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Chapter 64: Xi Ruo's new home
“Big brother Feng, where are you bringing me?”


“To…..your home?”

“Un, but it will also be your home.”

“From now on….you'll take care of me.”

“It'll be my little sister.”

“Big brother Feng's little sister?”  Yang Xi Ruo let out a sigh of relief in her heart, but there was also a sense of loss that she didn't realize.

“We're here.”

He carried Yang Xi Ruo out of the taxi and Feng Xiao slowly walked towards his villa.

The taxi driver looked at the two of them in a daze and the shock in his eyes wasn't hidden as he gave a sigh after a long time, “A true golden couple!”

Feng Xiao moved at a strange pace in front of his house, swaying back and forth.  This Chaotic Shadow Array was an array only he could deploy, using chaotic energy to twist s.p.a.ce, making people who moved forward move to the sides or back, making people who moved to the side move the other direction or backwards.  Other than a few people who knew how to move specifically, there was nothing else that could approach his house. Even if a missile flew at his house, it would change direction from the spatial twisting.

Feng Xiao counted his steps and arrived in front of the door after a few moments.  He was holding Xi Ruo in his hand and couldn't open the door, so he could only shout out, “Yao'er, I'm home.”

There were rushed footsteps that came from within and the door was quickly opened.  Feng Yao anxiously stood there and suddenly saw Feng Xiao carrying a beauty, causing her expression to become strange.

“Big brother, you're back.  She is?” Feng Yao looked into Feng Xiao's eyes with a profound meaning.

“h.e.l.lo, big sister Feng.  I am called Yang Xi Ruo.” Yang Xi Ruo slightly raised her head, speaking with a faint smile.

Such a graceful girl, she should be…..worthy of big brother, but does he need to keep carrying her?  That is the embrace that belonged to her. Feng Xiao thought in a bitter voice.

“I brought back an elder…..Ke, ke, a little sister.  Let's go in first, I'll explain to you in a bit.” Feng Xiao brought Yang Xi Ruo into Feng Yao's room and softly placed her in the bed.

“Big brother Feng, was that your little sister just now?  Her voice is very good to listen to, she must be very beautiful.”  Yang Xi Ruo asked in a gentle voice. She really liked the faint jasmine scent in this place.

“Yes, little sister Xi Ruo.  Get some rest first, I need to talk to Yao'er.”  Smoothing her disheveled hair, Feng Xiao spoke in a soft voice.

“Un!”  Yang Xi Ruo replied in an obedient voice.

Feng Yao gradually stopped pinching her big brother's shoulders, but her eyes were still filled with tears.

“Such a pitiful girl.  Big brother, we must take good care of her, let her have the warmth of a home.”  Hearing Yang Xi Ruo's story, Feng Yao who was inwardly soft broke out in tears. She felt that the heavens owed this girl too much.

“Yes.”  Feng Xiao said with a sigh, “Yao'er, I have to ask you to take care of her in the future, it isn't convenient for a man like me.  I'll give her some chaotic qi each day and at most her empty body will completely recover. Only as for her legs and eyes…..I can only use the chaotic qi to maintain the vital energy in her legs and keep them from withering, but I can't cure them right now.”

“I know.”  Feng Yao softly wiped her tears before carefully examining her big brother and saying, “Big brother, are you really only thinking of her body and safety, are you thinking of nothing else?””

“Ke, ke, this question…..”  Feng Xiao gave two embarra.s.sed coughs, not daring to looking into Feng Yao's eyes.

“Alright.  Don't say anything.”  Feng Yao suddenly revealed a charming smile.  She held Feng Xiao's neck and said, “Big brother, you've finally opened up.  It's been three years, but you've finally found one.”

“Yao'er, are you not jealous?”  Feng Xiao said in a somewhat awkward voice.

“A bit, but for big brother's life, adopted father's entrusted task, as well as our future, I will accept everything.  As long as big brother doesn't throw me away like four years ago…..Moreover, this girl, whether it is her appearance, aura, or personality, I can't think of another person who is worthy of her other than big brother.  With big brother's charm, I think little sister Xi Ruo will quickly fall in love with big brother.” Feng Yao muttered. Was it only a bit? Only she knew, but she loved him too much.

“Yao'er…..”  Thinking of the scene from four years ago, Feng Xiao tightly held Feng Yao.

It was already eight at night and Feng Xiao sat beside the bed as he gently fed mixed congee to Yang Xi Ruo.  He knew what kinds of things a sick person should eat. Although Xi Ruo had recovered her strength, Feng Xiao still fed her the meal, throwing her emotions into chaos.  Feng Yao was on the side, describing this home and the interesting things in this home in her fairy like voice.

Yang Xi Ruo controlled her tears, eating the congee Feng Xiao was placing in her vermillion lips while attentively listening to Feng Yao.  This feeling of being home, it had been too long since she had experienced it.

After eating dinner, Feng Xiao transmitted some more chaotic qi into Xi Ruo's body before walking out.  He softly closed the door and left Xi Ruo inside with Feng Yao.

“It should be easier to talk among girls.”  Feng Xiao revealed a faint smile. He laid down on the sofa and turned on the television since he was bored.

