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Qian Shuxiao hadn't recovered his senses from the comfort he was in when someone kicked the door open.

"Come out here, Qian Shuxiao, you brat who pays more attention to your lover than your friends! You promised we'll enjoy good things together but once you cheated a beauty to sleep with you, you actually ran off to have fun with her all on your own! Don't you think you're shameless? Do you want to be kicked off the group of four young masters of Luoyang?"

Qian Shuxiao, whose enjoyment was interrupted, was about to curse when he recognized the voice. He stood up at once, quivering. With an awkward expression, he was about to explain himself when Ye Que met the eyes of the three young masters who looked like they were here to question a criminal.

"Boy, oh boy. The one surnamed Qian, are you looking down us brothers after meeting your new flame? You aren't bringing us to play now, are you? Sick of us, aren't you?" The leader of the group smacked his lips while looking around the messy room. "Look, guys. Just look. What a great commotion! Even the bed collapsed. Look, look, look, the noise is so loud. The bed is collapsing. Two dragons playing together. You're making great progress!"

Glancing at the calm-looking Ye Que on the stool, the man said disdainfully, "This pretty boy sure knows the ropes more than we do, knows how to play too. Looks like it'll be just us three young masters in Luoyang from now on. From tonight onward, the four young masters of Luoyang are history."

"Old Han, shut up." Qian Shuxiao was so anxious that beads of sweat were drenching his forehead. He had witnessed Ye Que's skills, after all. The latter had defeated the demon with a single move, and it was even a magical power that turned the wine into a sword. Though Ye Que was young, he was unmistakably an expert among experts. He might even be one of those legendary Immortals. It was said the Immortals were both beautiful and skilled and one couldn't determine their age by appearance alone.

Now, his good friend was calling Ye Que a pretty boy the moment they showed up. If this angered the expert, they would all suffer the consequences. What if the expert also struck them with his sword? Wouldn't they meet a certain death?

"Hey, the one surnamed Qian. Did you tell me to shut up? Did you tell me to f*cking shut up? Looks like you've forgotten the great favor I gave you when I helped you block the wall brick, how much of my fine wine you've drunk over the years and how many of my beautiful concubines you've molested over the years."

"I'm breaking off my friendship with a h.o.m.o like you today!" The young master surnamed Han began to shout at the door, "Whoever has a sword, bring me one! I want to break off my friendship with the one surnamed Qian!"

Qian Shuxiao looked like he was about to burst into tears after seeing his good friend's adamant manner. He couldn't care about that much at this moment and yelled at Young Master Han, "Han Yu, can you please shut your mouth? Will you die if you don't speak? If you really want to die, don't drag us brothers to your grave!"

Qian Shuxiao looked like he was disappointed in his friend for being this stupid. He pointed at Han Yu's nose and began scolding him. The more he scolded, the more unpleasant his words became. "Do you even have a brain? Did the donkey kick your eyes? How does this room look like two dragons are playing in here? Would you tear down the room when you're having fun?"

"I was nearly eaten by a demon earlier. If not for this mister here, you guys would find a corpse instead. If you're even unluckier, you'd meet the demon and die in her hands." Qian Shuxiao pointed to Ye Que respectfully with a smile. He then glared at Han Yu. "Sir, these three are my good friends, Han Yu, He Xiqi, and Hao Le. Please don't take their offensive words to heart."

Qian Shuxiao tugged at Han Yu hard. "Quick, apologize to this mister."


"To him?"

Han Yu pushed Qian Shuxiao and looked at him like he was a madman. "Have you gone mad?"

"You said there was a demon earlier? How could there be demons in Luoyang? Do you believe them, He Xiqi, Hao Le?" Han Yu looked at the other two young masters.

Both of them shook their heads. Their faces were full of disbelief.

"I saw the demon with my own eyes. The fox demon's face was this close to me." Qian Shuxiao raised his hand and formed a sesame-sized distance with his fingers. "There's the foxtail as well. The entire thing was wrapped around my waist. Do you think I'd lie to you?"

He then saw Han Yu and the other two nodding.

"Fine. It's okay if you don't believe me, but you should believe in yourself, no? I came upstairs with the fox demon and I'm sure you got wind of it. But where is she now? If she's really human, there's no way she can fly out of this place. It's because she's a demon that she can escape unnoticed."

Han Yu looked at the messy room before shifting his gaze to Qian Shuxiao and Ye Que. "That's right. I forgot the main issue here. Where's the beauty? Where did you hide her? I heard she's extremely beautiful. This time, you mustn't dream of ravishing her alone. I'm telling you, it's impossible."

"G.o.dd.a.m.nit." Qian Shuxiao pointed his index finger at Han Yu. He took several deep breaths but failed to calm down. "You're really a freaking fool."

In the end, he had no choice but to curse his friend out. "You're a complete fool who can't distinguish good from bad. You've lost your mind. Why did I befriend someone like you? How frustrating!"

"Well, you guys handle your own affairs. I don't have time to amuse you here." Ye Que clapped his hands and stood up. Without even looking at Han Yu and the other two, he went straight outside. Suddenly, he stopped halfway to look at Han Yu. "The ignorant are fearless. You're the first person who dares to call me a pretty boy. You sure are courageous."

