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Chapter 66: Shui Rou Rou's choice
Princess Shui Yue slightly raised on brow and calmly said, “What if this princess orders you to hand her over?”

“Oh, sorry, sorry, this secret envoy only listens to the emperor's orders.  Moreover…..” Feng Xiao slowly walked in front of Shui Rou Rou and looked at her panicked eyes as he said, “Since she called me ‘young master', she belonged to me.  No one can steal her from me. Princess, not even you.”

Rou Rou trembled and looked up into Feng Xiao's eyes.  Although she couldn't see his eyes, she could tell what meaning they had.

She…..was his…...

Such an overbearing man.

Even if Princess Shui Yue had a good temper, she couldn't help becoming angry at this time.  Since she was young, there had never been anyone who dared talk to her like this. There was a layer of red that covered that pale white face and she wanted jump out her sedan, sending a kick right at this arrogant man.

Thinking of her father's serious attention towards him and his guesses, Princess Shui Yue suppressed her anger and said, “Sir Wind Spirit, Shui Rou Rou has followed this princess for over ten years.  This princess cannot leave her and she cannot leave this princess. I ask sir Wind Spirit to be a n.o.ble person and allow us sisters to reunite.”

“Princess…..”  Shui Rou Rou was moved to tears and couldn't stop her herself from calling out.

The faces of the four eunuchs and maids changed, they would evolve into chameleons if they were given time.  They never thought that not only would the princess not be angry, she would rather make a request of him.

This legendary secret envoy was not simple.  It seemed like they needed to spread this when they went back, otherwise it would be bad if someone blind were to offend him.

Feng Xiao laughed and casually said, “You can't leave Rou Rou?  Rou Rou can't leave you? I can't see it. Don't you still have plenty of maids to pick from without Rou Rou?  Here, there are eight girls behind you who are just like jade. You won't suffer if you have Rou Rou or not. I only have a single Rou Rou, it should be me who can't leave her.

Eight girls?  The four eunuchs and the four maids almost fainted.

“As for Rou Rou not being able to leave you, that is not necessarily so.  My good Rou Rou can eat well, drink well, sleep well here, and there is the world's best young master to bully…..Ke, ke, be with her.  Compared to your palace that is filled with rules, my place is simply a wonderland.”

Feng Xiao took back his Asura's Illusion and winked at Shui Rou Rou.  The brilliance of that scene made Shui Rou Rou and Shui Yue fall into a daze for a moment.


“Alright, Princess Shui Yue, don't lose your temper.  I am only a small Heavenly Dragon Secret Envoy, how could I dare go against the princess.  The princess is much bigger than me and you've brought eight large men with you, with there only being a weak man and woman on my side…..Forget it, I recognize I'm in trouble, so I'll be more generous.  How about this, as long as Rou Rou is willing to leave with you, I will not stop her. If Rou Rou is not willing to leave with you, I ask the princess to respect Rou Rou's choice and give her back her freedom.”

You're weak?  We're large men?  The four eunuchs and four maids looked at their skinny arms and wanted to go all out against Feng Xiao.

Princess Shui Yue was so angry that her chest was heaving and her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were trembling.  She wished she could throw him into the Heavenly Lake Water to feed the fishes. What is giving Rou Rou back her freedom, could it be that I imprisoned my good sister?

Princess Shui Yue quickly calmed down and looked at Feng Xiao with ominous and beautiful eyes as she said, “Sir Wind Spirit is serious?  As long as Rou Rou is willing to leave with this princess, she can leave?”

“I definitely won't go back on my word!”  Feng Xiao said with a smile while also grabbing Shui Rou Rou's little hand.  He scratched her palm with his finger, causing her to tremble slightly.

“Alright!”  Princess Shui Yue let out a sigh of relief.  Rou Rou had been her good sister who grew up with her, even if the other side was good to Rou Rou, it couldn't beat their emotions as sisters fostered over many years.

“Big brother Feng, you're so bad!”  Xuanyuan Wan'er's laughter came from his mind.

“That's not true.  I am definitely being fair, how could I be bad!”

“You're still saying you're not!  Big brother Feng, a girl who is just discovering love is the most ignorant and is easy for them to become impulsive.  You're forcing little sister Rou Rou into a dilemma!” Xuanyuan Wan'er dramatically said.

“Yi?  Wan'er, how do you know this?  Could it be Wan'er is also discovering love?”  Feng Xiao asked in a surprised voice.

“I….How could that be.  This was all learned from big brother Feng's past memories.  Humph, I'm ignoring you.” Xuanyuan Wan'er didn't keep going and ignored Feng Xiao.

“Rou Rou, quickly leave this bad fellow and return with this princess.”  Princess Shui Yue said to Rou Rou with a smile, as if she could already see Rou Rou returning to her side.  But soon she was no longer smiling because she could see the hesitation on Rou Rou's face.

“Rou Rou, you really want to return to the palace and leave me?”  Feng Xiao looked into Shui Rou Rou's eyes, speaking with a deeply affectionate look.

“I…...I……”  Shui Rou Rou's heart was in chaos.  One side was her best sister in the world and the other side was the young master she met a few days ago who frequently bullied her.  Faced with this kind of simple choice, she actually couldn't decide.

No wonder a certain sage said: A young girl who is beginning to discover love is when she is at her dumbest.  If one were to take her hand and go to a cliff while saying “let's fly together”, she would jump down with them.

“Rou Rou, what is wrong?”  Shui Yue knit her brows, “He's not threatening you, right?”

“No, no…..”  Rou Rou quickly waved her hand before giving some excuses, “Princess, I want to stay by the young master's side, otherwise he won't have anyone to watch his house…..”  She deeply lowered her head, not daring to look in Feng Xiao or Shui Yue's eyes. She felt that she was the worst person in the world.

Even she felt that her reason was very lame.  Looking after the house, they could casually find someone to do it.

“Rou Rou…..”  Shui Yue's body became weak.  She didn't know why her sister for several years actually chose this bad man who she had known for several days chose him over her.

Princess Shui Yue who had never experienced love naturally couldn't understand the complicated emotions in Shui Rou Rou's heart.  She let out a deep sigh of bitterness. Although she was angry, she didn't blame Rou Rou at all and placed all her anger on Feng Xiao, feeling like she wanted to grit her teeth.

“Rou Rou, you really won't go back with this princess?”

“I'm sorry princess.  You will always be Rou Rou's closest person, but the young master, he…..he…..”  When she said this, Shui Rou Rou looked into Shui Yue's eyes, but she couldn't keep speaking.  She didn't even know why she remained behind for the young master, not knowing why she unconsciously didn't want to leave him.

“I understand.”  Shui Yue revealed a smile, “Rou Rou, we have been sisters for many years, this princess naturally knows you personality.  It's fine, we will still be the best of sisters and this princess will welcome you back to the palace at any time.” There was a smile like a hundred flowers blooming on her face, but her heart was filled with hatred for Feng Xiao.  She didn't know what magic he used to actually make her so dead set on him.

Princess Shui Yue let out a sigh and unwilling prepared to return to the palace, but she suddenly had a flash of brilliance as she thought of a trick to take care of Feng Xiao.

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