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Chapter 829 - 829 In my eyes, you are nothing but a bunch of ants!

829 In my eyes, you are nothing but a bunch of ants!

Three hundred million years ago, the Eastern Region of the heavenly Devil realm had two hundred and fifty thousand devil kingdoms and eight million devil clans.

Among them, the heaven surmounting demonic dragon clan and the darkness demonic dragon clan were the strongest.

There was a saying that a mountain could not accommodate two tigers.

Because the blackfiend dragon clan had inherited the bloodline of the immemorial ancestral Dragon, they were more aggressive and aggressive.


In order to eliminate the heaven defying devil dragon clan, he wanted to monopolize the Eastern Region.

Under the leadership of the eternal Son of Heaven, Diwu Zhenyu, the blackfiend dragon clan had razed 30000 devil nations and annihilated 150000 devil clans in 10 days.

On the eleventh day, they razed the five largest mountain ranges in the Eastern Region from the East to the West. After flattening the ninety thousand mountains, they advanced all the way to the West. In just five short days, they destroyed another sixty thousand devil nations and eliminated 310000 devil race.

On the 15th day, after annihilating 140000 devil nations and ma.s.sacring nearly four million devil clansmen, they finally encountered the heaven-breaking devil dragon clan and launched an unprecedented decisive battle.

In that battle, heaven and earth were turned upside down, and everything was destroyed. It was like the end of the world.

The sky-breaking demonic dragon clan displayed the ultimate power of the top demonic clans in the Eastern Region. All kinds of great saint realm and ancient G.o.d Realm experts came like a tide.

As for the dark Demon Dragon clan, they were the main villains. They were the strongest Warriors who could make decisions for all ages. They started to gain the upper hand in just two days.

Seeing that the situation was not good, the remaining demonic clans in the Eastern Region decided to work together to help the heaven surmounting demonic dragon clan deal with the blackfiend dragon clan.

Finally, after five days of intense battle …

The heaven surmounting demonic dragon clan reversed the situation and forced the blackfiend dragon clan to Retreat 1.3 billion miles from the center of the Eastern Region.

In the end, the leader of the blackfiend dragon clan gathered the power of a hundred ancient G.o.ds and slashed with the power to tear the sky. The earth cracked and a bottomless hole appeared, swallowing the blackfiend dragon clan.

From then on, 300 million years had pa.s.sed, and the blackfiend dragon clan no longer existed in the world.

The opening that the leader of the heaven surmounting demonic dragon clan had created back then was the illusion fog great canyon today!

Demon Lord mo Luo and the others did not expect that the blackfiend dragon clan was still alive and was hiding in the endless Illusion Fog Canyon!

Demon Lord mo Luo muttered, ”

it seems like the blackfiend dragon clan was the one who released the fake news about the Birth of the Dragon Pearl. &Quot;

“But why are they doing this?”

Wu tianbie’s expression became serious.

“No matter what, the reappearance of the blackfiend Dragon Tribe after 300 million years of dormancy is definitely not a good thing for the Eastern Region!”

While they were talking.

The black demonic mist that filled the sky dropped down rapidly and condensed into tall and huge blackfiend Dragon Warriors at the edge of the canyon.

Their auras were ancient and powerful. At first glance, they were all at the Emperor-to-be realm and above. Their auras were extremely terrifying.

kill!!! &Quot;

Before anyone could react, demonic Qi and demonic light surged from the East, West, and South of the illusionary Fog Canyon.

He looked up.

Hundreds of thousands of blackfiend Dragon Warriors appeared from these three directions. They were all fully armored and armed with vicious weapons.

Demon Lord mo Luo, Wu tianbie, and the others couldn’t help but gasp.”s.h.i.t, we’ve been surrounded!”

It was only at this moment that they were completely convinced that the blackfiend dragon clan was the one who had spread the fake news about the Birth of the Dragon Ball.

It seemed like the blackfiend Dragon Tribe had come prepared. There must be a huge conspiracy!

In addition to the Warriors at the edge of the canyon, the blackfiend dragon clan had mobilized nearly 400000 soldiers to surround everyone from all sides.

