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I was thinking about all the fun and mischief to do during the trip.

And that vile bell rang to pull me out of my utopia.

Our trio strolled till the gate, discussing how to get Elena with us.

And there was a Shiny black Daemon Dodger parked there.

Holy h.e.l.l... What a beast, I awed..

Stephy replied, I wish it's owner is someone young.

I had a hunch about the owner and it was not good.

Hey dumboo.. Where are you lost, Elena said shaking me.

I looked over the car's window and it rolled down, only to reveal a face with sharp chiselled features shining in Afternoon sun.


Hey.. Alexa.. Let's go..

Alexaa.. You you know himm... My friends couldn't contain their excitement.

He got off the car with a swift charming motion and extended a hand towards Elena and then Stephy.

Good afternoon misses.. I am Jonathan Mikaelson.

It was a pleasure to meet you Mr. Mikaelson, they replied in unison, already charmed by him.

But how do you know our friend Alexa..

Actually I am her f..

He is my father's side relative, I interrupted him.

Ohhh... Relative... Well.. I think we should should go...

Yes.. I'll also leave with Jace.. Byee..

Have a great day misses...

Aah.. You too Mr. Mikaelson.

We got into the car.

So...how was your day?, he asked.


(Not much excited except for the fact my ex showed up and we were just going to blow the whole school amidst our duel.)

I grinned.

Hey.. What happened? Did something good happened?

Naah... It's just.. I love muscle cars like this h.e.l.l beast. It's awesome.
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Welll...I have a good collection of cars back in the home. Soon, they will be yours.

I didn't want to reply. He also didn't said anything. Car was filled with an eerie silence.

Thankfully, Rain started midway...

Alexa was staring at the rain and Jace was staring at Alexa.

Both were staring at what they found beautiful.

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