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“Huan brother, you choose the leopard girl playing the wild, can do? Do not blind by the explosion.” Lin Feng Zhang Huan chose to read the hero, do not talk nonsense.

Zhang Huan smiled and said: “Rest a.s.sured, this does not win, I live Xiang Xiang live!”

Soon the two sides choose the hero is completed, Zhang Huan side of the lineup are: single promise of hand, playing wild leopard female, stone man in the single, adc skateboarding shoes, auxiliary female Tanzania.

Each other’s lineup is: on a single knife, playing wild blind monk, single Laks, adc Wei En, a.s.sisted hammer stone.

The original Zhang Huan is also looking forward to Raymond can take a normal single heroes, such as cards, robbery, or big bald stray can, but did not expect this servant actually took a (Lava Beast) stone people.

Rinpoche’s argument is that the opposite Laksi is crispy, he can ap out a set of seconds out. Naturally, this is a self-justifying explanation. In fact, the pool of heroes of Lin Feng is too shallow. His position on the fifth floor, belonging to the post-election, playing La Ke Si this crispy ap, choose a robbery or Yasuo, can be online abortion, but the premise is that the level of the gap is not large.

Otherwise, a king’s Laksi, playing a golden robbery, nature is the end of abuse.

After half a minute of game reading, enter the game screen.

“Call … that is the feeling!” Looked at the game no shadow map, Zhang Huan bitterly sigh, just a moment ago he was still watching the peculiar function of the system will not appear, but he The concern is clearly superfluous.

Through the fog of war, he can clearly see the other five heroes.

Did not think about it, Zhang Huan calm down the mood, bought a knife and a bottle of complementary medicine 150.

Now the red drug is a 50 bottle, a lot more expensive than before, but also a one-time items, most players now play wild-first like to buy replenishment syrup, and then synthetic hunters syrup. Hunter syrup can kill Wildcats in the wild area to get a reply, is an economical and affordable equipment.

Buy equipment, Zhang Huan led his teammates quickly out of spring, directly to the blue buff and the river bordering the gra.s.s. When the general ranking, the red side will be squatting here, want to play a group into the do not want to play back.

Zhang Huan looked at the movement of several people across the river and found that they had inserted an eye in the gra.s.s that quickly returned to their own wild areas, there is no invasion of the idea. Even more boring, the opposite adc swinging in place.

However, only one of these Zhang Huan fog through the war to know that his teammates do not know the opposite adc dancing in place.

A regiment eventually did not fight, but Zhang Huan but the advantage of using the hero, in the dragons pit limit q in the opposite hammer, knocked him two hundred blood, making him had to return to the city to add.

After the military route contact, both soldiers began a fierce fighting, and Zhang Huan is also under the team two teammates, quickly won the blue buff.

Blind monk looked at the movement and found that he actually even after the red buff did not go to brush half wild wild field, but directly after the f4 blue buff from the back of the road, went straight to Zhang Huan side of the three Wolf area.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Huan in order to avoid shock, before the intersection of the three wolves and blue buff put a free jewelry eye, and then began to brush up three mobs two mobs.

The current version, in the early stage, the general brush f4 and three wolves brush the first small, so as to ensure the maximum amount of her own blood sufficient.

Two little wolves finished, the big also hit a third of the amount of blood, in the field of vision, the two saw the emergence of blind monk, hurriedly give Zhang glow signal, indicating that he was careful.

However, Zhang Huan seems unheard of, as did not see the blind monk in general.

But at the next moment, is the name of the big wolf leopard girl, suddenly raised his hand, facing the shaking body to three wolves and the source of the second birthplace of blind monk to shoot a target.

Twinkling of an eye, like a black arrow out of gunpoint Mangmang, breaking the Summoner Gorge air flow in the blind monk is still fuss, a hit inserted in his body, as far away from, This standard went directly to the blind monk nearly two hundred blood.

“I go! Nima, here’s the eye!”

Ding Sisi is a beauty anchor flag war tv, the power of a diamond segment. As the strength is good, and people look quite beautiful, sweet voice, but nineteen years old, in the flag has a certain popularity tv.