At this time, the black demonic fog in the sky surged. Thousands of huge blackfiend Dragons broke through the demonic fog and flew above the crowd, baring their fangs and brandishing their claws.

Then, a chariot pulled by three blackfiend Dragons broke through the demonic fog and landed, floating in front of all the blackfiend Dragons.

Everyone could clearly see that a tall and strong man of the blackfiend dragon clan was sitting on the chariot.

He was about three meters long, wearing black and gold armor, and had three half-black and half-gold rhinoceros horns on his head.

His red-brown hair fluttered in the wind, making him look wild and overbearing.

Looking down at the tens of millions of soldiers, the fifth Dawn said with disdain, ”

they haven’t appeared for 300 million years. The devil nation of the Eastern Region is really getting more and more stupid! &Quot;

“I didn’t expect that a single piece of fake news would be able to trick over three hundred devil nations, a total of ten million troops.”

if we knew this would happen, we, the blackfiend dragon clan, would have appeared earlier. Perhaps we could have flattened the entire Eastern Region with a small display of our skills! &Quot;

The fifth period was the cultivation of the intermediate great saint realm. In addition, the blackfiend dragon clan inherited the Supreme bloodline and physique of the ancestral Demon Dragon.

Even if he didn’t move like a mountain, he could still release the pressure of an ancient G.o.d.

Under his terrifying aura, even experts like demon monarch mo Luo and Holy Lord Ling Miao bowed slightly.

As expected of the terrifying race that annihilated thousands of countries in one night 300 million years ago, the blackfiend dragon race was indeed extraordinary.

When he thought of Lin Xuan’s presence, Demon Lord mo Luo gathered his courage and took a few steps forward. He looked at the fifth constellation and said, ”

“It turns out that you’ve spread false news to conquer the countries of the Eastern Region,”

it seems like your blackfiend dragon clan is no longer as powerful as it was 300 million years ago. Otherwise, you could have just flattened them. Why would you resort to such underhanded means? ”

Wutian Bie and the other demon monarchs silently nodded.

Demon Lord mo Luo’s words were very reasonable. He had hit the main point.

The fifth star laughed coldly. those who achieve great things don’t care about the trifles. The battle 300 million years ago did damage our race’s vitality. We were almost completely destroyed! &Quot;

“But so what? Now that our clan has made a comeback, and the heaven surmounting demonic dragon clan has long since disappeared, this means that our clan will finally flatten the Eastern Region!”

“All the demons in the Eastern Region will prostrate before the Dragon claws of my race’s Armored Cavalry!”

don’t even talk about razing the Eastern Region to the ground. Demon Lord Moro said angrily,”we have an Army of ten million, and your blackfiend dragon clan only has about 400000 soldiers. How can you defeat us?”

“Is your ten million strong Army very strong?” the fifth morning sneered.

in my eyes, you’re just a bunch of ants. I don’t even need to use a single soldier to annihilate you all! &Quot;

After saying that, he raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh ~”

The demonic mist in the sky for a hundred thousand miles surged and condensed into four streams that fell down, floating in the four directions.

Everyone looked up and saw four figures in black robes, each holding a crystal scepter.

The scepter was surrounded by demonic mist.

There was a transparent crystal ball at the top of each scepter. Blood-red light was boiling in the crystal ball, and it emitted a terrifying and strange aura.

Demon Lord mo Luo and the others who were familiar with the history of 300 million years ago immediately recognized the four black figures.

“Dark Devil witch!”

They finally understood the entire plan of the blackfiend dragon clan.

That was to use the fake news of the Birth of the Dragon Ball to attract a large number of demons, and then dispatch the Army to besiege these demons from all sides.

In the end, they mobilized the dark Demon wizard to cast a spell and sacrifice all the demons present.

According to the historical records of the Eastern Region of the heavenly Devil realm, the blackfiend dragon clan had relied on the powerful magic power of the blackfiend sorcerer 300 million years ago to quickly flatten devil kingdoms one after another.

As long as the four Dark Demon sorcerers at the great saint realm cast their spells at the same time, they would definitely be able to annihilate the Army of 10 million soldiers in half an incense’s time!

One could only imagine how terrifying it was!

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