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I woke up to a new day. The sun was high as it was already fiercely making its presence known to all existences beneath its shade. Well I guess it was time to start the ch.o.r.e.

"Has my family called me to lunch?" i asked a question i knew the answer to. No point in saving words if it could make my relationship better with my slave.

Not that i want to specially but only because this woman had served as my first real partner in this new world.

And i was always a believer that moments such as this were precious and few. Innocence lost can never be regained after all.

"No they have not, young master." Noemi replied meekly.

The respite last night had truly given her enough vigor to do her task and wake up before her master did.

I faked a yawn and said.

"I'm going to go out." Although i did not need to sleep anymore because of my cultivation but what was the point in having absolute strength and not knowing on how to properly taste the fruits of my labor?

These wasted times were but a few drops in the river of eternity that i shall trod upon and fully conquer for my own wishes.

"Shall i come along, young master?" my b.i.t.c.h asked which i completely ignored as i sauntered forth towards the gates of the family abode.

She joined me nonetheless and i applauded her will.

"Hmmmm... A good woman." i thought and decided that maybe it was not a bad idea on grooming her to become a servant worthy of my status.

Let's see, i concluded and left it for tomorrow's cast.

"Welcome, Young Master Neon!" a beautiful girl smiled at me.

The news of my rejuvenation has indeed spread far and wide today.

"What can i do for you, young master?" the girl continued as i was fondly examining the goods on her. She was a s.e.xy girl and still a pure maiden.

A pity. Another mortal.

Since i didn't want to raise another ant cricket, i determined to pa.s.s the delicious and juicy offerings before me.

"I want to see the shopkeeper." i finally instructed.

"Please come inside, young master."


I did not need to look behind me to see what the disturbance was about. It was my cute pet rushing to once again feel its master's caress.

She had ridden a flying beast to catch up to my speed while I simply traversed the sky at my leisure.

"Stay outside, Noemi. And don't let anyone pa.s.s these doors." I commanded.

A ruler should have the bearing of one and I was not comfortable to even share the same air with these trifling molded dusts.

"As you wish, young master!" the c.u.n.t responded firmly.

A good seed indeed. I mused and followed the lovely girl inside the building. There were many cases within and it displayed various medicinal plants and pill concoctions.

But our steps hadn't halted in the initial floors. These were rubbish to what was in the higher columns of the structure.

But i digress, even all the contents of this world combined would still be mere trash in my eyes.

"Good day, young master Neon! Your servant Myah is here." an old woman welcomed me warmly.

The pa.s.sage of years can indeed make one wiser. I examined the old woman's att.i.tude and it pleased me to see such honest display of deference.

"Stand up, Myah." i said at the pill master who laid prostrated in my front.

"Thank you, young master."

"Foundation Establishment Peak Stage. Admirable."

"Thank you for your praise, young master. I am but a lowly servant of the clan. All i am today was because of the Killoran Family's generosity." the old woman bowed slightly as she spoke of her roots.

"Hmmm... Unfortunately, you would halt in this realm. Your talents can no longer bring you further and no amount of cultivation could bridge that obvious fact."

"My life is full, young master. Your servant has no regrets." The old woman replied and smiled at me briefly.

Indeed, it was as she said. How could she hide anything from my sight? Her years and experiences stood naked at my perusal. She has had a wonderful lifetime worth of almost 5 millennia.

Sadly, no longevity pill nor magical elixirs could extend her life span any more. Or at least, those rare treasures cannot be found in this little city of Silentcrest.

But I was here, so I asked.

"Tell me woman, do you want to live forever?"

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