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Canaria, with a humble face, watched the man slowly coming in.

“……Master Orpheus.”

“Excuse me. But I saw my pupil was in a deadlock, so I had to intrude to give her advice. Are you fine with it, Elephant King-dono?”

Aira narrowed his glance to Orpheus.

“An advice? Not that I care, but I believed unclear information served only further in hindering her reasoning. Or, you were saying that you have already solved that mystery?”

“Yes, I am. I have solved almost every mystery related to this case. It would have been nice to wait for my pupil to solve it, but that need to take a while first.”

*Clap*, Orpheus wore a gentle smile as he placed his hand on Canaria’s head.

Aira’s eyes were wide-opened from astonishment. The fact Orpheus would wait until his pupil to solve this mystery proves the direction that Canaria’s reasoning followed wasn’t wrong.

Canara felt relieved, but she was certain she’s close to her limits.

“……Master. Am I inadequate by myself?”

“No, it isn’t like that. Time is just not on your side and I have some spare time to spend, that is.”

Aira went into a shock.

That means this whole situation happened because of his mood. A very arrogant excuse for someone wearing such a gentle smile.

“……Whatever. So, could you tell us anything then?”

“Yes, then let’s begin. —Canaria. There are two conditions for a motive other than revenge to come into existence for [Morgan le Fay].”

“They are?”

“First is a motive that can replace revenge. Another is the transition in circ.u.mstance proves that motive.”

“The transition in circ.u.mstance……?”

“Correct. You must notice about the transition in circ.u.mstance from Morgan’s perspective first. But before that, you will need some information before ought to sorting the points.”

“You shouldn’t have proceeded to the topic with the mystery still lingering around.”, as implied by Orpheus.

“What was your thought when you heard the story from the G.o.d King?
[Was there a primary factor for all of Knights of Round Table to have the possibility of betraying the king], perhaps?”

“Ye-yes. But I didn’t have time to solve the [all members] part.”

“No, it’s the opposite.
You don’t need to think of “the number of mysteries corresponds to the Knights of Round Table”.
You need to think of “A common mystery shared by all of the Knights of Round Table”.
Follow that lead, and you make all the mysteries come to light.”

*Slap*, Canaria clapped her hands immediately after.

“Ah, I get it……! There is an absolute reason why they didn’t betray against King Arthur out of individual reason, rather because they were forced to betray King Arthur!”

“That is the reason you were suspected of — That connected to the subject of [Did King Arthur fail the ritual of abdication?].”

So Canaria’s conjecture was right all along.

The reason that everyone of the Knights of Round Table were forced to betray King Arthur and the failure of the sword’s ritual from Morgan’s perspective, they are both connected.

“If the king could prove he didn’t have the right to succeed the throne legitimately, the knights would have never question its veracity to the king. However, he was unable to reveal to the world the disgrace behind how he, someone without the right to succeed the crown ascends to the throne!”

Therefore, [the reason all members of the Knights of Round Table betray the king] was never made known to the ma.s.ses.

And, if the Crown Stone was endowed with the unknown power that can prove the existence of the right to succeed the crown—

“Indeed. The cause for why [Morgan le Fay] had to use violence later on. [A motive other than revenge of Morgan le Fay] as pondered by you…… They all lead to the mystery why Arthurian Legend – the Legend of King Arthur, who was chosen by the Crown Stone ends in failure in all parallel universes.”

The betrayal of the Knights of Round Table.
The failure of the ritual by the Crown Stone.
And, the reason Morgan fell into becoming a witch.

“……Now, you can see the right answers one by one and also the entire story of the organization that caused such vicious indoctrination on the Crown Stone simultaneously. She was misguided by those cursed the Crown Stone. They took advantage of her in the most painful and the most bitter time. And her life lost its track from the Great Way (1) by a certain nunnery.”

The G.o.d King reacted to Orpheus’ last words.

“Orpheus. Is that aforementioned organization Dystopia?”

“I believed that organization plays a part in this.”

“Then I have to ask you. The ident.i.ty of the enemy you deduce from the Crown Stone.”

The G.o.d King bent forward and spoke out his question.

Meanwhile, Orpheus held his harp while smiled in silent, then he answered about the matter at hand.


(1) The raw is 大きく道. This appears to be a reference to Great Dao, a major concept in Taoism as Tao (道) was sometimes referred as Great Dao (大道).

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