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603 There’s a Temporary Immortal of Heaven?

The words spoken by the True Immortal were all manifestations of the power of heaven and earth. They contained great power that could intimidate evil and attract lightning to turn into swords that could kill enemies.

If the True Immortal’s cultivation base was even more profound and broke through the Primordial Chaos True Immortal stage, his words could decide other people’s lives.

Therefore, the words of the two cultivators who condensed the chaos-immortal light turned into a faint heavenly voice as they conversed. It instantly spread throughout the “Northern Mount Earthy Immortal!”

Although it was surprising that a mortal with no background could condense the chaos-immortal light, it wasn’t too shocking.

However, what did he mean that the other person had a foundation that ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage? What was going on?

The speaker had no intention, but the listener had other thoughts.

At this moment, many cultivators who had other thoughts were hiding in the “Northern Mount Earthy Immortal.”

However, compared to Fang Jinyu’s calmness at the moment, the Primordial Chaos True Immortal of the Nanxing Immortal Race was already burning with anger.

It was because he only had the foundation that ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage.

Even though he had become a Primordial Chaos True Immortal by constantly robbing others of their heavenly luck, he could not change his “immortal foundation.”

Therefore, the Primordial Chaos True Immortal of the Nanxing Immortal Race went furious!

“I, Nanxing Wutian, will kill you today!”

“Wutian? Don’t you think that you’re not worthy of your name?” The voice, which was neither pleasant nor unpleasant to hear, continued to speak calmly. It still used a tone that described the facts and spoke arrogant words.

Nanxing Wutian didn’t say anything else and immediately attacked!

At this moment, Nanxing Wutian only wanted to kill the hiding immortal who was at the same stage as him!

However, although Nanxing Wutian was furious, he didn’t let his anger get the better of him. As he attacked, he also sent a message to Nanxing Bayi, asking him to come over quickly.

After leaving the Nanxing Immortal Race with their immortal body phenomenon, Nanxing Wutian and Nanxing Bayi split up.

Nanxing Wutian came here to kill and intimidate, and Nanxing Bayi visited the nearby immortal races. He wanted to find out the background of the Primordial Chaos True Immortal, who killed the son of their family’s head, Nanxing Haotian.

Although the current head of the Nanxing Immortal Race had said that he wanted the other party to “pay the blood debt with his life,” if the other party had a strong background, he would have to change the way he handled it.

For example, if the other party were an immortal spirit, he would only ask for some immortal items as compensation and ask the other party to apologize publicly.

After all, immortal spirits weren’t to be trifled with.

In particular, there was an innate spirit who had broken through the “Immortal of Heaven” stage. Rumors say that he has lived since the immortal realm’s immemorial times until now. Moreover, he also has a close relationship with the current Green Supreme, who suppressed the immortal realm!

In immemorial times, they had worked together several times.

The Primordial Chaos True Immortal’s ma.s.sage was naturally fast. Nanxing Wutian instantly contacted Nanxing Bayi. After learning that Nanxing Bayi was about to arrive, Nanxing Wutian was ecstatic.

However, Nanxing Wutian didn’t expect that not only did he lose, but the speed of his defeat was far faster than he imagined!

Nanxing Wutian’s immortal techniques were scattered at the moment they fought. The other party even suppressed the immortal laws he cultivated.

“The perfect immortal law!” Nanxing Wutian was shocked.

However, Nanxing Wutian wasn’t surprised that the person in front of him had cultivated the immortal law to this extent. He was surprised to find that the immortal law that the person in front of him used was something he had never heard of before.

“Is this your self-created immortal law?” After all, Nanxing Wutian was a Primordial Chaos True Immortal. Therefore, he immediately realized it.

“Fellow Daoist’s eyesight… Alright, you’re not blind.”

A voice that was neither pleasant nor unpleasant to hear sounded faintly from the void.

“Fellow Daoist, you’re indeed talented since you created an immortal law. However, aren’t you a little too arrogant?” At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded.

It was a deep and powerful voice. Moreover, a domineering intent arrived before the voice reached!

The owner of the voice was Nanxing Bayi. He was just like his name!

Nanxing Bayi cultivated the extremely rare path of virtual images!

This great cultivation path was commonly seen in the Sea of Realms, but it was rare in the immortal realm. After all, it was possible to cultivate it in the Sea of Realms, but the chances of success were slim in the immortal realm.

Who would still believe in such things when they were in a place where True Immortals existed?

However, Nanxing Bayi was born at a good time because his ancestor was already an “Immortal of Heaven” when he was born.

Thus, Nanxing Bayi borrowed his ancestor’s power to cultivate the path of virtual images.

The path that Nanxing Bayi took was naturally the second cultivation method of the path of virtual images. In other words, he was the virtual image, and he used himself as the place of faith for all living beings to achieve his goal!

However, the flaws in the path of virtual images were also obvious. Therefore, when Nanxing Bayi was about to break through the “First Immortal” stage, something went wrong, and he could only break through rank 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage.

If it weren’t for the Nanxing Immortal Clan’s method of seizing heavenly luck, he would still be an ordinary immortal!

“Another cultivator with the foundation that ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage? Your immortal race has plundered a lot of heavenly luck, huh? It’s a pity that I don’t have an immortal position anymore. Otherwise, if I killed the two of you, the merit I obtained would definitely allow me to control the heavenly rules again!”

The voice that was neither pleasant nor pleasant to hear didn’t answer. It only spoke to the two Primordial Chaos True Immortals of the Nanxing Immortal Race in a calm tone, as if they were chatting about the past.

His words didn’t hide his past at all.

However, it made Nanxing Wutian even more fearful.

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