“«Rebirth» has been in beta testing for less than a week, but the highest amount of people online has already surpa.s.sed five hundred million.  This is an astonishing number…..”

“«Rebirth» is currently slowly entering people's live, changing their habits.  People before would ask ‘have you eaten yet?', but now most of them ask ‘what level are you?'......”

“Rebirth, Rebirth, I love you, just like how mouse love rice…..”

After going through several channels, almost all of them were about «Rebirth».  The popularity of «Rebirth» made Feng Xiao a bit dizzy. He turned off the television and Feng Xiao slowly walked onto the balcony, looking at the half moon in the sky.

“Tomorrow will be the 7th.”

There was the sound of girl's laughter from Feng Yao's room and Feng Xiao finally couldn't stop his curiosity.  He secretly used his chaotic qi in his ear and piqued his ears to listen.

“Little sister Xi Ruo, has big brother done anything to you?”

“No…..No.  Big brother Feng is a good person, how could he…..”  Yang Xi Ruo said in a shy voice.

“Really?  My bad big brother can be this good with a beauty like you?”  Feng Yao said in a doubtful voice.

“Really, he did nothing.”

“It doesn't matter.  We'll sleep in the same bed, I promise my bad big brother won't dare do anything.  You don't know, he's quite bad, he might be secretly listening to us now…..”

Feng Xiao was covered in a cold sweat as he quickly escaped the balcony.  After finding nothing to do for a while, he began to watch the television again.

“Am I that bad?”  Feng Xiao couldn't help rubbing his head.

After watching the boring shows for half an hour, Feng Xiao felt a bit sleepy.  There was the sound of two fairies laughing coming from Feng Yao's room.

“Big brother!”  The door of the room was suddenly opened and Feng Yao shouted at him with a faint smile, “Come and help me.”

Feng Xiao quickly stood up and rushed in front of Feng Yao as fast as lightning.  He had the modest face of an honest gentleman as he said, “Beautiful fairy sister, what can I do for you.”

Feng Yao and Yang Xi Ruo laughed.  Feng Yao softly hit her big brother as she said, “Big brother, help me carry little sister Xi Ruo to the bathroom, I need to help her take a bath.”

“Oh!”  Feng Xiao didn't waste words, wasn't surprise, and didn't have any fantasies.  He lifted up the blushing Xi Ruo and turned to bring her to the bathroom, softly placing her on a chair in the bathroom.

“Alright, big brother.  What are you staring for, quickly leave!”

“It can't be, throwing me away after using me.  You can at least have a bit of contribution…..” Feng Xiao didn't even get to finish complaining as he was softly pushed out by Feng Yao who closed the door behind him.

Looking at the bathroom door with eyes filled with yearning, he said in a dissatisfied voice, “You let me watch and touch when you bathed before, but now you even close the door……”

The splashing and the faint charming laughter coming from the bathroom made Feng Xiao's heart itchy.  Feng Xiao finally couldn't take it anymore as he used the world's most mysterious chaotic qi to secretly listen in.

“Little sister Xi Ruo, your chest is so big and it's so soft…..”

“How…..How could that be.  Big sister Yao'er's chest is also very big and very…..smooth…..”

“Yi?  Why is there two bruises on your chest and it's been there for not long.  Moreover…..it seems like it was pinched by someone…..”

“Ah?  I…..I don't know, it shouldn't be…..”

“Little sister Xi Ruo, have you been unconscious at any point today…..”

“No, only…..Only…..When big brother Feng was curing me…..”

Feng Xiao was covered in a cold sweat and quickly turned off the television to head back to his room to pretend to sleep.

Not long after, there were two knocks on Feng Xiao's door and Yao'er's voice sounded, “Big brother, are you asleep?  Help me carry little sister Xi Ruo back to the room.”

Feng Xiao opened the door and was instantly shocked by Feng Yao's shocking appearance after she had taking a bath.  But faced with her strange and amused eyes, Feng Xiao immediately charged to the room like a thief being caught. He carried the slightly wet Yang Xi Ruo back to her room, but it was a pity that she was already wearing her pyjamas.

After Yang Xi Ruo was carried by Feng Xiao, it was like being directly touched by him and she was too ashamed to look up.  She was only wearing a pair of Feng Yao's light pyjamas and the inside was empty. Her chest was too rich, slightly opening the pyjamas, clearly showing the shape of her two buds.

Feng Xiao's body was warm and felt like his nose was about to bleed.  After placing Yang Xi Ruo onto the bed, he finally couldn't take it as his hands grabbed Feng Yao's snow white peaks.  After playing with them for a bit, he left the room, leaving a red faced Feng Yao covering her mouth behind.

“Big brother, good night!”  Softly holding her chest that was painful after being caressed, she leaned against the door and spoke in a soft voice.

When they were home, she would always say good night to her big brother, otherwise she wouldn't be able to sleep.  It was as if she had lost something precious.

“Tomorrow is the 7th again…..”

That night, Yang Xi Ruo under the comfort of Feng Yao slept very peacefully, not having any more nightmares.

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