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Adrian and Julia spent a lot of time together. After all, she finally got back from her trip. He felt bad that he couldn't spend more time with her before she went, but it was behind them now. Adrian looked at her with a complicated gaze. They both loved simple things, and so they decided to have a slightly more simple lifestyle together.

Adrian and Julia talked for a long time. He had told her of the story of Maria and Marcy, and she thought it was sweet. She seemed very spoiled, but if she was denied from getting something, she was completely okay with it. She knew that everyone had their own will, time, and money, and just asked because she wanted attention. She was told that she needs it from her friends and family, especially now that she has a boyfriend that she loves.

"Not to be insulting or anything, but I think we should also get another house, or just move into a new one. There's not much room in here. I have my own gamepad and I don't think it will fit willingly. I have a lot of money that can buy a large house, even a nice mansion. I will pay it in full and put it under both our names, just in case something happens to the other of us."

"Yeah, it's pretty cramped, go ahead, you can choose the house. Should we also buy another lot so that we could build a trailer park on it? A lot of money can be made off those."

"I'll try, but I don't know how close it will be." Julia went over to the computer to look up different housing offers and large, open lots as well.

. . .

Adrian and Julia watched as the movers finished moving the boxes. They had gotten a mansion because Adrian and Juliet were both rich and could afford it with lots to spare. Since there was a lot of s.p.a.ce within it, they decided that they should have quite a few friends live in it as well, the seven, Marcy and Maria, and some of Julia's friends as well. Everyone who lived there put in a bit of the fee for utilities but Adrian and Julia both put in the most.

In exchange, everyone else had to do more of the ch.o.r.es; thankfully, there were enough people for it to not really matter. Almost everyone in the mansion put in a bit of money each month to invest in a mutual exchange fund.

This was a system within the stock market that would have multiple stocks from different companies to gain money. If one of the stocks went down drastically, other stocks that didn't change or went up instead would balance out the losses. This was the safest choice for them all as they preferred to keep their money.

Everyone liked different parts of the mansion, so mainly everyone was happy. Everyone kept quiet most of the time, so there were no noise complaints from the others who lived there. In a large room of the mansion was a place where it was mainly electronics from Melted Reflection's games and other things. There was a lot of power going towards it, and everyone would mainly play all at once.

If anyone played the game at any time in the month, they would have to chip in for the electric bill more than usual. This was so that people who didn't play didn't have to pay for the others. Everyone liked how things turned out, so everyone was nice and not agitated; except, well, Arty, but he's an exception.

Everyone sat in the living room, "does everyone know how the rotations for the ch.o.r.es are going to go, or are we going to need a refresher?"

" "We're good." " Everyone was in agreement. And so, everyone went about their business.

. . .

"Hey, System, give me a list of genres I can use," Adrian asked. The System easily showed about fifty genres, this included sub-genres. His eyes flickered from game to game and thought about one of them a bit.

Otome games!

He was considering making this, mainly because his girlfriend liked the genre. He also found interest in it, because he just didn't know what it was about that much. He found on the internet several Otome games that seemed rather cool. He watched several of them, and on one of them that had a horror game spin, it gave him chills. Why would a character go to such lengths!?!

Seeing this, he realized that this genre had potential. This was what he wanted, and so he decided his own spin. The new Adventure-Otome genre mix.

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