Now she is manipulating the blind monk to go to the opposition. According to her diamond-level experience, the opposite of the leopard woman playing the Three Wolves, originally a spirited and energetic preparation for the show, was at Midway was a black mark in the body, making her surprised could not help burst a foul language.

At this moment, more than ten thousand people are watching her game, and the screen on the public screen is 6666.

“666, Little Sith was found by the eye.”

“Chopped food, garbage anchor!”

“I got it wrong, the beauty anchor actually burst foul language?”

“Distressed anchor, was shot!”

“Opposite the leopard girl good sense of ah, wait for the small Sisi was beaten!”

For a time many people on the public screen began to brush, some spray, while others are really fans, and some soy sauce is playing Dingsi Si.

After being shot a standard, Ding Sisi also burst a foul language, more calmly control blind monks wall put a jewelry eye in the wolf’s nest.

At this time to see the blood and their almost leopard girl is still playing big wolf, blind monk throw a q skills directly, a flash of white light group flash, instantly hit the head of the wolf.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Huan immediately stopped playing wolves, then the wolf’s blood there are almost five hundred blind monk a Sec skills can not kill.

He glanced at the stone man in the middle of the road and found that he had just risen to level two. Zhang Huan said directly: “Maniac, you come and kill the blind man.”

“Kill the blind? Oh, oh, come.” Raymond Lam was still focused on the line with Lacks, did not see the blind monk has invaded his own wild area, until Zhang Huan reminded him before he responded, and immediately Control of the stone people, from a tower and the channel wall that trail quickly rushed over.

Blind monk saw the middle of the stone people disappear, knowing that it is to catch themselves, and immediately give up s.n.a.t.c.h the idea of ​​creeps, twist hip want to spare into the blue buff fled.

However, there is no place in the world where you want to go.

As early as two seconds ago, Zhang Huan controls the leopard girl in the blue buff and the three wolves at the junction, just hit the blind man fleeing from here.

After seeing him, raising his hand is to raise his hand directly a, and then instantly become a leopard form, a w monk instantly flutter, and then pick q skills.

A set to go down, triggering the pa.s.sive Thunder Lord, Monk’s blood volume instantly dropped to half a blood.

Blind monk only half the blood, then only think of myself who have additional syrup, and quickly knocked down the two bottles, the blood slowly recovered.

At the same time due to q skills vent, and now the blind monk has only one e skills, no harm, but blind monk is still leaning out of e after the close leopard female skills, making the leopard female slightly slowed down.

Originally, he wanted to turn around a leopard girl, want to wait until the next period after q skills, with the red buff special effects burning, kill the leopard girl in one fell swoop.

However, Zhang Huan knew his thoughts without giving him a chance. After wq, he directly retreated two steps and became a human form, retreating to blind monks who wanted to retaliate.

About two times, three times, as Zhang Huan Rui Wen did not wear this law with the red, and with the attack, so beating is still very painful, after three times, making blind monk’s blood fell directly to the only To 300 blood, which is knocking the case of medicine, if there is no added syrup, the blind monk now the blood is absolutely less than two hundred and fifty points.

Blind monk look a no leopard female, certainly not panic. In the leopard female a second time, the blind monk hurriedly hugged rat head and went to the dragons Department ran.

And Zhang Huan in the fourth after a, due to the pause of a flat, not less than a blind monk.

But this does not mean the end, he was a direct distance w in front of the blind monk walking straight, forcing blind monk had a pause, and then bypa.s.sed, by this time, he again blind a monk.

A few seconds later, the blind monk has almost left the Blue buff area and went to the river dragons. And Zhang Huan here on the road two long before the blind monk invaded the wild area, consciously move closer to the dragons, the blind monk down the road to seal. And Lin Feng stone people at this time also under the command of Zhang Huan, blocked from above the river.

Ps: there are typos Remember, there are some details of the story Do not be too serious, such as the amount of blood, my computer configuration is poor, can not play lol, so most of them are written by memorizing, I will devote time Go to cybercafe to test hero’s data. We see readily on the line, anyway, this thing we have a bug, otherwise in the real world, there is no one player can be perfect, even if faker is not always make some low-level mistakes, and then be ma.s.sacred?

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