

It’s ridiculous, but they know why.

If they can have a lot of strong Lifers to push out b.l.o.o.d.y Kingdom and rebels, they can do whatever it takes whether it is going into missions.

Cha Jun Sung agreed with this, but they handle it themselves. He could sweep up b.l.o.o.d.y Kingdom alone if he wanted to.

He doesn’t want to get involved in a conflict of interest. He’s busy enough chasing his goal.

Park Jin Hyuk’s group got a lot of help from the World Federation when he went missing, so he did them a lot of favors but this is it.

He has done enough.

Lifers, with the exception of Rankers, need to take the risk like Weapon Master and Chamma Sword and go through with body modifications.

Cha Jun Sung was given a 2% distribution ratio in return for giving blood.

He is getting a lot of points through the Albatrus while doing nothing.

If they keep coming in like this on their way to where the Deep-Sea Teeth live, they would be gathering several hundreds of thousands of points while doing nothing. With the additional reward points, they can recover the 10 million points they invested in Albatrus.

It depends on how they think about it, but it could be that he benefited from it.

Ring ring!

While the boring sight continued, Rankers listened to a clear notification sound.

They have been out at sea for a few weeks, but this has never happened.

[A giant vital reaction has been detected 20km ahead. It seems like it felt the Albatrus’ presence and is approaching fast.]

They have experienced this several hundred times, so it isn’t a special case that a mutant appeared.

Volume 8 / Chapter 221

TL: LightNovelCafe

Editor: Hungry Panda

It is just that the part of it being giant gets to them. The range of its sense of searching is incredibly wide for it to be able to detect something 20km away.

“How many are there?”

[There’s one. It’s appearance is being drawn through sonar detection.]

Uranos draws out what it looks like through a 3D video.

It looks strange. Like a mix of an octopus and jellyfish.

“It’s a Penomina.”

“Ah! I’ve heard the name before. What is it like?”

Sea General saw it being drawn out and spoke for Uranos.

Level 7 Penomina.

They live in the deep sea, so finding them is like finding a pin in a haystack.

Penomina is like that just as underwater mutants generally are.

“I won’t need to explain what it looks like. Its method of attack is its hundreds of tentacles that have a powerful poison on them. And there’s something disgusting inside of those tentacles. I guess they can be called something like mouths.”

Cha Jun Sung entered a level B mission.

It’s not a mission aimed for completion. They just picked it to have a mission in the Pacific Ocean.

That’s why they are ignoring it and out at sea, but the Penomina had appeared.

“And it’s strong.”

[Level B special mission Sea Watchman has been applied.]

As soon as Sea General’s notice ended, the special mission was applied.

Advancement, 50 million points.

It wouldn’t be applied as a sub-concept if the standard were lower than a level B mission, but the mission was applied because it is high.

The 1000 Lifers who boarded Albatrus found this out.

Even the Rankers who had been yawning, opened their eyes with the appearance of powerful mutants. They have become level A Lifers, but it is an opponent that they could or could not take on while on land. That means there’s a higher chance that they will lose while fighting in water.

It had been boring for the past few weeks because there had only been trivial ones, but wouldn’t something like that be able to show them what Albatrus can do?

“Let’s try using the spiral swill artillery.”

“We can’t.”

Nuclear wants to use the spiral swill.

Strategist turned him down right away. It is Albatrus’ top weapon, eating up an incredible amount of energy. It takes a long time and is complicated. They can’t use it on a mere level 7.

[I see it. Should we attack?]

“Wait a moment. Watch it so we can record it.”

Not much is known about high level underwater mutants. It’s good to get an idea of them while they have a chance. It’ll make attacking easier if they encounter them again.


The Penomina’s dull figure appeared in the front screen mirror image and suddenly went near Albatrus.

Penomina watched the enemy that invaded its area rather than attacking.

Its tentacles wave gently and allow it to move here and there.

It easily moved 100m every time it waved them.

“It’s huge.”

“It looks like it’s twice the size of Metal Giant.”

It looks meager because of its long tentacles.

Its real body is a fourth of that?

About 70m is the tentacles.

But it’s still a level 7 and the intimidation it gives off from pure size is at the top of the underwater mutants they have seen until now.

Penomina watches the Albatrus and creates distance.


There is a 10 times difference from what can be seen by the naked eye through just comparison.

It isn’t strong just because it’s big, but mutants are sensitive with sight.

It is the fear of an intruder.

“Uranos, try challenging it a little.”

[Hydraulic gun loaded. Launch.]

Boom boom boom boom!

Dozens of hydraulic guns that are always opened, attack Penomina.

It is 30% power.

They adjusted it weakly in order to watch its behavior.

The Penomina avoids all of the hydraulic guns. Then it created more distance.

It sees it as a danger.

“What if it runs away?”

“It might.”

[The distance has now reached 800m. If you want to fire the hydraulic guns, we have to raise the output to 70%. I recommend killing it with the maximum output.]

Hydraulic guns have short range.

