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Authors note. I am sorry again. Even if I was able to translate and self-edit this. I only did a half-hearted job. I am still very busy and I only just finish this and post it.

Chapter 34 Battle Junkie

Viktor, who has endured the heavy air pressure, stands next to the demon lord's daughter.

“Let me show you an interesting thing.”

Victor points his right hand to the monster's Bone Mountain.

“Hades Army.”

A Black magical power is released into the bone mountain and mixed together. It is a.s.similated into the bones. Then, within a few seconds, the change came.

"— Gashan."

The bones that are scattered gathered together and one after another humanoid monsters are created. It is unclear where they came from, but they have in their hands’ weapons such as swords and spears. I saw it for the first time, is this black magic?

“You did something stylish.”

"Kuhufu, this is enough for a few minutes. So, shall I go hand in hand with you?"

Victor waves the hand lightly and the monsters attack together. It is an ability value equivalent to B cla.s.s monster when seeing by the appraisal eye. Although the materials are cla.s.s D monsters' bones, it seems to be a considerably high-level magic. But after all, it is not our match.

“Let's clean it up before we approach!"

I release the sharp wind blazing blade that can cover the enemy from all directions. The sharp wind blazing blade cuts the head of a humanoid bone monster accurately. Still, the quant.i.ty is too much. It seems that all the monsters in the hermit's cave have been concentrated in this room.

“It is hard to avoid attacking the devil girl … … we cannot afford it! The other party is bone only!”

Gérard uses a sword technique to skip slashing: Empty jaw Agito. A wide-area annihilation version 'Gekou slash' was released. It expanded the range to release a horizontal slash. It is really sophisticated to release that sword skill. I can't help blurt out a father's joke.

“Anyway it’s fashionable, it has a superficial effect but fashionable!"

Regardless of my father's joke, Melfina gets the meaning. The released 'Gekou Slash' literally crawls on the ground; it destroys while penetrating the goal monster one after another. Under the circ.u.mstances where enemies are dense, this sword technique brings great results. But, before the demon lord's daughter, the slash fell into the ground.

“Oh Liege, I miss the slash!"

“Leave it to me.”

As the 'Gekou Slash' disappears, I replaced Gerard and the remaining monsters are annihilated with the sharp wind blaze.

“Huh, I’m glad that it was going well. With this, the small fish is completely annihilated.”

There is no remnant of the monsters that becomes material of the black magic anymore.  The pre-fight finally finishes, the main event is about to begin.

“More and more wonderful! Your individual strength is good, but more than anything else, your cooperation … …It is something that experienced warriors who have been together for many years have, which is a big deal for you young people.”

It is natural that communication is used at full throttle.

“Still, there seems to be room yet, it is a comment from the top.”

“Isn't it nice? That person seems to be enjoyable.”

Victor thrust a sigh so that he might be amazed for a short while.

(This black-robed man seems to be a considerable battle junkie; I feel this condition all the time …)

“Oh, this is like a sickness, it is fun and I cannot help it.”

“Well then, shall we try to turn off that smile?”

Saying so, Victor knocks a magically powered fist against the ground. A roar sounds all over the room, causing a small collapse on the exit side of the room. Dust soars by the shock and erased the devil from the eyes of Kelvin.

“Huh, do you want a smoke screen instead!?”

“Calm down, Gérard. I marked him. He will be heading straight from underneath using the skill of soil infiltration.”

No matter how you disappear, you cannot run away from me with a marker sign. Efil’s serious covert state is an exception though.

While dust is fluttering, Victor moves forward at high speed and jumps out to the ground in front of Gérard. The Devil’s right arm is accelerated by an evil powered skill. At the moment that the fist was about to be released, the vision of Victor was filled with black.


It is a shield bash by Gerard. It is powered out from Gerard’s Herculean strength; it has a power that possesses the power which doesn’t normally work. Moreover, the shield he uses is my own work the hardest Battleship Dreadnought. To be honest I have confidence that I will die if I eat it fully. Even further, Victor came towards Gérard at a tremendous speed. His own speed also helped to increase the damage. It is probably a technique that could only be done with Gerard, which is good for grasping instantaneous situations.


I guess Victor did not expect this attack as well. The surprise's element has been reversed. On the contrary, Victor, who had been pushed out, is trying to turn his left hand toward the ground in order to rebuild his posture.

“Do not let him escape!”

Gérard immediately releases an Empty Jaw Agito in pursuit.

Alright, tackle it accordingly … … No, is something coming toward us?

I use Wind leg Sonic Boots with all my power and move on to evade action. Suddenly his arm popped out of the ground. A combination of stretch and soil infiltration! His arm is still approaching to chase me.

“This is not the ratio of the previous speed”

Victor, who seemed to have dodged the empty jaw Agito, played close combat with Gerard and his right arm while submerging his left arm to the ground. A spark is scattered every time a fist and a black sword meet. Gerard is incompatible with Victor with armor and slashing skills to meet melee attacks.  Still, Gerard’s Battleship Dreadnought It handles skillfully and has a defensive battle. But that would be a matter of time.

“Clotho, wrap around!”

I instruct Clotho's split body, which was hiding by reducing its size. It got enlarged to the maximum capacity and wound up the left arm which is defenseless by pursuing me.

Slime! Where the h.e.l.l are you from?”

Victor is dismayed by the huge slime that appeared suddenly.

“Physical attack seems to have little effect, how about this?”

Clotho's magical energy absorption began.

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