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585 Where Is The System’s Limit (Part 2)

The heavenly immortal with the strongest cultivation base on their immortal island was only at grade 49.

Fortunately, the people from the immortal court soon returned. It relieved the cultivators and heavenly immortals on the immortal island.

When the people who investigated this matter returned to the immortal court, they immediately reported to the higher-ups of the celestial lords, saying, “Great Celestial Lord, we have activated the formation of the local immortal island, but we still can’t find the person. Perhaps it’s just a rumor, but we can’t rule out the possibility that the local cultivators have hidden him.”

“Well done. If it’s the latter, those local cultivators will have to rely on that tool refinement rogue cultivator to fill the gap caused by the activation of the formation on the immortal island!”

Those who could be called “great celestial lords” in the immortal court were all at least at “grade 60” or above!

If one broke through his cultivation base to “grade 70” or above, people would respectfully call them “grand celestial lords!”

Those at “grade 50” were ordinary celestial lords. They didn’t have any special t.i.tles and still addressed each other as fellow Daoists or Daoist brothers.

After all, it was the land of immortals. Even if the hierarchy were strict and clear, immortals still need the most basic form of respect.

When the celestial lords in charge of the investigation heard this, they immediately heaved a sigh of relief and said smilingly, “Great Celestial Lord, thank you for your praise. This trip was successful because of your guidance!”

At this moment, Fang Jinyu was still on one of the immortal islands, where the people from the immortal court had appeared.

Actually, Fang Jinyu never left this immortal island.

However, it wasn’t the cultivators on the immortal island who had hidden Fang Jinyu. It was because none of the heavenly immortals of the immortal court whose cultivation base had reached “grade 50” or above could sense him.

“The immortal court’s heavenly immortals seem strange. Logically speaking, those heavenly immortals at grade 50 or above are almost as powerful as the Primordial Chaos True Immortals, who could condense the chaos-immortal light. However, why do I feel that these immortal court’s heavenly immortals’ strengths are a bit unstable?”

Fang Jinyu thought about this matter for a few days and observed it for a few days, but he still had no clue.

After all, Fang Jinyu couldn’t capture a heavenly immortal from the immortal court to study.

If Fang Jinyu could catch one, he could naturally solve his doubt. Unfortunately, he couldn’t. Therefore, he continued to organize and comprehend the path of tool refinement in the “beyond the heavens.”

Those strange immortal court’s heavenly immortals were nothing compared to the path of tool refinement.

However, Fang Jinyu soon discovered that everyone on this immortal island, from those cultivators below the Immortal stage to those heavenly immortals who were stationed here to cultivate, was frowning. Some cultivators and heavenly immortals who came to this immortal island for temporary residence even ran away without packing their things.

However, someone even left his own daughter behind.

Fang Jinyu picked her up and found out what was going on. He then sent this unlucky girl back to her father.

The little girl’s careless father didn’t notice anything.

It was true that Fang Jinyu’s cultivation base was too profound, but as a father, he shouldn’t be ignorant when his daughter disappeared, right?

Afterward, Fang Jinyu went straight to the formation core on the immortal island.

The path of array formations in “beyond the heavens” was slightly different. Since it merged with the path of puppets, it caused the power of an ordinary array formation to instantly change. Its power has even improved dozens of times.

However, it also increased the array formation’s consumption to a terrifying level.

Fang Jinyu’s attainments in the path of array formations were naturally profound. On the first day he arrived, he understood the array formation’s operating principles and rules. Now, he is here to make up for the energy consumed by this array formation and make some changes.

For example, those who possessed the power of the stars of the immortal court could no longer activate the formation.

Another example was that n.o.body could activate the array formation on the immortal island if there was no real danger. As for how to tell if there was a real danger, the puppet incarnation in this array formation could distinguish it.

If it weren’t for this puppet incarnation, the immortal island’s array formation, which had ordinary power, wouldn’t have become a “gold-devouring beast!”

After that, Fang Jinyu continued to comprehend and cultivate the path of tool refinement here. Since he had his system, even if there was no specific high-level refining technique, he could still comprehend it bit by bit!