Even when output is up to 100%, it can only reach a couple kilometers. Hydraulic impact guns go farther, and spiral swills even farther.

“It won’t come near.”

“From his perspective, the Albatrus will probably look like a higher predator. It just has no life.”

It’s similar.

Albatrus is a machine. It doesn’t have the energy of a living being.

It is moving however, so the Penomina slowed down its approach.

“It’s just right.”


When Cha Jun Sung didn’t make sense, Basil looked at him in puzzlement.

“I’ll be right back.”

“What? You’ll be right back?”

“I thought about it but if the Albatrus is dangerous, don’t we need to go out and fight in the water whether we like it or not? I think it’s better if we fight in this relaxed state rather than being forced out.”

“I see!”

Basil immediately understood what Cha Jun Sung was saying.

He intends on experiencing the underwater world in advance just in case. It’s a fitting thought for him.

“What about support?”

“It’s fine.”

Strategist brought up support in worry after listening to Cha Jun Sung and Strategist talk.


They don’t need it.

They don’t need support for a mere level 7.

They already made their battlesuits specialized for underwater activity. There was no need to change the configuration method. They just adjusted it to withstand water pressure and to allow Lifers to breathe underwater.

“We’ll be able to see the difference between our battlesuits during battle in water and on land.”

Cha Jun Sung, who can freely adjust his Overbooster, has the confidence to fight better than any other Lifer.


The Albatrus’ hatch opened, and Cha Jun Sung ran out.

The Lifers who had been spending their days bored with nothing to do, heard of Cha Jun Sung suddenly jumping out of the ship, stopped whatever they were doing, and focused on the screens.

Guest rooms, waiting rooms, headquarters, support headquarters.

They were all in different locations.

“It’ll be a good spectacle… The chance to see what a level S Lifer can do.”

Weapon Master spoke in a low voice while leaning against a wall with his arms crossed.

He had been resting in a guest room when he had gotten a radio from Strategist and made his way back to headquarters.

If he wants to examine Cha Jun Sung’s movement in detail, he needs to watch on a mirror image and not a normal screen.

Other Rankers had the same thought.

Park Jin Hyuk and Kyoko also appeared from their hiding place.

‘Ollaborke, you were smart.’

The Rankers know better than anyone why Strategist included Cha Jun Sung in the World Federation’s creation of the Albatrus.

To get 10 billion points in support?

That’s too much for a single Ranker to take on, but that wasn’t the reason. If they can’t do it alone, they need to do it in numbers.

It means that they can’t include him by force.

Strategist wasn’t looking for points. He wanted Cha Jun Sung’s situation and power.

Lifers who had advanced to level A were thirsty for level A missions.

If they hadn’t gotten the Albatrus drawings, they would have made their target level 8s living on the six continents with the Rankers’ experience.

They had put their lives on the line for level B advancement, too.

Making an attempt at level A in that state is a suicide mission.

This is where Cha Jun Sung comes in.

He’s the only lifer who has gotten through a level A mission alone.

But they hadn’t been able to get in contact with him.

If Rankers a.s.sist him with him at the center, they could get through a level A easily.

While discussing matters related to level A, Strategist got the drawings for Albatrus. Their path had been cleared.

The Rankers thought that it wouldn’t be possible with their own abilities, so they would get the help of machines.

They can take on a level 8 with the Albatrus’ abilities.

That’s when they had been able to reach Cha Jun Sung.

Strategist thought that they would be able to complete a level A advancement if they had the strength of Albatrus and Cha Jun Sung.

A picture of everyone being satisfied was drawn out in Strategist’s mind.

Then they got in contact with Cha Jun Sung, baited him with advancement, and succeeded.

‘It probably means that level A advancement is hard even for Overload with his abilities.’

Though they are the same level, an ordinary mission and advancement mission are completely different.

If he could do it with his own party, there would have been no reason for him to accept this.

The fact that he accepted Deep-Sea Teeth is proof that Cha Jun Sung wants the World Federation’s help as well.

Cha Jun Sung’s party and the World Federation work well together like gears, so they are doing what they can do now.

‘Blood is… It was unexpected…’

When they heard that Cha Jun Sung’s blood was the key to immunity for body modification, they thought that he was crazy.

Except for a few, they completed stage 8 of body modifications and became total level A Lifers.

Even they however, could not work up the courage to fight one-on-one against high level mutants.

They aren’t as well practiced in using the booster as Cha Jun Sung is, but there are a lot of other things that hold them back as well. But one of the two hidden cards in this level A mission, Cha Jun Sung, scrambled to face the level 7 Penomina himself.

Though they tried not to show interest, it couldn’t be helped.

‘Show us what you can do.’

Weapon Master’s eyes take in Cha Jun Sung’s form, who is showing in the mirror image.

He won’t miss the movement of even a single finger.

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Life Mission Chapter 219-221 summary

You're reading Life Mission. This manga has been translated by Updating. Author(s): Mong Yeon,몽연. Already has 294 views.

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