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Lin Ling was at a loss.

"Xue Shao Nian is a fairy that lives in northern Norway. I've heard of tales that he looks like an attractive boy, and he is good in music. The snow spirit he possesses is the only item able to cure the poison ailing Arthur." 

Merlin looked at her and continued. 

"However, he exists within the game world only. In short, if you wish to save Arthur, you need to return to the game world."

... return to the game world?

Lin Ling's expression darken. 

"Even if I go back, even if I saved him, Arthur do not remember me. Isn't that right?" 

"Yes, you're right Lin Ling. Even if you saved Arthur, the memories you've made with him can no longer be recovered. He will still marry Guinevere. In the end, the choice is up to you to make. You can choose to face him, or turn your back on him."

All of a sudden, Merlin's figure blurred. His body swayed and is slowly disappearing.

"Merlin, what's wrong?" 

Seeing the state he is in, Lin Ling asked worriedly.

"Lin Ling, this magic is my last. I'm afraid this will be the last time we meet." 

His voice has gone even softer. 

"Remember... Lin Ling. We do everything in our power to run from our fate, but we unknowingly bring us even closer to our destined path."

As soon as he finished his sentence, Merlin disappeared into thin air right in front of her. Lin Ling woke up abruptly from her dream. She opened her eyes and looked out her window. It was still eerily quiet and dark outside, as though giving time to the girl to make up her mind. She looked within and questioned her heart.

Go... Or stay?

She switched on her lights and reached for the book on her nightstand. She flipped through the pages casually. Unfortunately, she could not read a single word in it.

Her heart is a mess. She is deeply worried for her love, but she hesitate to enter the game world. The scene where Arthur confessed his love to her, his indifference towards her, and him acting cold to her. These memories resurfaced every now and then.

What... should I do?

She fling the upsetting book away. Lin Ling then stood up and walked up to the window. She gazed at the night sky filled with sparkling, little gems.

A thin, faint light can be seen from the horizon. It seems that the sun will rise soon.

Lost in her thoughts, she touched the silver ring on her finger. On a whim, she removed the ring and admired it under the light. It turns out that there's something engraved inside the lining of the ring!

Everything, in, this, world, reminds, me, of, you.

TL: One ring to rule them all.

... Everything in this world reminds me of you.

The engraved word looks amateurish. It is obvious to see it was done personally by the person itself.

It is at this moment, a ray of light shone in through the window. She looked up. The rising sun woke up her bleary mind.

She does not understand the reason behind her grief all this time. Those cowardly hesitations, those selfish thoughts... It was all lost in a blink of an eye.

Only a sentence echoed next to her ear. 

"The sun will rise everyday. As long as there's tomorrow, I will be right next to you."

Slowly but surely, her lips curved to a smile. She raise up her hand to cover her eyes. Tears began to fall. Under the bright sunlight, she heard the voice in her heart.

Though she faces the darkness, only one man would make her more than willing to brave through the abyss. It was Arthur, and him alone.

Even if he does not remember her, even if he goes through with his marriage with Guinevere, she will stop at nothing to save him!

She does not want to hesitate any longer. She quickly get dressed. She took the broken disc with her and rushed to Qi Wen Yu's house without eating breakfast.

Since he said he could fix it, she could only place all her hope on him!

Since it is rude to visit someone this early in the morning, Lin Ling decided to wait outside his front gate. About seven and a half in the morning, a black Rolls Royce finally showed up.

"Qi Wen Yu!" 

She rushed out and placed herself right in front of the car's path.

The window rolled down slowly to reveal Qi Wen Yu inside. He smiled. 

"So? Have you decided to continue your part time job at my house? Just a word of caution, my parents are at home these days."

"Qi Wen Yu! I beg you! Please help me fix this CD!"

She is not in the mood to bicker with him. All she wanted to do is to deliver the broken CD and get it fixed.

He had a strange expression as he asked. 

"Have you made up your mind?"

She kept quiet and merely nodded.

He took the CD from her and glanced at her. 

"Three days. This CD will be fixed by then."

"Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you!" 

She expressed her grat.i.tude many times.

"Lin Ling..." 

He looked at her strangely, as though wishing to say something. But he stopped, rolled up his window and gestured the driver to drive.

Three days later, the Third Prince delivered what he promises. However, in return, he wish to keep the CD with him while she is within the game world. Lin Ling was not happy about this, but agreed to his condition nevertheless.

She was so anxious that as soon as she left the Third Prince's home, she ate the breakfast that she just bought-- an egg biscuit.

Arthur, I'm back again.

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