A few days later, Fang Jinyu’s peaceful meditation days were interrupted again.

It was still the people sent by the immortal court.

This time, they directly surrounded the immortal island.lightsnovel

Of course, the people sent by the immortal court wanted to activate the immortal island’s array formation as usual. After all, they didn’t have to bear the consumption. However, their plan was naturally in vain.


However, they still found Fang Jinyu.

Seeing that the other party had already mobilized so many people, Fang Jinyu took the initiative to show up.

“Fellow Daoists, why are you looking for me?”

Fang Jinyu spoke faintly and looked at the immortal court’s heavenly immortals calmly.

However, the other party couldn’t bear Fang Jinyu’s nonchalant look. A heavenly immortal of the immortal court immediately berated him angrily, “You’re just a tool refinement rogue cultivator. How dare you call us your fellow Daoists?!”

The immortal court had always cared about the order of seniority.

Therefore, the immortal court’s heavenly immortals treated the heavenly immortals who didn’t belong to the immortal court like the n.o.bles in the mortal world treated the commoners. They could pretend to be approachable and easy to talk to, but the premise was that the heavenly immortals who didn’t belong to the immortal court had to be respectful to them!

Otherwise, the immortal court’s heavenly immortal wouldn’t be approachable and easy to talk to.

“If that’s the case, we have nothing to talk about. You guys can go back to where you came from.” Fang Jinyu’s expression was casual, and his tone was slightly arrogant.

Fang Jinyu did it on purpose.

Fang Jinyu planned to capture a heavenly immortal of the immortal court to study. He thought, “Since we are on the same stage, logically speaking, they shouldn’t give me such a vague feeling.”

Fang Jinyu wouldn’t be curious if there were only one or two of them. However, all the immortal court’s heavenly immortals who came were like this.

Regardless of whether they were in grade 50 or grade 60.

There was obviously something fishy going on!

Otherwise, these immortal court’s heavenly immortals wouldn’t have such unstable cultivation bases.

As for who to arrest?

Fang Jinyu chose the one who spoke just now. After all, they’re fated!

Fang Jinyu had already chosen his target. However, at this moment, a soft laugh came from the group of heavenly immortals. The other party said, “You’re bold! It’s normal to be arrogant. Fellow Daoist, you’re indeed qualified to call us your fellow Daoists since you can become a heavenly mystical stage tool refinement rogue cultivator at such a young age.”

The person who spoke was a grade 60 “great celestial lord” of the immortal court. He stepped forward when he spoke.

However, he also released his immortal might at the same time.

Obviously, he was the kind of person who acted differently from his words. How terrifying was the immortal might of a grade 60 “great celestial lord?” One could tell from the fact that the immortal court’s heavenly immortals beside him couldn’t take it anymore.

However, for Fang Jinyu…

Naturally, it didn’t affect Fang Jinyu.

After all, Fang Jinyu had yet to know the limit of his system.

Fang Jinyu said, “Fellow Daoist, you are wrong about one thing.” He didn’t respect this immortal court’s “great celestial lord.”

“What’s wrong?” Seeing that Fang Jinyu’s expression didn’t change and his immortal might was ineffective, this immortal court’s “great celestial lord” couldn’t help but pay more attention to him.

However, at the same time, he also became concerned about Fang Jinyu saying that he had said something wrong.

“I’m a great-void stage tool refinement rogue cultivator, not a heavenly mystical stage tool refinement rogue cultivator. Fellow Daoist, your information is somewhat outdated!”

Fang Jinyu said calmly.

At the same time, Fang Jinyu turned his hand, and the “I Want to Turn the Heavens Around Seal” appeared. This immortal treasure had an obvious change compared to the past, and the immortal rune pressure it emitted was even stronger.

It was the result of Fang Jinyu’s painstaking research!

Fang Jinyu had already strengthened the “I Want to Turn the Heavens Around Seal” with the path of tool refinement in the “beyond the heavens,” and it had reached the fourth grade of the immortal tools here.

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