Ye Que snorted. He might be angry, but he wouldn't really retaliate. To him, these weak, flirtatious young master was like an ant. There was no need for him to lower himself to his level. Moreover, while his history of slaying 10 million demons wasn't fake, he wasn't one to disregard human life. There was an inherent difference between the two.

"What are you staring at? What are you snorting about? What's wrong with me calling you a pretty boy? Don't you think you're great just because you have good looks? I'm giving face to the one surnamed Qiao, or else I would've taught you a lesson today. This is a world where you can get by with your looks. Everything depends on your strength."

Han Yu patted a muscular man who had just entered the room. It seemed that the man was his bodyguard. He had a st.u.r.dy physique with muscles all over. In his hand was a fine steel sword.

This man was fearless because he was ignorant and willful because he was fearless. He was able to spout conceited nonsense because he was willful. There was no crime in being ignorant but repeatedly taking the initiative to provoke people meant he wasn't sensible.


"Frog at the bottom of a well!"

Ye Que shook his head without making any visible movement. Suddenly, the fine steel sword in the muscular fellow's hands suddenly stood up straight.


There was a flash of green light as the fine steel sword flew and spiraled as fast as lightning in the air. Then, it slid across Han Yu's face like a thunderbolt and penetrated the floor between his legs.

The body of the sword was straight.

The blade penetrated three inches of the wooden floor.

Besides Qian Shuxiao, everyone present felt their backs soaked in cold sweat. Han Yu's face had turned pale. He looked so stifled that he no longer looked like someone venting his anger. Within a minute, the smell of urine came from Han Yu's crotch.

"Y-young master, are you all right?" The first person to react was the bodyguard. However, he didn't take a step forward either and asked his master in a shaking voice. He glanced out of the room as he spoke, fearful something would be inserted between his legs out of thin air.

"Is, is that the legendary flying sword?" He Xiqi, who came with Han Yu, was in disbelief.

"Expert!" A dumbstruck Hao Le looked at the fine steel sword between Han Yu's legs. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty.

Han Yu was in deep trouble now. This was the first thought that came to the minds of both of them. They weren't ignorant commoners. Being young masters who grew up in one of the largest families in Luoyang City, they were nonetheless privy to some secrets.

For example, there was a palace hall deep in the gra.s.sland in the north with innumerable armored wolves. For example, there was a green hill on the south of the prosperous Tang dynasty, where there were dozens of Truth-cultivating sects. For example, there were Immortals in this world and flying wasn't a dream, etc.

The more they thought about it, the stronger their shock at this moment.

Just how powerful was this young expert? Would he hold grudges?

Whatever these people were thinking about, Qian Shuxiao immediately chased after Ye Que with a lift of his leg. The body that the little fox demon tormented had fully recovered after Ye Que healed him. He even felt more energetic than before.

"Sir! Sir, please stay." Fortunately, Qian Shuxiao's reaction was quick enough. Otherwise, he would have no face to say anything if Ye Que had already closed his door. He wouldn't have the courage to knock either.

"Your body is fine now. You won't be getting sick either," Ye Que said dully.

"That, I can feel for myself. Even if a tiger is to come now, I think I'll be able to chop it into eight pieces." Qian Shuxiao patted his chest hard.

"Then what else do you need?"

"If I may be so bold as to do so, I'd like to invite Sir to stay in my family house for a few days. This is a tavern, after all. It's a little uncomfortable for you, Sir." Qian Shuxiao looked terribly sincere.

"It's nice here." For Ye Que, a stable realm was the most important thing now. Living conditions weren't important at all. He could cultivate even if he were to sleep outdoors in mountains and fields.

"I know you don't care about these worldly details, but you saved my life. I need to repay this debt of grat.i.tude. Since you're now in Luoyang, you must allow me to play host no matter what." Qian Shuxiao bowed to Ye Que once again. "Otherwise, I'd feel guilty."

After a careful look at Qian Shuxiao, Ye Que mulled over the offer with a frown. "Tell me the truth. Don't come here to flatter me. It doesn't work every time."

Qian Shuxiao's proper expression became momentarily frozen. He gave an awkward laugh. "Nothing can escape your eyes, Sir. It's true there's something minor I need your help on when I invite you to my family home. It's a small matter to you. I promise it'll be no trouble at all."

"Troublesome." Ye Que didn't wait for Qian Shuxiao to continue before interrupting him. He didn't have the spare time to play with a frivolous young master like him.

Ye Que ignored Qian Shuxiao and slammed the door shut.

"Sir, all I need is for you to attend a flower-viewing drinking party. You just have to stand beside me and watch."

"I know you're definitely not short of money, but this flower-viewing drinking party is most certainly not about tasting wine. That's only the superficial appearance."

"It's actually an auction. It is said there would be magical treasures each time, even magic treasures from Qingqiu. I believe you'd definitely need them."

"Sir." Qian Shuxiao summoned his courage and knocked at the door lightly.

With a stubborn creak, the door opened by itself.

"Are you sure there will be magic treasures from Qingqiu?"

Qian Shuxiao immediately raised three fingers. "I swear on my integrity. There will absolutely be magical treasures there."

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